System Update 15th October

A concise overview of all Exponential Bet systems, either in development between Nigel from Hedger Pro, Keith from Focus Ratings, and myself, or being reintroduced as a cloud based version from a previous software based download.

Including a progress report where necessary, how to subscribe or purchase, and the current release dates.

The JV System

If you haven't read about the JV System I've written a few posts about it, but the most recent you can read here:

The predicted annual growth for this is circa +500 points profit, and it will run initially using Cloud Bet Bot fully automated. The ETA for this version one release is the end of October, although it may spill in to the first week of November if extra time is required.

Given the power of Race Researcher, and the fact we can program the cloud system to run cross market strategies under one set up. Members can expect more ways to make money to be included within their membership as part of the single subscription, at no extra cost.

We expect to be able to double this expected ROI for the JV System over time using Race Researcher data.

You can find out more about Race Researcher here:

Ideally by the end of 2019 we'll have a module ready for inclusion within Hedger Pro. Providing the facility to run the JV System using manual filters, however this is still to be confirmed, and the initial release will be on the cloud service.

Members who join using Cloud Bet Bot once set up, bets will be placed according to the filtering criteria automatically.

These are automated bets created using Race Researcher data, which prior to joining you will have access to our historical results. Including balance growth, ROI, draw down, strike rate, runs, wins, points, commission, etc. Clearly showing what you can expect over the longer term.

You don't need to be logged in, your equipment does not need to be turned on and running, it operates on any device, with no VPS required.

You can access your account online to make any changes to your set up, or track betting activity, and you can also still use your Betfair account for any other betting or trading you do throughout the day.

Access to the JV System is invitation only, as the demand is so high we want to control member usage given the impact to the betting exchange market volume within each race.

If you would like to be added to our waiting list simply email requesting this to

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