In Play Bet Club

You Control The Stakes, We Place The Bets.

Tier 2 membership will bet until your bank reaches £600 profit with a £50 max stake per bet. 

The In Play Bet Club 

An exclusive club with a maximum of fifty members allowed.

Live in play bets placed to member Betfair accounts via Cloud Bet Bot.  

Stake size is controlled by members within the betting software.

We do not stop betting until target profit or the twelve point value is reached.

There are three membership tiers available to limit staking and keep Exchange liquidity under control.


Average Odds: 8
Commission Deduction: 2%
Fixed Liability Stake Bet: £100

26/10/2021 to 13/02/2022

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in play bet betfair exchange system
in play betting system
All bets are placed using Fixed Liability which is the only option within the software to select. 

Membership Options

Tier 1

  • Maximum £25 Stake Per Bet.

  • £300 profit at max stake or 12 points.

  • £100 membership fee.

Tier 2

  • Maximum £50 Stake Per Bet.

  • £600 profit at max stake or 12 points.

  • £200 membership fee.

Tier 3

  • Maximum £100 Stake Per Bet.

  • £1200 profit at max stake or 12 points.

  • £300 membership fee.

How it Works & What's Included

  • Access to Cloud Bet Bot software is given when you have received an invitation by email and decided to join.
  • A set up guide is sent after joining which demonstrates how to add your stake amount to the bot, then activate the software to start betting.
  • The software will place bets remotely to your Betfair account when you have it set up.
  • You will need to set your commission level within the software to calculate exact returns.  My results are recorded with 2% commission as this is available within the UK.
  • Cloud Bet Bot is the only software required to place the live in play bets, no further subscription to third party software is needed.
  • At the end of any betting day when a target profit is reached within the bot the software will stop betting. 
  • A target profit is specific to each member and not generically calculated.
  • The bot calculates how much money has been earned within the software for each individual member based on their stake per bet.
  • The bot will stop at 12 points profit or whatever stake value has been set, for example if this is £100 stake the bot would stop at £1200 i.e. 12 points, if it was £75 the bot would stop when it hit £900 profit i.e. 75 x 12 = 12 points.
  • Membership does not auto renew.
  • You will be informed by email when the target amount has been recorded within the software, and given 72 hours to renew your membership.  Allowing enough time to check Cloud Bet Bot and your Betfair account results,.  After three days if you have not renewed your membership this will be offered to the next group on the waiting list on a first come first serve basis.  You will then be placed back on to the waiting list and informed again when spaces become available. 
  • The bot can be started and stopped at any time during membership.
  • The software will always calculate whatever stake amount you have put in to reach its points target.  
  • When you set your point value this is the amount you decide to bet with for the duration of your membership, and cannot change this until you renew your membership.
  • As always full prompt support is provided whenever required for anything technical and staking related.

What to Expect

  • In play bets will be placed to your Betfair account using Cloud Bet Bot. 
  • All bets placed for you will be recorded within the software under the Bets Placed section.
  • You will be able to filter your results by day, week, month, 90 days, and 12 months.
  • There is also a download to CSV download option to keep track of all your betting.
  • The results do not reset each time you join.  This means you will have a full record of every bet from when you start, unless you clear the bet history yourself within the software.
  • All bets placed each day by myself will be published and updated on this page weekly as shown above.
  • Bets will be placed only when qualifying racing that meet my criteria is scheduled, and if bets apply within the selected races.
  • There is not a bet every day in every race, only when the right parameters are met in running. 
  • The races that meet criteria are UK based only.
  • There is no guaranteed amount of days betting per week of month, or time period to reach your selected target profit based on the tier membership you select. 
  • We could have a day where the betting looks right, but if the data does not meet minimum requirement no betting will take place.
  • You can expect bets to be placed on your behalf until your target 12 point profit is reached, then informed by email this has happened with the option to re join.

What's Required

  • You must have a valid Betfair account that allows lay betting within your country.
  • Authorisation of Cloud Bet Bot has to be done when you have registered the software.  This grants permission with Betfair to place bets on your behalf.  Nigel Dove who created the software is a licensed Betfair developer, and you can  find his products and services within the Betfair authorised apps listing on their website.
  • In order to place the bets for you there needs to be funds available within your Betfair account to cover the fixed liability for each lay bet.  I would suggest setting up a points balance to make sure you have the money there.


It is important to read the rules below, as I am being clear and upfront about what I expect from you as a member before you decide to join.

In order for me to provide such a service that takes my time each week to place in play bets on your behalf, I have listed the points below to make sure I can place the bets at my current level without any disruption to the process.  My priority is betting to capitalize as much as possible for each member to give the best opportunity to reach target profit as fast as possible. 

This means setting some rules that may come across as harsh to some people, but necessary given the process involved, and uninterrupted concentration required to place the bets each day.

I hope you understand my points below and appreciate the honesty.

  1. Do not moan if there are no bets over a few days or a week, or when you think more bets should be placed.  I operate a strict selection method and do not bet unless I am confident in my decision,  and I do not bet for the sake of betting or to chase losses.  Some days and weeks will be busier than others and this is something that has to be understood.  If I am replying to emails explaining this it diverts my attention away from the betting.  
  2. If your results do not match published results exactly this will be due to either liquidity available at the time the bet was placed causing odds to move, or it could be a lapsed or partially matched bet at different than published odds, or you may have insufficient funds to cover the bet.  Betting in play to the live exchange comes with these caveats and has to be accepted.  Should you think all results and odds should match exactly as published, please research how the exchange works and do not register to join until this is fully understood.  The service is set up to record your profit and stop when your personal target has been met for you specifically based on your numbers, which means any variation in returns are going to apply to everyone, and each member will have their own run of bets in the history with different odds etc. Providing you hit target profit this is all that matters, and it is impossible given the live exchange to guarantee exact odds and bets matched for every member within every race. 
  3. The thing that will get you a ban from the service with no refund is constantly badgering me.  What I mean exactly by this is emailing asking if any bets have been placed.  The results for bets are listed in the bot, and these are the bets that will have been placed for members.  In addition to this I publish results on site for bets placed for the service, this will show what has been placed.  If you are missing bets, been matched at different odds to the average prices published, or have only been part matched, this is one of the caveats of live in play betting which is made clear here in the rules section.  Which means emailing me about it constitutes badgering, and is time taken explaining that I am being completely upfront stating I simply do not have.  I will reply to every member email promptly and give everyone all the support they require to operate the service, but if I reach a point where I feel the line is being crossed a three strike rule will be applied. 
  4. I will require some some time off over a year as standard annual leave, but I will inform you in advance of any extended periods away from betting so you know not to expect any bets during this period.
  5. Absolutely no full or part refunds will be given for any reason.  
  6. I will not answer emails during racing as it is distracting.
  7. I cannot discuss bets each day after racing, as much as I do enjoy having conversations about racing I have to be strict with my time.  If you have a technical or staking related question I will always get back to you as quickly as possible. The time and focus required to place the bets and record results is demanding, so please do not send a lot of emails about how the racing went over specific days. This is me being upfront ahead of time, as this service employs me to bet in play on your behalf, it is not a punter service to discuss horse racing.  I understand people will be following the bets in play over a betting day within their Betfair account, and I do myself have an interest in racing, but I simply do not have the time to divert from running the service and my other responsibilities unfortunately  As much as I do enjoy personally email exchanges regarding horse racing, I have to manage my time effectively.
  8. The reason we have limited the membership to 50 places and set up the tier plan is to give everyone the best chance of being matched on each bet.   Due to the quality of some racing, huge drifts at time of bet, or money available in the market this will not always be possible.  This is one of the reasons we have not set the service with reoccurring subscriptions, but instead a service designed to push every members betting balance to the target they have selected as quickly as I can, but with no time constraint or subscription renewing monthly for example. With no auto renewal payment the goal is very simple, to keep betting until your target is reached.  
  9. I cannot bend the rules for any reason to include more than 50 members so please do not ask, and I will only invite new members if spaces become available.
  10. Please consider before deciding to join that I will be focusing 100% on the betting each day, so you may not receive a reply until the racing is finished or the following day. 
  11. My goal is to get everyone to target as quickly as possible and not waste any time discussing things that I have been clear about here within the rules.  Mostly the things listed above I have no control over, such as odds drifts causing lapsed or unmatched bets, or variable odds being recorded, or just general discussion.  Please respect my time and I will respect yours, and more importantly I can focus on increasing your Betfair balance while giving it my undivided attention.  


You can register to be added to the waiting list below, and if spaces become available you will be notified.

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