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Tools of The Trade: Betting & Trading Online Applications

Find out more and subscribe to the tools I use to achieve published results. 


Exclusive discounts available for these products and services, with blog posts covering my progress utilizing these platforms.

hedger pro
trade on sports
trade on sports
trade on sports

Hedger Pro is a Betfair licensed and market leading betting and trading platform.  It's fully compatible with Mac, PC, and Apple or Android mobile devices.

This comes packed with years of historical race data, filtering options to make finding the right horse to bet or trade easy, and at a glance features that provide essential information to help you make the right betting and trading decisions.

You can follow my progress using Hedger Pro via my blog.


This platform is currently being developed to integrate with the Trade Guide V5

A subscription to Hedger Pro is included with the One Subscription options, and Trading annual sign up.  However, monthly, quarterly, six monthly, and yearly options are also available direct from  

Trade On Sports is a powerful web based tool primarily used for Football Trading, but also covers other sports such as Tennis, MLB, with more to be included.  A membership includes invites to active Facebook and Telegram.  Both of which offer thriving communities giving lots of support to members. 

My focus with this application is to utilize it over the football season as a trading tool, both pre match and in play.

I'll be charting my progress and sharing my trading activity via the blog which you can follow here.  Also, for annual Exponential Bet members I'll send live updates for some of my trades I make. 


The primary goal for the review of this app is quite simply to demonstrate how to capitalize on its data, and bank as much profit as possible over a football season.

Various subscription options are available with Trade On Sports, although in order to follow my exact trades a Gold Membership is required

Exponential Bet are proud to offer exclusive discounts for Trade On Sports, which you can locate here.

Fairbot has been my go to betting and trading API since I first discovered software was available to place bets and trades on the Betfair exchange, and to this day I utilize Fairbot when creating new strategies.  It's basically my work bench on the exchange.

When it comes to ease of use combined with aesthetics Fairbot excels.  It may not have all the bells and whistles compared to other Betfair API's available, but the strategy editor I use to automate my betting and trading is a versatile tool that's helped me create profitable automated systems. 

When it comes to horse racing data providers you have to be very careful with your choices, as you're building a foundation of betting or trading decisions around this information, and Focus Ratings for me is second to none with the wealth of detail I receive to my inbox routinely each day. 

I use Focus Ratings for my Dutch Betting service, and Trading

You can read more about Focus Ratings in my blog posts, as I regularly mention this service as a primary source strategies are based around.

Focus Ratings are always giving members more value included with subscriptions, and Keith who owns the company is definitely one of the good guys in the industry.  

If you're looking for a true daily benchmark for UK and Ireland racing, then I strongly suggest you sign up to Focus Ratings

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