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A Detailed Overview For Each Automated Strategy Including Excel Download

1 point per bet using the Exchange Straight option within the bot shown as MTP (Minutes to Post).

Points Profit Per Strategy 1/6/20 to 31/05/24

Sure Favs Main = +110.37

Sure Favs High = +120.88

Sure Favs Foundation = +179.22

Place Lay Multi = +630.28

Racing Lays = +295.09

Bet Focus = +326.88

Total Combined Points Profit = +1662.72

MTP RT = Minutes to Post Running Total

MTP DD = Minutes to Post Drawdown

Exponential Bet All Services Betting Minutes to Post

1/6/20 to 31/05/24

betting system

Individual Strategy Results Betting Minutes to Post

1/6/20 to 31/05/24

Sure Favs Main - Exchange Straight

betting system

Sure Favs High - Exchange Straight

favourite backing system

Sure Favs Foundation - Exchange Straight

betting software strategy

Place Lay Multi - Exchange Straight

Place Lay Multi Fixed Liability (Alternative Betting Option)

place betting system

Bet Focus - Exchange Straight

value bet

Racing Lays - Exchange Straight

lay betting system

Excel Spreadsheet - Includes All Combined & Individual Services

You have different bet type options for betting, such as target profit, exchange straight MTP (minutes to post), exchange liability, and BSP. These are explained in the set up guide sent at sign up.

It is important to set up your staking from the start using one point per bet, and within a comfortable points allocation that you do not change along your betting timeline.

You can withdraw and reinvest of course, but maintain the same point allocation each time you do so.

If you want to achieve anything close to the published results you will need a long term investing mindset.

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