Remote Dutch Betting

Remote Dutch Betting (RDB) operates within the UK and Irish horse racing markets, and runs using Cloud Bet Bot (CBB) created by Nigel Dove an approved and listed Betfair developer.

cloud bet bot

The service was created with data generated from Race Researcher (RR). 

RR and CBB platforms were developed by

RR operates using a modular filtering process to stack metrics and parameters utilizing historical data, combined with up to the minute horse racing information via live feed. RR is set to become the next generation in sports analysis. 


This data is the foundation for RDB

RDB Staking Options
Members presently have two staking methods to select, a Dutch Betting option or Straight Betting (flat stake).  Both place bets to the Betfair exchange.
The option to select betting with BSP or direct to the live Exchange is available to choose within CBB setting for both staking plans.
BSP is recommended for higher stakes betting, and Exchange for less than Betfair minimum required £2.00 per bet. 
For example, if you're planning to use less than £2.00 per bet then use the Exchange option and with low stakes you are far less likely to have liquidty options. 
When betting using £2.00 or more always choose BSP to avoid liquidity issues as this can handle larger sums. 

I would strongly recommend reading my blog post on 'Staking and Bank Management' here:

RDB Dutch Betting
With this option the stakes are relative to the odds of the horse, which results in the same relationship of stake per horse in each race, but not the same stake per race.
We predict circa 500 points balance growth is possible over a twelve month betting period using this staking method. 
This is the least aggressive staking plan of the two available and safer option.  However, their will be drawdown periods over this betting timeline and you need to manage your balance accordingly.  
RDB Straight Betting
Straight staking means you’re placing flat stake bets for each selection, so whatever you set your stake this will be the amount placed.  The straight bets will sometimes differ slightly to the Dutched horses, given the strategy is set up to return a profit on the flat staked bets.
We predict circa 5000 points balance growth is possible over a twelve month betting period using this staking method.
This is the more aggressive staking plan of the two and most volatile option.  You will have drawdown periods over this betting timeline and you need to manage your balance accordingly.  
Both staking strategies can run at the same time, or selected to run independently within CBB settings. 
We are working to include:
  • Place Market Betting
  • A Green Up Option
  • Stop at a Profit
For both staking options members receive a detailed overview included in the getting started PDF sent at sign up. 
Please examine the results below to help you decide which staking plan suits your style betting, and it's important you visit the Member Guidelines page prior to subscribing. 
Results & Statistic Breakdown
The graph and stats below represent approximately two years betting, with the blue line showing the balance growth over this period backing the selections using with the Dutch stake plan. 
The red line of descent shows the outcome if lay betting over this timeline.
Dutch Betting Results
Excel Download Updated 16th November 2019
The graph and stats below represent approximately two years betting following the Straight betting option, with the blue line again showing the growth when back betting over the timeline. 
Straight Betting Results
Excel Download Updated 16th November 2019
The box on the right of the graph provides the stats over this period:
Conf:  The represents the Chi Square statistic, which is commonly used for testing relationships between categorical variables.  You can read more on this here:
Runs: Provides the total number of runs the selected horses had over the betting period.
Races: This metric gives us the total amount of races from the horses that ran within the betting parameters set up.
Wins: The number of winning bets achieved from the number of races.
Pnts: Points profit over the betting timeline, which is one of the most important stats. 
SR: Strike Rate gives us the percentage of times we've won from our bets, which is the number of wins divided by the number of runs. 
ROI: Return On Investment. is the number of wins divided by the amount of races pre commission. 
Com: Commission shows the amount Betfair deduct as charges for winning each bet over this period. 
You can set your exchange commission to 2% if you live in the UK.  Find out more on how to do this within a recent blog post here: 
If you're outside of the UK then we suggest checking with Betfair if the option to reduce your commission to 2% is available, as this makes a huge difference over time.
DD: Drawdown represents a decline the balance.  This is the biggest loss recorded along the timeline, not the total loss.  It's just as important as the Points stat as this gives a good indication of how we need to prepare our betting amount.  
The Strategy

I've combined modular filters containing trend analysis via RR, specifically focused on Jockey and Trainer stats.  


This uncovered a simple technique to bet across multiple selections within each race to generate long term profits, which RR constantly monitors throughout the racing season.   


The cloud set up puts members in full control of their staking, and provides the ability for bets to be placed automatically direct to the betting exchange requiring no daily input once activated. 

However, this is a remote betting system which requires members to hand over control of placing the bets to Cloud Bet Bot.  I  order to run an automated betting strategy like this you need to be comfortable with this. 

Members have two available staking plans to select, Dutch betting using a low liability calculation we have created, or a straight back betting system placing fixed amounts on each applicable selection.  


Bets can be placed using BSP (Betfair Starting Price) or live to the exchange.  

BSP means you can stake higher with the confidence your bet will be matched, so for members looking to bet over Betfair minimum exchange bet requirement this is the option to select in the CBB settings.


The Exchange betting option is for members looking to bet below the £2.00 minimum Betfair requirement per bet, and this should be selected for smaller starting banks, as it allows bets below the £2.00 per horse.  


Members who select BSP with the Dutch Betting staking will have bets placed using a hybrid Dutch, which is created placing bets on horses at BSP over £2.00 (Betfair min stake), and live to the exchange for selected horses under £2.00. 

This is a work around to bypass the Betfair minimum stake rule to the exchange, and greatly improves the ability for bets to be matched at higher stakes.  

It's important to note, if selecting BSP following the Straight betting option a stake over £2.00 is required for the bet to be placed. 

The betting options are selected within the member login area of Cloud Bet Bot, and can be set to run independently or side by side.

The days bets are visible ahead each morning within CBB.

Setting Up CBB & The Basics

After subscribing a download link is immediately sent to your registered PayPal address.  This provides access to the PDF with instructions to login to the cloud service.

The set up process is simple with just a quick registration required, authorization of your Betfair account, then confirming your staking with betting amount and you're done. 


You can then turn off your device completely and leave the system to run unattended.  

At any time you can login and check results, adjust your staking, and stop or start the bot.

RDB Sign Up.jpg
cloud bet bot

Betfair is still available to use while Remote Dutch Betting runs in the background, access to the site is not affected with this strategy running.

No software to download, you don't need to run this locally on your device, and no expensive VPS is required.

We never ask for your Betfair login information, as this is a Betfair licensed web platform.  Any company that requests you personal Betfair credentials should be avoided.


You receive your own access information, set up your secure password, and can login from a PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Staking is flat for Straight Betting and Dutch Betting, with no loss recovery.

Getting Started

This service is ideal for: 


Anyone with limited time in the day to place bets looking for a betting system to run fully automated. 


Members who can operate sensible money management, and have a long term view to achieve success.  Must be able to handle losing runs to reach the winning periods.

Comfortable to have bets placed automatically once staking is set up.

Members situated outside of the UK in timezone's making following UK & Irish horse racing difficult.

Anyone looking for data driven betting systems not opinion based.

Has enough initial investment available to create a start balance to cover subscription costs, and enough points balance to be able to manage a fund over the entire betting period.  

Has a realistic approach to building a betting balance and is motivated to achieve targets.

Accepts drawdown periods will occur and we do not guarantee earnings.

This service is not ideal for:

Speculative punters or people looking for a 'get rich quick' system.


Anyone with unrealistic expectations who expect to win every day, week, or even month. 


We will have losing days or months along the betting timeline, which means managing a sensible betting bank to cover any dips in form along the way is vital.

This is not a pundit based service. Members who are looking for a daily opinion based horse racing service, or commentary about the days racing or results updates should look elsewhere.  All results are available within CBB and available to each member, as this is set up to be a hands off betting investment.

Please read the Member Guidelines available here:



We want all members to achieve the predicted target growth.


If you've any questions about RDB ahead of registering please get in touch and I'll be glad to reply. 


Results data is provided and updated regularly to ensure everyone who joins Remote Dutch Betting understands what is involved, and what to expect over the long term.   


We also provide personal support making sure members are set up correctly using CBB, and all questions are answered promptly within 24 hours.

This is an exciting remote betting service set up to profit over the long term providing you have the right attitude to betting and money management.

Subscription Options:








Six Monthly





Access to Cloud Bet Bot is included in your subscription with the bets placed automatically.  No additional software or strategy purchase is required.

After sign up you will be sent instructions to your registered PayPal email address to get started.

  • Remote Dutch Betting set up is explained within the PDF downloaded from the welcome email sent immediately after sign up. 

  • The PDF contains how to set your login credentials within Cloud Bet Bot, authorize your Betfair account, an explanation of staking, and how to set up your betting within the bot. 

  • Once registered online this will allow bets to be placed direct to your Betfair account using the stakes you have saved. 

  • You do not need to leave your device turned on once activated. 

  • Access is possible from a PC, Mac, or smart phone.

  • Members can login at any time and have full control of the betting set up, including activating and deactivating the bot, resetting stakes, viewing bet history.

  • When registering to login to Cloud Bet Bot you must use your PayPal email address.  This is added to our Cloud Bet Bot database associated to your account, and this cannot be changed to another email.  It relates to your membership, access information, and subscription details.

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.  Instructions for this are included in your welcome email.  

  • If you're already a Cloud Bet Bot member for another service you just need to use your existing login details.  Provided they are associated to the same PayPal sign up email address used to sign up for Remote Dutch Betting.

If you have any technical questions regarding the Cloud Bet Bot set up, please contact Nigel at 

If you have any support questions about the strategies, email

Cloud Bet Bot is a third party automation service provided by

By choosing to operate Remote Dutch Betting via Cloud Bet Bot you agree to the terms laid out within our disclaimer, which you can locate here:

Remote Dutch Betting
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