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Member Rules
Here at Exponential Bet we understand that gambling can become an addiction, and this can cause great harm if not controlled.
Despite the excellent historical profit produced by our services, we remind you that you should only ever bet with an amount of money that you can afford to lose.
For help with regard to a gambling addiction or more information on the subject, please visit:
We have listed the points below to discourage anyone joining who we feel the services may not suit.  We value your time and investment, and our own time developing profitable long term bet investments. 
Before Joining Exponential Bet You Understand:
  • These are betting or trading systems.
  • We do not guarantee your earnings.
  • At no stage will we ever ask for your Betfair login details. 
  • We are not able to offer you financial advice.  You are in full control of your own betting and trading amounts, and responsible for your own money management and staking.  We do however offer recommended points allocations for all services, which we strongly suggest you follow to ensure you are set up for long term bet investing. 
  • We operate a mutual respect policy with our communication and will not tolerate rude or abusive emails. 
  • Should you decide to join any subscription service or purchase a one off digital product at Exponential Bet you agree to waive your right to a refund.  No free trials or refunds are included with your subscription to protect our work.  We provide all the information required to make an informed decision prior to joining, and will always answer any questions promptly ahead of signing up.  We only want members who understand what they are purchasing, so please contact us via the form below if you have any questions about our services before joining.
  • You must have realistic expectations and not expect to win all the time, we do not operate any 'get rich quick' schemes.  All our services are set up for long term growth. 
  • Services will develop over time to stay up to date with market and industry changes in order to give members the best chance of success.  The longer a service is in operation the more data it will accumulate, and we project as a result of this the success rate and profitability will also increase.  We mention this here so you understand each of the services will follow the trends, but remain true to the market and style of betting. 
  • When operating an automated betting or trade system that places the selections on your behalf, you are in control of your staking within the online settings.  However, these selections are being placed automatically according to your confirmed settings, so you need to be comfortable with this process prior to joining, and also operate a sensible betting balance.  I suggest watching the staking and bot configuration videos on the Getting Started page. 
  • By choosing to operate any service at Exponential Bet you agree to the terms laid out within our disclaimer, which you can locate here:
If you have any questions about Exponential Bet services please email us via the contact form below.
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