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  • What's the difference between an automated betting strategy and manual one?
    A manual betting strategy is something operated by yourself either using a betting bot at home downloaded to your PC, which you would enter details of your days racing that way, or it's a service that sends you tips and you simply place the bets at the bookmakers or using the Betfair Exchange. An automated betting strategy operates using programmed filters that select the horses according to these parameters, and then places the bets for you according to the stakes you have saved within the bot. Our automated strategies work using Cloud Bet Bot which is compatible with all devices able to open a web browser and requires no download or daily input. You simply set your stakes, save the settings, and then let it place the bets for you automatically. One of the biggest differences with automated and manual strategies I find is handing over the responsibility to the betting bot to select and places your bets, as this is something you need to be comfortable with. In comparison to placing the bets yourself and having more control of the process, as you do with manual betting strategies, but of course this takes a lot of your time, plus you need to know what you're doing with the selections etc, so automated removes this extra job for you.
  • Is there anything I should know before I begin?
    You should set up your start bank for each system you decide to follow, and make sure this is money you're comfortable allocating to a betting system. ​ Following an automated betting system can be fun, exciting, and profitable, but if you're using money that is out of your comfort zone you will not be able to weather the dips shown in the graphs above, and than see the benefit of the winning runs that follow. ​ You must have a realistic approach to building a betting balance, and be motivated to achieve targets over the long term, as we will have losing days, weeks, and months along the way to hitting our profit goals. ​ Accepting drawdown periods that occur naturally is par for the course, and we do not guarantee your earnings with these strategies as they are betting systems. ​ They are data driven with no emotion, and based on research combined with automation to return the published results. ​ Automated betting is excellent for people who want to run betting systems and do not have the time or knowledge to find the bets themselves, but you must be comfortable to have bets placed automatically once staking is set up. ​ If you're a speculative punters or looking for a 'get rich quick' system, please do not join and look elsewhere. These services have been designed for people who can manage a betting bank, and have the patience to achieve longer term goals. ​ This means allocating a points balance that fits the strategy being ran, and managing this correctly. If you decide to opt for the more aggressive high risk and higher reward options, or fixed stake with laying for example, you should make sure the points balance you set up is correct for this type of betting. Taking in to account the potential drawdown periods, but obviously investing enough to be make this a worthwhile. ​ This is also not a pundit based service. If you are looking for a daily opinion based horse racing service, or commentary about the days racing or results automated betting will not be for you. All results are available within the bot, and available to each member to keep track, as this is set up to be a hands off betting investment. I do however post regular member updates and blogs for members throughout the week. ​ Summary ​ We want all members to achieve the predicted target growth for each system. If you've any questions ahead of subscribing, please get in touch. Results data is provided and updated regularly to ensure everyone who joins understands what's involved. We also provide personal support making sure members are set up correctly using the bot where required, and all questions are answered promptly within 24 hours. ​ This is an exciting remote betting service set up to profit over the long term, providing you have the right attitude to betting and money management this can be a profitable addition to your betting portfolio.
  • What should I do if I see no bets have been placed for my subscribed strategies?
    Most commonly this is the case where the strategy option you've selected is not set up to bet on that day, which is okay and understandable but this may have been missed. If you find it is a betting day and nothing has gone on, providing you have previously had bets placed for that strategy and nothing has changed with your set up, also your bet bank is funded, your staking is not below minimum Betfair BSP if that's selected, then don't worry if no bets are placed on that day it just means none where applicable. Provided you have previously set up and nothing has changed at your end with the bot settings, then the next qualifying bet will be placed for your chosen strategy and betting option. If you've just joined however, and never had a bet placed you will possibly need some confirmation things are in place as it's all new to you. Please check as advised that the strategy is placing bets on that day which should always be the first thing to look for, and that your Betfair account is authorised, the bot is turned to active with stakes saved correctly, ie taking into account Betfair minimum if that option is selected. If we are meant to be having bets and you just need me to check your bot is active and turned on, please drop me an email and I'll double check for you. Should Cloud Bet Bot ever be down or offline for whatever reason, I will always email on the same day usually within minutes of this being identified to let you know. Which means if your bot has historically been set up and worked fine, then it's just a quiet or no bet day for your strategy options.
  • Will running these automated strategies be complicated?
    Absolutely not, because if you can open a web browser and check your email, also have managed to set up an active Betfair account that you have funded to run our strategies, you have all the skills required to run our automated strategies. It is simply a case of logging in once you have registered, setting up your staking for each strategy, saving, and you are done. That should only take a matter of minutes after receiving the set-up link when you have subscribed to one of our membership plans.
  • How much time is required to monitor the automated strategies each day?
    You can login as little or often as you like to monitor the bets, this is fully in your control, but no time is required to do so as all the services run fully automated. Once you have set up your staking and can see the bot is placing the correct bets for you, then unless you need to change anything or to view your bet history, nothing else is required.
  • Do I need to download software and leave my computer running all day?
    You do not need to download any software and leave it running on your computer. The automated betting is operated by Cloud Bet Bot which is an online platform running in your web browser, ie Google. Providing you can access the internet with any web browser you will be able to access and set up the betting bot, and then turn off your device / computer. It does not need to be turned on all day to run the bets. To be 100% crystal clear on this, Cloud Bet Bot works with all Mac, Android, and Windows devices that have a web browser, and is not downloadable it works within the web browser. Once set up this requires no further action on your part, and the browser with device can then be turned off.
  • Will I win every day?
    I wish we could win every day, but these are betting strategies and no betting strategy ever wins every day, week, or month. There will be periods of balance growth when we are winning more than we are losing, and there will be periods of loss when we are losing more than we are winning. The object with any bet strategy is to win more than you lose over the long term. If you feel that winning every day, week, or month is vitally important to you, then you may wish to reconsider betting to begin with. As these are not guaranteed incomes from any provider not just Exponential Bet, and anyone that promises you will always win should in my opinion be avoided. We publish weekly results on site to give a clear overview of the long term and most recent performance for each strategy, with detailed stats to match. These are there to help any potential members make an informed choice, and you can see for each strategy winning and losing periods that have occurred along the timeline.
  • Should I run multiple betting strategies?
    This is another question I get asked a lot. I wrote a detailed blog on this subject you should find useful: Technically all strategies can be running at once, although not all staking options. However, this is not going to be the best option for virtually every member to operate all services concurrently. My advice is to find the strategies and options that appeal to you, the ones you feel can be operated within your betting comfort levels. For example, if you've set out to find slow steady growth and decide to go for one of the backing systems with a good strike rate and low drawdown, but also like the look of one of the lay betting services using a safer fixed liability option, bear in mind that a back and lay service will collide with bets from time to time in the same races. It all comes out in the wash anyway over the months and years, and if you win a back bet it will be recorded as such in your bet history, but if the same horse was also a lay bet that was a losing bet, that will also be recorded accurately in your bet history. This means that over time the bet history will sort it out, and as long as both strategies you have selected make money over the years this collision is merely cosmetic. For some members this is a complete no go and they would hate to see a back and lay on the same horse in the same race, so they stick to purely backing strategies or laying. You do need to consider this if looking to operate multiple systems at once. You also need to think about your money management, how you will decide to split your points banks across each option you wish to run, and know that when one service is doing well another may be having an inevitable dip in form, so a long term view is required is operating a lot of services at once. However, you can combine very nicely a few options easily if you look over the results data and decide you want to run a small selection of services. If you do decide to run more than one service, then the One Subscription plan definitely offers more value for money. You have all the information available on site within the results, and here in the FAQ to help you decide if running one strategy is right for you, or if you want to spread your investment across a few options. My advice is always to take your time deciding which strategies work within your expectations and comfort levels. If running multiple options just bear in mind there will be cross overs with the betting in some races, but over the long term this is irrelevant as all results are recorded within Cloud Bet Bot individually. It just needs to be the right systems for you, and if running more than one opt for the One Subscription instead of subscribing individually.
  • What Is A Void Bet?
    Void bets are something that happen quite a lot in sports such as horse racing, and you will occasionally see these in your Cloud Bet Bot History. A void bet means your bet has been cancelled for some legitimate reason, making it null and void. This means you will get your stake returned in most cases.
  • I live outside the UK can I still follow your betting strategies using Cloud Bet Bot and Betfair.
    The simple answer is yes providing you have access to the Betfair exchange. We have members from all around the globe, but you must be able to back and lay on the Betfair exchange as all our strategies operate on this platform. If you cannot lay but can back, this would of course mean that only our backing strategies are available to you. When you register Cloud Bet Bot after signing up you will have the option to select your country, and this will change your currency settings. Different countries do have different rules regarding BSP minimum's and commission charges etc, so it's down to yourself to ensure you understand these locally and set up your bot with this in mind.
  • Do you send 'tips' each day?
    I do not send tips each day as the bets are placed automatically for you within Cloud Bet Bot. Exponential Bet started out sending BSP Racing Multiple daily bet slip screenshots to members, but Betfair decommissioned this function on their website. We also used to email Dutch bets and some other strategies, but found the process was difficult for a lot of our members who are not able to place the bets, ie due to work or other commitments. We now off the facility to operate fully automated betting strategies, which means the bot selects the bets for us and places them to member Betfair accounts. This means we no longer need to email tips to members daily. The trading service and work we’re completing with the in play software will have a guide, and this will be something you follow yourself, and not have advised tips sent daily. We are definitely not a tipping service anymore.
  • When are the results updated?
    The results for each strategy are updated monthly all services, unless I am away of course, in which case I would add a notice on the website.
  • Where do I locate the results?
    Your results will always show in your Betfair account history, but as you no doubt know that can be overly complicated to locate all your activity. Within Cloud Bet Bot you have a Bets Placed section that can be filtered to show your bets today, yesterday, 7 days, 30 days, 90 days, and 1 year. You can also export these results to CSV file and download it for your own records. This makes following each individual betting system easy to track progress. The process of locating the Bet Placed section within the bot is explained fully in the Getting Started PDF sent at sign up.
  • What does drawdown mean?
    The definition is: A decline in an investment or fund. We record the current mximum recorded drawdown for each strategy, and show this data for everyone to view on the result pages. You can also see this represented in the graphical information for each service that will show the highest growth point to the lowest, which would be the maximum drawdown / lost points for that service at that given moment.
  • What am I looking for in the results?
    This is a good question. The results are there for everyone to examine, and should be used to both track the progress of a service over time if you're a member, or when thinking of joining the results are what you should focus on to find the right service for you. In particular the points growth statistic and drawdown, the top and bottom stats. This will tell you how many points we've made over the published betting period, but also what our maximum loss was during this period, ie drawdown and negative exposure to our betting balance. You want to look at the graph to identify both of these points, and think about if this is the sort of betting process over time you would feel comfortable with. Additionally, look at the other information such as winning and losing days, as this is a huge factor to consider for some members who feel they need to win more days than lose, regardless of the profit growth. The strike rate is also very important, as this will show you the percentage of winning bets compared to losing ones. Which tie in to the average odds, and all go towards the overall success of failure of a betting strategy. Also, look under the graph at the System Overview, as this will give you more information about how a system operates and over what days of the week, as they all don't run seven days a week. Additionally, each system will have different staking options and versions of the same strategy with slight adjustments. For example Sure Favs has three, Main, High, and Foundation. The differences in each are explained in the System Overview under each set of result options. Racing Lays has more options, and also different staking available to suit whataver style of betting you wish to follow. The key is to look at what you're hoping to achieve, which strategy has provided this so far, but more importantly you need to assess how it reached that point. As it could have returned over 200 points but has a very high drawdown, which means you would need to budget for this with your point allocation, which is a section I cover in this FAQ. I have provided safe steady growth options with very low drawdown, and high risk but higher potential profit options for those who prefer this and will operate the points balance accordingly, and also somewhere in between with these two for all automated services. Take your time and find what suits your betting style, as all the information is there to help you decide.
  • What percentage stake are you using to achieve the published results?
    All results are published using 1 point per bet, which are not percentage staking as some balances start with more than a 100 points so it's impossible to advise what percentage as each member will operate a different sized points balance. The results are also recorded using BSP. The Ratchet staking options may show a varied array of percentage stake options, but they will be clearly flagged up on site where the results are published.
  • I'm a member and my results are different than your weekly update and published stats?
    There are a few reasons that would cause this, with the most obvious being you are using Exchange and all my results are published according to BSP returns. This is the most common reason. If you're following a service option that is just exchange only, that again would relate to the differences that naturally occur with exchange betting given it's a live market with bets placed affecting the live prices, odds movement, and returns available. Also, if you are following a service that places bets just after post time like Bet Focus or Sure Favs Foundation, as this is the caveat with these options. In virtually every instance all members will be matched in time as our set up works very quickly presenting all bets to Betfair, but in some cases if the bets are sent to Betfair at the designated past post time and the race jumps, some bets will be placed while others will not. In that instance it will average out over a year, but the truth of it is that it happens once in a blue moon and is not an ongoing issue. Occasionally we will have a case where bets will go on for some and not others, and in these cases it's 50/50 if the bet wins or loses, so in some cases you're better off, others not, but over a duration of time it will have a miniscule consequence. The only other reason your bet results could be different to mine is you are using a different stake points value, or higher percentage if ratcheting, or possibly your bot is not activated.
  • Why do some services only operate on specific days of the week?
    The stats show that some services perform differently on certain days of the week, so I present these options for members to select if they wish, but usually have a higher volume option available running over more days for those looking to be involved more often throughout the week. When I create the strategies, I obviously use race data like anybody else, but I also go through a period of months live bet testing. It is during this latter period that I will identify any trends that affect the specific strategy I'm working on that comes down to the days of the week. There will always be options for members for each strategy to either have more bet exposure throughout the week and be involved with higher bet volume, or for those wishing to follow the trend pattern I've identified over the days of the week with less bet volumes.
  • Where can I find out what days of the week my service runs?
    If you navigate to the service page you're wishing to find out more information, such as the days of the week the betting strategy operates, under the results showing the graph you will find the System Overview bullet points. With these bullet points will be the days of the week bets are placed. Each strategy can be located via the main menu, the Betting Strategy drop down, click the service you want to view, and then on the page that opens for that service you will find the results and on the same page System Overview with bullet points explaining more about the service and days of the week it runs.
  • Why are there so many different betting strategies to choose from?
    I have provided a range of automated betting strategies simply because they all offer different benefits. One betting style will not be what another member is looking for, but within the options there will mostly be at least one that suits your style of betting. You can then choose whatever fits with your betting plans from the options available. Each strategy has been carefully created and tested, offering a unique way to bet using full automation. They all have something to offer, either careful slow steady betting, or more frequent but more risk / reward to consider. Therefore, I created the strategies available at Exponential Bet, but please remember that you do not have to run everything, the choices are there to help find what strategies are right for you.
  • Do you back fit your results?
    I do not back fit my results, as that can be an over complicated and ultimately disappointing way of creating betting strategies. With back fitting you're adjusting filters to show a perfect result had you had everything in place according to your specific settings, and as much as that can look amazing or even produce a winning strategy, it would always require some live betting to test the theory. I do live testing first with all my betting strategies prior to releasing them for subscription, and use my custom-made analysis tool Researcher to filter how I want them to be placed to Cloud Bet Bot. This records all the bets and results with stats and the graph for me to share at Exponential Bet each week. Every strategy ever created was based on some historical data that sparked an idea, which is a simple fact. If you are creating a strategy you will want to know how it performed historically to some degree, but that is not the basis of the creation. When I approach a betting strategy with a concept, I already have in my mind what I am trying to achieve and use the data to confirm some key performance indicators. Then once I am satisfied that it potentially has legs, it will be set up in the development version of Cloud Bet Bot and Researcher, then ran for a series of months prior to becoming available. This allows me to assess how my original concept performs live moving forward, and against the historical results, which is not back fitting. Back fitting is when you have an analysis tool and you tailor the results to achieve a specific outcome, which is done by adjusting the filters within the tool to avoid the losing periods and only show the winning periods. As you can see with my published results from day one, I show the winning and losing spells, and weekly post to members a list of the strategies performance, along with publishing this online. I show the results during development that will also have losing periods mixed with the wins, and from the start stick to my objective looking for a service that meets my criteria, but must go through the process of live betting and not rely on pure data analysis. The data I use and collate is tailored specifically to how I create strategies within Researcher, so as it moves forward over time tracking the progress of my strategies it gives an accurate clear picture of performance, and helps members know what to expect if deciding to run these systems.
  • Which automated strategy do you personally run?
    As the creator of the site and services I run all services and options to track they are placing the correct bets for members. This is not something I recommend members to do, as you should find the strategies the suit your betting style.
  • Just wondering if there have been any bets today just checking mine is working and set up properly?
    If you've followed the set up PDF, authorised Betfair, activated your bot, saved stakes, and your not betting below minimum BSP thresholds, then you're set up. If you've missed one of the steps above then check and fix this asap. The strategies can be selective sometimes, meaning one day is busier than the other and bets are not guaranteed every day. Be patient.
  • Can I view a spreadsheet of the results?
    Yes of course you can download a CSV file of your own results from within Cloud Bet Bot. All the results shown on site however show stats and graphical information, and there is not a spreadsheet available to download for the current strategies. You collate your own results each day within Cloud Bet Bot which can be filtered to view different date ranges, and from there download the CSV if you wish to examine your results. I provide a full weekly breakdown to members which is useful to check how your results compare to mine, because if using BSP they should be the same. Allowing for some services that only offer a specific Exchange only option of course.
  • Why should I run an automated betting strategy?
    This is a question you need to ask yourself really. As firstly you need to consider if an automated betting strategy is what you need, want, and would feel comfortable operating with your Betfair balance. Automated betting is not for everyone, but for a lot of people it's exactly what they are looking for as they want to put in an investment and let it run automated over time without any input required. For some that is a nightmare handing over control of the betting to automated software, so in this instance you should not run an automated strategy. However, if you've assessed the results and found some service options you would like to subscribe and run, just ask yourself if you have the mindset to set up a points balance and invest it into these strategies completely hands off. If the answer is yes then perfect the automated process should suit you, and it has the benefits of requiring now daily input. If the answer is no, then it's obvious you should not be running an automated betting strategy.
  • What's the difference between automated betting and sending tips?
    I cover this in another question, but the simple answer is automated betting places your bets for you using software, whereas sending tips by email, text, or Whatsapp requires your time to react to the tips and place the bets yourself.
  • Do these strategies work on PC and Mac?
    Yes, they work on all devices that have access to the internet and a web browser. Mac, IOS, PC, Android are all covered, so you can use your desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone to login and set up Cloud Bet Bot to operate the betting strategies. Once set up you do not need to leave running as it's all online, which means you can turn off your device once your betting set up is saved, and it will do what you've asked it unattended.
  • Do these strategies work on Apple IOS and Android?
    They do work on Apple IOS and Android, in fact all operation systems able to access a web browser.
  • How do I decide what strategy to run?
    If I were you, I would start by reading each strategy page, assessing what results meet my expectations combined with the drawdown and other stat data. Shortlist the strategies that tick the right boxes according to my style of betting and comfort levels. Then think about how much I want to invest and how I can split this across each strategy if running multiple options, or how to divide it into points for a single strategy. All my results are based on BSP and 1 point per bet, so this makes it simple to assess how many points you will need for each service based on the result data so far. Of course this is no guarantee of future performance, but you can see from the sheer volume of betting data already we are starting to show a clear view of what you can potentially expect and plan for. This is how I would approach selecting the right strategy for me before joining. Always make sure you are setting up for the long term, and your invested balance is robust and sensible enough to manage this. For the low risk services, 100 points will typically be more than enough. For the higher drawdown but potentially higher reward options you need to set up higher points balances to weather any dips to reach the high points. Please bear this in mind before you start betting.
  • How do I decide what bet type to use?
    This is important to consider when looking to start using any of the automated betting strategies. You have a selection of bet types ranging from Exchange, BSP, or Target Profit for the backing services, or Exchange Liability and Exchange Straight, to BSP Liability for the lay betting services. In addition to this you will have the option to Ratchet and set a points balance, then divide a percentage of this across each option for that strategy. It is a lot to consider, but to help you decide what is right for you I publish results weekly at Exponential Bet for each bet type running every service. This gives you a better idea of what to expect with that strategy running the individual bet types, and will help you decide what option is right for you. My advice is to examine the results for the service you're interested in, looking at the profit and drawdown, check the graph, and think about how the graph shows the ups and downs, the stats give a good idea of the timeframe what type of winning and losing spells to expect, so if you were to run this service using that bet type over a year and more you would need X amount divided into X as your start balance. As an example, Racing Lays is a popular service and a lot of people run this using the highest risk option, fixed stake, but given the drawdown can be high on losing periods at least a 300 points balance would be required to weather these dips over time. Would that suit you, or would a safer option be better? Such as Sure Favs, with all options looking to work within a 100 points start balance, and as it’s very selective you would be looking to make steady slower gains, but with less risk overall. Think about what works for you within your own comfort levels. Without question the lay betting options using Exchange Straight are the highest risk, as your odds are your liability on each bet, and this is shown in the results with the higher drawdown, but also possibly the higher profit growth, so it's a trade off with the risk and reward. The lowest risk is possibly Target Profit back betting, as this just uses a percentage of whatever you have set as your stake to try to achieve the profit, so it's always below your max stake amount, and can absorb longer losing runs then return a good profit on the win, so this has a low drawdown. If you factor in Ratcheting your increasing the risk depending on the percentage Ratchet you set up. If it is Ratcheting a Target Profit bet type, then providing your percentages are low it would remain relatively low risk. If you were to Ratchet using a higher percentage though, you would of course increase your risk and should think about using a larger points balance. However, if you were to Ratchet a lay betting service using Exchange Straight, you are taking a much bigger risk as your highest win could be your highest loss, and wipe out a balance very quickly. I would not suggest using this option for laying with Exchange Straight, but with Exchange or BSP Liability where you control your stake amount it can work fine as long as the strategy makes a profit over the long term, and you set up sensible staking obviously. Check the results for each service and bet type, then decide what is right for your style of betting.
  • How much of my betting bank should I use for the different bet types?
    If you're running a low risk strategy then you can typically allocate just a 100 points to this, but for the more aggressive strategies such as exchange straight, you should allocate more than 100 points to that. The amount of value you give to each bet investment and points per bet must be your decision. My advice would be act sensibly, and if you're looking to run a strategy that has a predicted high annual profit but comes with more risk, then possibly a lower balance and divided across more points. The lower risk strategy could have more balance invested split across fewer points, but always practise common sense. All my strategies operate a 1 point per bet approach, unless otherwise stated with Ratcheting for example.
  • I'm a total noob at betting, where do I start with your automated strategies?"
    When you say total noob, or newbie, or someone with low technical knowledge, can you register for a Betfair account and open your emails? If the answer is yes you can operate these automated strategies, as it is no more technical than this. Start with looking over the strategies to decide which one sparks your interest, read through the FAQ to answer your questions, and then you have options to join via the Join page or on the individual service pages. After this you will be emailed a link to download the Getting Started PDF which explains very simply how to register and set up your staking within the bot. That is really all there is to know. If you cannot open an email or register a Betfair account, this is not for you sorry.
  • What is Racing Lays?
    Racing Lays is an automated lay betting service. This is a service I created to focus on the top end of the market, looking for consistently profitable lay betting angles in this range. It places bets over a series of options members can opt to run and includes different bet types to suit your style of betting. I would advise choosing just one option and researching the bet types from the results to find what meets your comfort levels. Remember that lay betting using the Exchange Straight option means your liability is affected by the odds of the horse, whereas Exchange Liability or BSP you set the max liability on each bet. If you go for the more aggressive Exchange Straight option you will need to allocate at least a 300 points balance in my opinion and need this for each of the strategies included if running more than one. For the Liability option you should be perfectly safe to use 100 points balance for each option. Racing Lays is an exciting service that can cover racing six days a week, Monday to Saturday. The automated selection is placed minutes before the race starts, and targets a specific range of horses each day, but only ever places one lay bet per race for each option. You can find out more and subscribe to Racing Lays here:
  • What is Sure Favs?
    Sure Favs is a favourite backing strategy that places one bet per race for each option selected. I created this strategy to aim for the top horse in the market across various settings and timing filters. The horse selected will 9/10 times be the market leader and have the best chance according to the settings and odds of winning the race. I wanted a consistent favourite backing strategy that operates using a very selective approach to betting. If you are looking for a strategy that has demonstrated steady growth with low drawdown, and only places very selective bet within each qualifying race, this could be for you. The Foundation option typically places more bets over time given it runs across more betting days, but the results are there to examine on the site with more details in the System Overview. With all options, discounting if Ratchet if selected, a 100 points balance should be adequate. You can find out more about Sure Favs and sign up here:
  • What is Bet Focus?
    Bet Focus places multiple back bets for members in qualifying races and operates from the top to middle of a race market but focuses on the horses with better than average connections, typically with top jockeys. The goal when creating this strategy was to have a low drawdown system that generates a steady consistent profit, handling the losing periods with no drama, which makes it appealing for the larger investments or building a smaller one over time safely. Additionally, I had one eye on the Ratchet option with this given the main preferred way of running this strategy is using Target Profit, which is exceptionally low impact on the losses, but returns higher on the wins. You can of course choose to run this strategy using straight back betting instead of target profit, but that will of course come with the caveat of higher risk, but definitely more potential profit. A 100 points would be adequate for running Bet Focus with Target Profit selected, with straight betting I would advise a minimum of 300 points. Find out more about Bet Focus here:
  • Should I watch every race?
    If you watch every race the services bet it raises the excitement, but only if you're a fan of horse racing, and understand the unpredictability of the sport. It can feel amazing watching your bet win in a live race, but it can also tear your heart out if you are beaten on the line and be very frustrating. It's not for everyone watching the races, and the services are not set up as your stereotypical punting systems, it's all about the long-term gains with these automated strategies. Which means over the period of a day when you may be watching the racing each strategy will have highs and lows, so be warned it is not for the faint hearted. It is fun to watch though, and most days I have it on in the background while I work, paying more attention to the races we have an interest in. These are automated strategies though, and if I’m doing something else or require focus on other work, I do not feel I need to watch each race and can catch up with the results later in the day or even week. If you are prone to feeling stressed when a bet loses or can't handle the adrenaline rush of the highs, watching the racing will cause rash decision making, so I'd advise setting up the bot and leaving it to follow your betting plan if that’s the case. Avoiding watching every race. Get on with your day and do something else more productive. If you’re laid back and can enjoy the racing and you’re confident your bot is set up for the long-term, then running our strategies will just add to the fun of the day’s action.
  • Do I need to check my results each day?
    This is completely upto you of course, you can login at any time to check your Bets Placed for each strategy you have running, but you do not need to. I add the results for the week on site every Monday, and post regular progress updates in the blog.
  • Can I change my Cloud Bet Bot username email to login?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible as your PayPal email used to register is the one you need to keep having access to Cloud Bet Bot with your services included. This email is linked to your membership via PayPal, and our database will recognise you based on this email and what services you have subscribed.
  • Do I need a Betfair account?
    Yes you will definitely need a Betfair account as all our strategies operate using this platform on the Exchange.
  • Why is Straight not available for lay betting using BSP?
    If you wish to lay bet with fixed stake, which is the Straight option within Cloud Bet Bot, it has to be done using the exchange as Betfair do not offer the facility to bet this way. Betfair only offer the fixed liability option, which is why that is available as exchange and BSP within Cloud Bet Bot, and with Straight just via the exchange only. This is nothing to do with Exponential Bet or Cloud Bet Bot, it is down to Betfair's set up for lay betting.
  • What if I have serious doubts whether these systems are going to work?
    Without stating the obvious if this is the case you should not sign up and use the strategies. If the information provided does not convince you, then just give it a miss and I wish you all the best finding whatever you are searching for. If you're already a member and we've hit a losing run after you joined, and you just can't see how it can turn around, consider taking a break from betting as you need a positive outlook with long-term bet investing. If you have made losses, and you're not comfortable with this, then look at how you've set up your staking, have you put in more than you feel comfortable betting with? Are you following the right strategy for you, possibly you need a safer option that are available if you look on site, or have you selected a staking plan that is too aggressive for the amount you have invested? I think if you're uncomfortable with your betting and staking then you need to revise that, and possibly add more points to the higher risk strategies, or divert some of your investment to the low risk options such as Sure Favs or Bet Focus that may suit you better. If we had a losing nine months but the remaining three months recouped and put us over annual target would you consider a failure? The wins and losses come like buses, so my advice is set up to handle this or this type of betting may not be for you. The amount of profit made using these strategies gives me 100% confidence any losing runs will turn around, but it could just be just six months or less of winning bets over a year that returns the profit. That requires a certain mindset to succeed. It is nothing to do with strategies as they just run automated by the bot with no emotion, and will hit great win runs, or have losing spells. It is betting after all and sometimes the fine margins can work for or against us. There is no guarantee you will hit a long win run exactly when you start betting, it could be near the end of your membership, middle, or start the wins arrive. Which is why selecting the right strategy for you is vitally important, and setting up your staking properly from the offset. Before you embark on your journey with automated betting, put in money you can afford to lose as they say with any betting plan, and set up your staking to manage the ups and downs, this way you will enjoy the experience, and when the winning days come you will find it even more satisfying. For help with regard to a gambling addiction or more information on the subject, please visit:
  • Tell me more about you and what this site is about?
    My background and interest in sports betting and trading dates to when Betfair first launched, and I began exploring the possibilities of the betting exchange. It opened my eyes to the possibility of making money backing at the higher odds, or laying to lose which I'd never seen before, with the added bonus of being able to hedge for a guaranteed profit and trade. I learned the ropes and went through the usual arbitrage process and matched betting, while picking up some skills trading, creating different methods of betting using the platform. I created a matched betting manual back when it was brand new, and that sold like hot cakes on Ebay to my surprise. What initially attracted me to Betfair was a feature they no longer offer, BSP Racing Multiples. This was an amazing option to Dutch bet to BSP, and initially offered backing and laying for horse racing, and football. Those days are long gone unfortunately. Early 2000 I began posting blogs to the Betfair community which were picked up by their team, and they would regularly promote my betting or trading advice. For a while I was hot shit on Betfair being invited to all the latest sporting events, but again with changes to their infrastructure those days are also gone. Although if it was not for Covid 19 we did have a rare invite to Ascot VIP, but as you know that ran behind closed doors. Possibly one day I can aspire to be hot shit with Betfair again, which considering the amount of money we make for them should be the case, anyway I digress. I gathered a group of community members together when I was writing for their blog, and we created a website called Zerohype. A contributor of Zerohype I worked with carried on the sports betting advice, Darren Moore went on to create a similar styled site with multiple contributors called Betting Gods. Zerohype offered advice for horse racing, football, darts, snooker and much more, with the 'tipsters' set up to email their bets daily to members, and over the few years we were active created a successful portfolio of services. Unfortunately for me I got extremely ill, and could no longer continue running the site, so we all parted ways to do our own separate projects. Once I recovered a year later, I moved in to property investments with a well-established firm, while still continuing to have an interest in betting and trading. I took what I learned in property across to betting when the BSP Multiples was available to use at Betfair and created a BSP Multiple Dutch Betting service in 2017, which then became Exponential Bet. I have got to be honest when Betfair stopped BSP Multiples last year in 2019 I was gutted, as this was part of my daily routine and the service itself was really taking off with a growing membership. It came like a bolt out the blue. I was doing well trading at that time and had a trade guide available, but even that suffered a blow when the tools used to find my trades were also taken offline. It all happened at once, so it was a good job I was developing other ideas for the site or I’d possibly be just trading for myself or back in property investing. The demand for automation from members was huge and I’d get emails daily asking if I could place the bets for them in some way, as not everybody could place the BSP Multiples if at work for example, and the same applied with trading as that requires time in the day which not everybody has of course. This had already planted a seed to create automated services before the BSP Multiples was taken down. I began working on some rough automated options using third party software, and due to the demand of automation in betting I decided to focus my attention there and try to create unique automated betting strategies. With the help of a developer we tried to create a downloadable bot of our own, but this was an absolute nightmare that consumed a year of my life. This was important time well spent, but also time that could have been better spent if that makes sense. I learned more than I could imagine from the process, so it was valuable time put in, however the logistics of offering software that needs to be constantly updated by members to the latest versions, with the different operating systems, and god knows what else, drove me away from that concept at a 100 miles an hour. Instead I decided to offer automation using online only, and this is where Nigel entered the equation. We were introduced as we shared the same common goal of automated betting, but without downloadable software all online. This journey from understanding how Betfair worked when it was first introduced to the world, to running a tipping website, working in the investment sector, to releasing stand alone and downloadable betting products, and where I am now offering fully automated betting services has meant I have put in a long shift learning about the industry and what it takes to make money long term with any betting or trading strategy. As a small business owner working directly with the developer to create these services, I have a personal connection to everything I produce. Exponential Bet is not part of a huge group or corporation, if you email you get a reply from myself or Nigel. My background to operate this website comes from a desire to provide betting and trading services that make people money over the long term.
  • What is Normal staking within Cloud Bet Bot?
    Normal staking is when you set an amount to bet with, and that is the amount for every bet going forward. If this is lay betting using fixed stake then of course the amount you risk per bet varies depending on the odds, but the return on the win will remain the same, and not change according to your overall balance.
  • Can you check bets are being placed for me?
    You have full access to Cloud Bet Bot and can login from any device any time to check your bets are placing to your account. If you have checked the bot is active with settings saved, and all the obvious things that would stop it betting, should that be the query, please email and we’ll check that for you, but if it’s just to check and confirm bets you should always do that yourself via the bot.
  • No bets have been placed today?
    The first thing to do is check the strategy you are running places bets on the day you see no bets have gone on. You do this via the System Overview bullet points on the service page for the strategy you think should have been betting on that day. If it should have been betting according to the System Overview bullets, check your bot is active with correct staking set up. If it is, then possibly no bets have qualified for the strategy that day, as some services are very selective. That is usually the answer. However, if you feel you have a problem with the bot not placing bets for you do get in touch right away.
  • What is Betfair BSP min stake?
    You will need to check this with Betfair in your country, as it varies wherever you are in the world. However, in the UK it is £2.00 for backing, and £10.00 for lay betting.
  • How do I distinguish bets if using more than one option with a strategy.
    Handy hint, make the stake for each slightly different, even if it's just a matter of pence.
  • Are you using made up data?
    The data is accumulated within our database from live racing, this is not made up. It streams live into our system each day from the racing, and I even show results in my blog which show the races with results, minutes to post odds, BSP etc. The simple answer is absolutely not.
  • Would your system fail due to affecting the market so much, as in would it create bad odds for everyone betting on the same things?"
    We will of course affect the market with our bets, but all results are shown using BSP which everyone can opt for with 90% of the service options available at Exponential Bet. Which means we will all be achieving the same outcome if using BSP, and the resuts also showing the same for everyone. If you opt for a service option that is purely exchange based, such as fixed stake or target profit, this comes with the caveat that a market will move on the exchange live when bets are placed, so we will sometimes collapse a market briefly when various bets are placed, or boost it in the other direction depending on bet type. However, we have odds offset in place to ensure when the market bounces back your bets only place within a certain acceptable range, so when it returns 99% of member bets will be matched within that range. We cannot guarantee the odds as we can with BSP if using exchange betting options, and you will be affected by the market fluctuations, but this is not a problem based on the way our bot places the bets, and will possibly affect 1% or less of members over a betting year.
  • The Cloud Bet Bot website is not loading?
    I would always try a different device and check you do not have a VPN blocking access. If you have done this and the site is still not loading. We will already be aware of this and working on a solution, but there is never any reason to panic as Cloud Bet Bot if down due to an IT issue would only ever place the bets you've set up and saved. Should it not be placing bets for a short period, when it does resume your settings will be the same and betting will resume. You will also receive an email from us informing you the bot is down, and what the service situation is at that moment. If you want to drop us an email to check that's fine, and you can expect a group response with the current update. With all this written I'm delighted to inform you Cloud Bet Bot has a 99.9% uptime, but given it is IT related we have to allow for the fact occasionally things happen out of our control. The reassurance we give to you is that only the betting you have set up and saved will every be placed with the bot when it is active.
  • Does it bet on Irish racing?
    UK Racing only no Irish Racing.
  • Evening AW meetings?
    Yes the bot works from the start of the day until the end with whatever strategy is running at that time, and providing it hasn't hit a stop down or up point in the day, in which case it will have stopped at that point, but that has nothing to do with the Evening or AW Meetings.
  • I have used Bet Angel for some time now and it is attached to my BF account, using this service would mean that I wouldn't be able to use Bet Angel on the same account is that right?"
    This is not the case, you can authorise both Cloud Bet Bot and Bet Angel on the same Betfair account, and in fact as many bots as you decide to authorise. However, it would be wise to keep on top of the amount of betting or trading bots you have authorised, and be aware that running too many will cause bets or trades to collide across the various platforms. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding the bets placed by Cloud Bet Bot, simply login to your account and you can check your Bet History. Every bet placed from your Betfair account will be available to view there. The short answer to the question is you can authorise Cloud Bet Bot with any other software you have authorised with Betfair.
  • I have a gambling problem should I subscribe to your services?
    For help with regard to a gambling addiction or more information on the subject, please visit: I would advise you not to join our website and use our services, but to find some support and help for your addiction.
  • How much money do I need to follow your services?
    This is a question I get asked often, and my response is always the same. The amount you decide to bet with should always be money you are comfortable investing. What I mean by comfortable is, if you lose this money it would not be nice obviously, but it would not impact your life negatively overall. It is money you've set aside for this investment away from your living expenses or savings, as if you would if buying a stock or share as an example. As they always say with anything gambling related, never bet with money you cannot afford to lose. These are wise words. We are not aiming to lose you money, and the stats show that over time you should in fact make a lot of money if managing a bet bank correctly. There is another side to this question though, and that is how much money I will need to cover the subscription costs to return a profit. I have people who operate huge betting banks in the thousands per bet, and others that use less than a hundred pounds as a start balance. They are not thinking of clearing the subscription, instead they are looking at building the balance over the years to a much larger amount. Also, the longer you commit to your subscription in advance the less you pay. The monthly subscriptions are the most expensive if running the strategy over a year for example, and you would typically save over 50% selecting a yearly plan in advance instead, or a One Subscription covering all services. Which makes this question regarding how much I need to follow your services impossible to answer. As it depends on what plan you subscribe, what your overall expectations are, ie long term growth or monthly income, and what you are comfortable investing as that is vital, how much you have to start with, can you successfully manage this over time etc. If you bet outside your comfort zone and hit an inevitable losing period you will quit, and then miss the winning periods that always follow. It is essential to look at this first before deciding how much to put in. Think about what you're looking to achieve, either long term growth which is what all these services are set up for, or how much can you earn each month, which if it's the latter you're better off looking for something other than automated betting, or in fact any betting system, and possibly looking at trading instead which you are fully in control. However, even trading is a variable income, and it would take you at least a year to work out your average monthly numbers, but even these are not guaranteed. The first step is, decide what you want to put in, look at the points growth, prediction, how a service performs under each option and bet type, assess what you would be comfortable following, either one or more services, then split your bank into points to cover this over a year, which I cover in another frequently asked question. If you want to put in X to make a set amount monthly, as advised look at other options than betting systems. If you are looking to put in an amount and let it run over the year/s using points staking or sensible percentages if ratcheting for long term growth, then all you need to do is decide what strategies are for you as explained above, and find the best value subscription plan available, that's it. I cannot tell you how much you need to follow my services, all the information you need to help you decide what is the right option that suits your bet style is available, and this must be your final decision. Hopefully, these words will give you guidance.
  • What is a points balance?
    The simplest way to explain this is, a point is whatever amount you set it to be. For example, say you are using 300 points for one strategy, which you have decided is the correct amount to run this service over the years ahead. Let us say your 300 points is £4000, so 1 point of the £4000 is £13.33. Should you decide to bet using 1 point per bet with these 300 points starting balance, that would be your stake for each of the bets placed, £13.33 = 1 point in this example. An easier example is, if you had £100 and assigned all of this as your 100 points to invest, your 1 point per bet would be £1. If you split the £100 in two so you had 2 x £50 balances, and then decided to use both of these as 100 points possibly with two strategies, your 1 point per bet with each of your two 100 point balances would be 50p. You can split any start balance into whatever points amounts you wish, you could as an example have £1000 with £500 allocated to one strategy as 500 points, which would mean your 1 point per bet assuming you stick to 1% is £5 for that points balance. The remaining £500 could be split in to five £100 balances each at 100 points, betting with 1% of each balance at £1 per bet. It is completely up to you how you decide to manage your breakdown of points, but my advice is to allocate the correct points balances relative to the strategies you want to follow. I report all my results (unless otherwise clearly stated on the results page) to 1 point per bet. A word of caution here, if you're planning on following a lay betting service using a fixed stake option, then your 1 point will not be the amount you set, it will be the stake you return after commission on a win, but the liability will depend on the odds on the lay bet.
  • I have a bank of £2000 how could I split this across a few systems?
    Your £2000 can be as many banks or points as you wish to assign. Your £2000 could be 100 points betting with 1 point per bet on one strategy, which would be £20, or with Ratchet selected enter 2000 in the start bank and select 1% which would again be £20 per bet to begin until Ratchet begin increasing the balance. Some strategies may be better off with 300 points though, or some just cope fine with 100 points, so you will need to spend a brief moment to think about this and what you wish to run. With Ratchet you set your points to begin, then the percentage from this amount you wish to Ratchet stake. As a simple example, say you assign 300 points to Racing Lays Straight Betting, and that 300 points equates to £600, then your stake would be £2 per bet for that strategy, as your single point from the allotted 300 is £2. Then hypothetically you assign £400 to Bet Focus using Target Profit with your Ratchet activated and set that points balance to 400 with 1 in the percentage stake box. That will begin targeting a profit of £4 per horse in each selected race, and increase this according to your 1% each time the balance increases. Finally, your remaining £1000 goes on Sure Favs, only the Foundation option only but with Ratchet selected again, and you split this into a 200 points balance so your point value per bet is £5. You would then set your points to 500 and set it at 1% Ratchet within Sure Favs for the Foundation option. That is one example of assigning a £2000 balance using points, or you can of course choose one option, set your £2000 to 100 points and Ratchet using 1% of the 2000 which would be £20 of course as explained above.
  • How do I split my balance in points?
    Enter your answer here
  • Do I pay tax on betting
    You do not pay TAX on your betting in the UK. Whatever you win from Betfair does not need to be declared to HMRC. However, I would keep good records to prove this is money you have earned via betting in case you are ever questioned by HMRC. Which you can retrieve within your Betfair account.
  • Should I use the BSP or Exchange option?
    To use BSP your stakes must be at least the Betfair minimum required. For backing this is £2.00, and for Laying it is £10.00. This is based on UK BSP requirements, so if from another country please check and make sure you meet minimum Betfair BSP requirements in your location. If betting below these levels the decision is already made for you, as you will need to select Exchange instead of BSP. What option performs the best when it comes to long term results is unknown, but in my opinion it all averages out over time. However, some services will perform better with one or the other depending how they are set up. We now show the automated service results including BSP and Exchange so you can see which has performed the best in a side by side comparison. This was added to the site on the 7th December 2020. Some days, weeks, months BSP will return more profit, and vice versa with Exchange betting. Over the years as we collect more race data, we will have a clear view of which has shown the most profit so far, but this will be no guarantee it will continue to be the case going forward. One thing is certain, if you bet with BSP your bets will be matched on all the services betting pre-race start time. Whereas with Exchange your bets are fired live and depend on the money being available for each selection at that moment, so if a price was to drift on a lay as an example you have a small chance of being unmatched, but overall this is a once in a blue moon occurrence and nothing to worry about it in general.
  • What is Exchange Straight within Cloud Bet Bot?
    This option within the bot means you are betting with a fixed stake, so for backing it means the amount you put in the stake box is the exact amount that is placed for each qualifying bet. Lay betting using exchange straight means you return the amount you put in the stake box, minus commission, on each of the winning bets. However, your liability on the bet will depend on the odds of the horse. Please check the system overview sections under the results for each service, as this will tell you what the min and max odds ranges are for each system. It will also give you a clear view of the overall performance of the system to date in the stats and graph, so you can decide if this betting option is right for you. Please give this serious consideration when deciding to select exchange straight for lay betting especially. With backing it is a lot simpler to understand, as it is betting using whatever you have set as your stake per qualifying bet.
  • What is Exchange Liability within Cloud Bet Bot?
    This option will only apply to lay betting services and means the amount you put in your stake box is the set liability for each bet. It is fixed liability at that amount, so if your bet loses that will be the loss, if it wins it will depend on the odds of the horse as to the amount of profit you return. This option reduces overall exposure and is less risky than straight betting / fixed stake, but the wins are a percentage of the stake amount according to odds so you can expect a slower growth rate, but you know exactly how much your liability is on each bet unlike the other option.
  • What is BSP Liability within Cloud Bet Bot?
    This is the same as Exhange Liability but using BSP prices instead of firing the bet to market pre-race.
  • Should I lay bet using Fixed Stake or Fixed Liability?
    Fixed Stake or Fixed Liability Lay Betting? With Racing Lays and Lay Dutching strategies the option to select either fixed stake or fixed liability betting is available. This is because they bet on horses to lose, which is called lay betting. Both options exist on the Betfair exchange to bet this way, but only with fixed liability can you bet using BSP. ​ With backing strategies, you have one option to back a horse, and the money you put on is the amount you risk for that bet. You can bet to win on the exchange or place, but all these options operate a flat stake. Even a Dutch bet is a flat stake amount, as you are only ever risking that amount no matter how many horses are covered within the bet. You would never be put in a position with a bet for example where the liability would depend on the odds when you back a horse to win, but this does apply with fixed stake lay betting, not for fixed liability lay betting. If you lay a horse at odds of 20 decimal for 1 point as an example using fixed stake the risk for the bet would be 19 points. Your return on the win would be your fixed stake amount, ie 1 point minus Betfair commission charge. Which for some is far too much risk for such little reward. If you lay the same horse at odds of 20 for 1 point using fixed liability, then the amount you risk is 1 point. If you win this bet the return would be around 0.05 points minus Betfair commission, so you can see the difference between risk reward here. The way they operate is massively different, and something you need to consider when assessing your comfort levels with risk. ​ As fixed stake can make a lot of profit, but also more susceptible to hitting higher odds loses requiring a good run to recover. Which to be fair can be done quickly all going to plan, but if not, your bank can tumble. ​ If the service has a high enough strike rate a loss of 19 points can be recovered within a day, and sometimes still return a profit. If you had a few situations with high odds losing bets in a short period of time it would potentially give your balance a wallop, and it could go south very quickly. Any higher risk strategies like this should have good money management and operate a reserve points balance in my opinion. Fixed liability reduces the grey hair moments, but typically the balance growth is slower. However, for a lot of members this is fine because they use large sums, and the lower risk is important to sustain the investment. The smaller margins using a big balance can return large sums of money and have acceptable percentage gains. I get asked about fixed stake and fixed liability a fair bit, so excuse any repetition here, but I want to make sure I drill this home to ensure everyone makes the right decision for their own betting style. Fixed liability lay betting you set your maximum amount of risk per bet, and this is the total amount you bet exactly like a back to win bet, only betting to lose. ​ The downside of this if lay betting over evens is that you are only getting a percentage of the amount you are staking. Anything below evens with fixed liability is quid's in and can win more than your staked amount the lower the price, providing you win the bet of course. With both the lay betting services Racing Lays and Lay Dutching you will find three stake methods in the drop down, two for fixed liability, ie exchange and BSP, and one for fixed stake. The reason no BSP option exists for fixed stake is simply because Betfair do not provide this feature. If you have any questions about this, we suggest you contact them directly. ​ The fact of the matter is they only allow fixed liability BSP betting, so we offer both exchange and BSP fixed liability options, with fixed stake bets placed direct to the exchange close to post time. ​ I have set up the lay betting services to bet as close as possible to race start time in order to be near the BSP price with fixed stake betting, but there will always be some difference given the bets are placed one minute to post, and not to BSP (Betfair Start Price), like fixed liability BSP betting. ​ Additionally, as the bets are going on to the exchange it's easy to collapse a market on a horse with our bets, so we built in a five point offset to give everyone the best chance of being matched. ​ This means that whatever the max odds are set this could tip over 5 tiks if we gobble up the liquidity. ​ Another point to note here, we do also offer below minimum stake betting, which as you know with Betfair is set at £2.00 for backing and £10.00 for laying using BSP. ​ You can set your stake as low as ten pence (0.10) with Cloud Bet Bot, which means if you're operating a fixed stake betting plan using a smaller balance, you can do this below min stake requirements. ​ It is also good for confidence building when you start betting, and a huge bonus for anybody trying to build a smaller balance over time using these automated strategies. ​ Hypothetically, if you wanted to fixed stake for the increased profit growth to begin with, you could do so with a smaller balance (with another in reserve), then when targets are met move to a fixed liability option using a larger balance. ​ If you're comfortable with the fact the strategy will inevitably hit these dips but has shown to recover quickly, and has the potential for sizable profits over the long stretch, then fixed stake could be a good option for you. As I have already emphasized at length, you must be okay with the big dips and that level of drawdown. ​ If not, or you're looking to put more in and need BSP to ensure being matched, or you're happier with the smaller margins but less risk, then fixed liability may be the best option for you. Within Cloud Bet Bot you can only select one bet option per strategy, either fixed stake or fixed liability, so set out your stall from the offset and enjoy the betting process is my advice.
  • What is the Target Profit option in Cloud Bet Bot?
    If you select Target Profit which is Exchange only betting, then Cloud Bet Bot will adjust your bet to try and achieve the target amount you have set in the bot. If this is with Ratchet selected, then it will be whatever percentage you have set in the bot. It is a safe way to bet with a backing strategy, as typically your bet amount will be lower than the returned amount should it win.
  • What is Ratchet staking?
    The definition of Ratchet Staking is: If betting bank increases then your stake increase. Optionally you can use "ratchet staking" which means that stake can only increase when betting bank increases to new maximum value. Ratchet staking will keep the same value of stake if betting bank decreases.
  • What percentage of my balance should I use per bet?
    A sensible percentage in line with your overall investment is always my answer. Based on the service you've opted to join and operate, you will have a good idea of how it will perform over time so you should have created a points balance for each strategy you decide to run. From these points balances you need to select a percentage that sets you up to weather the dips and reach the profit. If you are too aggressive with your percentage staking it will negatively affect your balance when we hit a loss and will of course affect your decision making. I operate 1 point per bet, so whatever balance I have created for that strategy option it is 1 point of this for each bet. It will obviously be a percentage of this points balance, but I do not think of it like that as such, I think of it as whatever value I have put on the point, and how many points I have allotted to that service balance, which is easier. If you are choosing Ratchet and setting a percentage of the points you decide upon, this again needs to be a sensible amount. For example if you set 300 points and want 1% of this it would bet with 3 points pet bet, so if you want it to be with 1 point, as in 1 of your 300 allotted with Ratchet selected you should choose 0.33%. The final decision of how you divide your bank and points percentages is your own of course, and I can't offer financial advice, but I can offer this advice, set up for the long term and be sensible.
  • Based on what my investment amount I have what strategies should I follow?
    I cannot answer this question for the want of trying, and I get asked it quite a lot. You should always find the strategy that suits you by reading more about them and conclude they meet your expectations. Then from the results data available allocate whatever points balance you decide is right for you for each strategy. I cover points balances and how to find the right strategy for you within the FAQ. I would recommend you start there.
  • What is more profitable BSP or Exchange betting?
    There is no answer to this question unfortunately, I wish I had a crystal ball to give you that information. With the fluctuations in the market with prices sometimes exchange betting is better, other times BSP returns more profit.
  • What if I join on a winning streak should I increase my stakes?
    In my opinion it is wise to set up a balance and points or percentage stakes from the start, then leave this to run over an extended period of at least a year before potentially making any value adjustments. You can however login anytime and change your stakes within the bot, this is available to you. Increasing just because we have had a long win streak is never a good idea though, because you could increase at the start of a losing streak so bear this in mind. This is betting after all, and we will have wins and losses. In which order they come cannot be pre-determined.
  • What if I join and we hit a run of losing bets, should I decrease my stake?"
    These are betting systems and will inevitably go through frustrating losing spells that can last days, or months, so it is always tempting to reduce your stakes during any downturn in performance. However, at the time you reduce your stakes we could hit a long winning run and as a result of your stake adjustment you miss out on the profits you would have had if you'd left it alone, so please bear this in mind. I never encourage fiddling with stakes chasing wins or losses and would always recommend to set up your balance from the start based on the information provided on site within the results, and stick to this. Increasing or decreasing stakes according to performance can leave you chasing your tail, and members who do this never tend to do very well or last long enough to reach the high points with the strategies.
  • What is Betfair commission?
    Betfair charges its customers betting exchange fees in the form of commission. Commission is only charged on the net winnings of bets. Losing bets aren't subject to any charges.
  • How do I reduce my Betfair commission charge?
    You do have the option to select a lower commission than the prescribed 5% via your promotions and options page. If in doubt contact Betfair through their live chat online, and they will point you to the correct page. I would recommend you do this as 2% makes a huge difference over the long term compared to 5%.
  • What is Betfair's Premium Charge?
    Betfair Premium Charge, again, isn’t a tax, but it is worth taking a note of its limitations if you’re a serious punter. The Premium Charge is something that the biggest winners on Betfair say has been applied to their accounts once they’ve reached £250,000 of winnings. The Premium charge is, apparently, 60%. However, if you’ve already banked a cool £250,000 in winnings on Betfair – you probably haven’t got too much to complain about.
  • Should You Declare Gambling Winnings To The Inland Revenue?
    No, you do not have to declare any gambling winnings to the Inland Revenue (at the time of publishing). However, if you win a lot of money and you fear the Inland Revenue may ask you to prove how you got it, it’s a good idea to keep records of your winning bets so you can prove where it came from if need be. For example, if you have been lucky enough to buy a car of a house with your winnings, it may just be flagged at the Tax Office. Whether the Inland Revenue notice or not, providing you can prove you won the money gambling, you will not be asked to pay tax on your winnings. That is because the government has made the bookmakers liable for tax. These are the people or companies that tend to make the most money form gambling and they are taxed on their yearly profits from the betting industry.
  • Are Bets Legally Binding?
    Are bets legally binding is a question we often get asked and, regarding bets that you place at betting sites that are licensed under the regulations of the United Kingdom Gambling – yes there are! When you place a bet with a bookmaker, casino, bingo site, or any other form of betting site, you are entering a legally binding contract with that business. It is also the responsibility of betting sites to make you aware of any terms and conditions that may affect any bets you place with them.
  • Will I be banned for winning too much?
    Can betting sites ban you is a question we often get asked and the answer is – YES! Betting sites can ban you for lots of reasons, including cheating, not adhering to the rules, and being rude or offensive to staff. The reason that we most worry about being banned for is winning too much money too often, but as we use the betting exchange Betfair charge a commission on each win, so it's in their best interest for you to be winning as often as possible. You could have your account reduced for placing very high volumes of under minimum odds bets, and I mean a lot across each race every day to be banned for that. Also, operating strategies such as martingale or other loss chasing methods, so be careful about doing anything like this.
  • Can Betting Make You Rich?
    Yes, sports betting can make you rich is the simple answer, but we do not promise you instant riches at Exponential Bet. Plenty of lucky people have hit the headlines after placing accumulators or combo bets that have won them life-changing sums of money. For every one of those people there are millions more still clinging to that dream. However, that is no different from all the people that regularly play the lottery. Instead we offer betting strategies that simply require you to have good money management with your stake set up, patience and confidence to let the systems run over time, and a sensible approach to betting, ie only betting with what you are comfortable with and not breaking the family budget. This should be an exciting enjoyable experience after all, but if you are not set up for the inevitable dips in form from time to time it will be the opposite. Which is not what either of us want.
  • Can You Bet With A Credit Card?
    It depends on which country you live in. Many bookmakers and betting sites in many countries still allow punters to fund their accounts using credit cards, but the UK Gambling Commission has outlawed such payments. The question you should be asking yourself is do you really want to be funding your betting site accounts with your credit card? Not only will you normally have to pay a fee for the privilege, but you will also be gambling with money you have not got. In a world in which responsibly gambling needs be taken very seriously, we think it’s right that you can’t bet with your credit card in the UK.
  • Can You Cancel A Bet?
    If you are there watching the bet be placed, there may be enough time for you to hedge the bet, or back / lay it to either green up, cancel it, or red up. This is only if you know what you are doing with the Betfair exchange where the bets are placed. If you have selected BSP then your only option to cancel a bet would be in play, as the bet has only been placed according to BSP at the start time.
  • Can You Lose Money On A Winning Bet?
    If you are running multiple strategies at once and bets collide in the same race, ie a back or lay bet across a range of horses, then it is possible you may make a loss in that race. I'd advise you read the section on Running Multiple Strategies.
  • Does betting affect my credit score?
    Having a bet on horse racing or other sports should not affect your credit score, though some bad habits you may have got into as a gambler may do. Your credit score is assessed on your ability to pay back any loan you may wish to borrow from a bank or building society and, if your betting habits don’t compromise this in any way, they should have no effect on the lender’s decision.
  • Can gambling stop me getting a personal loan?
    Being a gambler should not stop you from getting a personal loan, but it may do if you gamble irresponsibly. If gambling forces you to use your overdraft, especially an expensive unauthorised overdraft, lenders may view you as more of a risk.
  • How do Betfair's fractional odds work?
    1/2 as a decimal odd is 1.50. So, if you multiply £10 x 1.50, you can see that your return will be £15. All odds that are bigger than even-money are called odds-against prices, and this means you will win more than your stake, as well as always getting your stake back. 5/1 as a decimal odd is 6.00. So, if you multiply £10 x 6.00, you can see that your return will be £60.
  • Can I hide my betting balance when I login to Cloud Bet Bot?
    Yes you will have the option to hide your balance within Cloud Bet Bot from the 17th November 2020.
  • What is long term betting?
    You can speculatively bet each day as and when you like, or you can set up a plan to run an exact betting strategy over specific selections using a percentage of your bank per bet. Long term betting is the latter and requires a different mindset than speculative punting.
  • What should I do if I have a gambling problem.
    For help with regard to a gambling addiction or more information on the subject, please visit: ​
  • If I have 1k to invest and I work full time which system could you advise for me and what would be the cost?
    All our systems are fully automated, so working full time is no problem once you've set up. The first place to start is looking at which systems suit your bet style and expectations, so I'd start by looking at the results for each strategy. The costs are explained on each service or Join page from the main menu. Everything is there laid out to help you make the right decision.
  • What size Betfair bankroll you reckon to start my journey?
    Whatever bank you feel comfortable investing, and with the right service that suits your betting style and expecations. Take a look at each system and start there, then think about how much you want to put in based on the results and predictions, also what matches your betting comfort levels.
  • The services have only been turning between 11 to 15 points profit over the past couple of weeks, is this right? I feel like it should be betting more"
    The P&L is variable and not a constant each week or month. As you will read on site for each each service they are set up for long term returns, so over the years the goals are to return the target profits. They are not set up to return a monthly income, and your investment as I reiterate should be whatever you decide, but always an amount you're comfortable betting with.
  • I have attached a screenshot of my settings for the strategies, please let me know what you think?"
    I get sent screenshots containing a variety of different bot set ups, which I never understand why they are sent given that I update results every Monday eve, and send a member round up each month regarding service performance so far. If you're thinking of sending me a screenshot of your bot staking, instead please read the FAQ carefully for advice on how to set up your points balance, also examine the results as you will see we have ups and downs with all services over time, so factor this into your staking is my advice. When running these services you need a long term view, set up correctly from the start as advised in the FAQ basing your points allocation on how each service performs. The results published and vast amount of info available, regular result updates, and stats are there to help you decide what service suits you best, and how to set your stakes. I think your stakes should be set up as advised, according to your total investment, divided into points, and within your comfort levels to go the distance and make the long term profits, all which I reiterate in the FAQ and on the service pages. Your staking is in your control, but you can see how I run my published results on the system pages, 1 point per bet, and appropriate points balances for each strategy based on performance. My role is to provide the services, the software, and ensure the results areaccurately maintained with additional regular member updates. Please read the information provided and decide how to set up your points balance for any service you wish to operate, and manage your membership, that's it. If you can do this then your systems will be set up correctly according to your own decisions, as you have a clear understanding of what you're betting on, and how the services operate. Addtionally, your membership is in your full control. I can then focus on adhering to my end of the deal instead, by providing the services, software, and updates.
  • I'm under 18 years of age can I subscribe and use your services?
    You need to be at least 18 years of age to open a Betfair account, and to susbcribe to our services. We do not target an audience under the age of 18.
  • Do you offer free trials?
    We may have promotional offers from time to time, but I’m sorry we do not offer free trials. If you have a look across our services, you will see all results are published for each and updated weekly. This information is there to help you make an informed decision on what strategy suits your betting style and expectations. Any questions about the services will mostly be answered here in the FAQ, but if you can't find what you're looking for before deciding to join please email and I will give you the information you need before making the decision to join. We find that websites offering free trials tend to be looking to churn members and get as many emails and interested people as possible, and this is not our focus. What we want is for people to decide to join our services based on the depth and wealth of information available and have a clear understanding of what to expect from the offset when setting up their betting plans. We offer long term betting strategies for people who are serious about their betting investments, and you will find that most horse racing betting sites that offer these free trials are not set up like this. They will provide daily tips and punditry dialogue with their betting systems, focusing on the big winners and hiding the overall bet history out of site, ie we just landed a 21/1 shot, when the strategy is actually operating at a loss overall. We would rather publish the results, answer any questions in advance so you understand what you are purchasing, and have serious members that know what they are getting involved with from the start. It is also labour intensive offering free trials and I simply do not have the time nor inclination to deal with hundreds of emails each day from people mostly looking for get rich quick schemes, and testing every free trial under the sun in an attempt to find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We'd also fail miserably for these people and it would waste everyone's time, as we operate strategic betting plans that require a long term mindset, and if you're on a free trial for a week or two it may be a prolific weeks betting and you could join, but then hit a dip and leave. Which wastes everybody’s time and money. The minimum term we offer is a monthly subscription which at least offers an entry level and gives enough time to get a feel for the services. However, a longer subscription is suggested, and they do also offer more value for money. I would suggest registering on our mailing list and we will keep you updated with the latest offers.
  • How do I sign up?
    If you look at the main menu situated at the top of the page, or if using mobile it should be three horizontal lines in the top corner to open the menu, there you'll find details of what we offer. For example, if you select Betting Strategies this will open a drop-down menu, and from here you can choose one of the services. With each service page there are sign up options near the base of the page. You could select Join from the main menu, and here you will see a list of all the services with sign up options listed for each. We've set the site out, so each service has its own subscription plans available on their own pages, and all plans on offer displayed on the Join page, all located via the main Menu.
  • How do I cancel my membership?
    You can cancel at any time during your subscription and this is 100% in your control. When you join you have an account set up that gives you total control of your membership, and the ability to cancel or restart. This is emailed to you at sign up. This is where you cancel your membership if the service is no longer required.
  • Does my subscription auto renew?
    All the automated betting services offer different membership options, ie monthly, quarterly, six monthly, or yearly which automatically renew each period. When you click on any of the subscribe buttons you will see a pop up showing the membership plan you've selected, ie monthly, and this will confirm you will be billed each month in this example. If you selected yearly it would let you know the amount billed each 12 months, and so on. You will then be redirected to Stripe to confirm this payment information. You will also then receive an email from Sendowl our ecommerce manager to let you know this is set up with the renewal period. Along the entire process from selecting a membership plan you wish to subscribe, to clicking the button, to paying via Stripe, then receiving the confirmation email, you are informed what amount you are paying and when the membership subscription auto renews. If a service auto renews you will always be informed before agreeing to continue to pay for the service. If a service is a one-off payment, you will find this information on site, and the Stripe confirmation will not show this as a recurring payment. Please remember that your auto renewal is fully in your control to manage, and should you decide to leave us and cancel, you will need to do this before it renews. As emailing us afterwards will then be too late. You can subscribe at any time to use our services, and cancel at any time should they no longer be required, all via Sendowl or Stripe.
  • If I cancel does my membership stop immediately?
    Your membership will run for the full term of your paid period, so if you joined on a yearly plan for example and cancelled halfway through, you would still have full access to the service for the remainder of the year.
  • How do I register on the mailing list to receive updates?
    If you look on most pages at Exponential Bet you will find the register for more information section, this is where you sign up to our mailing list.
  • What should I do if I login and I cannot find my subscribed services?
    Firstly please check you've logged in with your PayPal email address used to sign up with, and not another registered account. Also, please check your membership has not just expired after a cancellation. If you still think there should be one or more services active, then you will need to send us and email to check this.
  • How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?
    You can unsubscribe at any time from our mailing list by selecting the unsubscribe option in the emails sent. However, if you're a member and receiving direct emails from my own personal account regularly, just please email to let me know and I'll remove you from my member list.
  • How do I stop receiving member updates?
    You can unsubscribe to emails sent from the site, and you will see the unsubscribe option there. However, as a member you receive direct emails from myself with no unsubscribe option, so please just drop me an email requesting to be removed from the mailing list, and I'll make sure you do not receive anymore.
  • Can I have a refund after cancelling?
    We do not offer refunds as we need to protect the content and services we provide to our members. We are classed as a digital content provider, and as such fall under the category of distance or off-premises sales. This basically means you are not entering a shop to examine the goods before purchasing, you are instead deciding to join via the information provided on the website. Which is why we ensure you have all the information you would expect to be available according to the Consumer Contracts Regulations prior to making a decision to purchase, or join one of our digital subscription services. The consumer must acknowledge that once the download starts, they will lose their right to cancel. This means that when you have downloaded our PDF which is sent as a link after initially signing up, you are not eligible for a refund. This also applies for each membership renewal period, as you have already downloaded the digital product. We record all PDF downloads at the date and time, including IP Address. If you were to join and then immediately contact us to request a refund, and we could see you have not downloaded our digital PDF to get you started, then you would be eligible for a refund. As stated above this is to protect our work and we ensure all the information is available to members prior to joining so this is understood. In addition to this, another reason we do not offer refunds is that it costs us immediate overheads after every sale. Such as affiliate, development, transaction fees etc, some of these are none refundable at initial sign up and renewal which if offering refunds would put us in the minus immediately, and we would not be able to continue operating. Other reasons also include the amount of time and resources involved processing refunds is not viable for our business model, and we encourage careful assessment of our services prior to joining. We do not want to attract members that join then look for a refund, as we want people committed to long term betting plans. We do not offer get rich quick schemes or a 'punting' style website, and that mindset is discouraged from the offset. I cover what is required for long term betting plans in this FAQ under Money Management and Automated Betting Strategies. We hope this explains the reason why we do not offer refunds, and all we ask is that you sign up to the service you wish to run, and then cancel should this no longer be required prior to the renewal date, that's it. We will then provide the service you subscribed to during your paid membership, and should you decide to cancel, the service will run up to the end of the paid period. Thank you for your understanding.
  • What if I forget to cancel my membership can I have a refund?
    Your membership is fully in your control, and you need to manage this yourself. We do not offer refunds so please make sure you cancel ahead of any membership renewal period. When a payment goes through, whether that is a new subscription or renewal, we get charged by PayPal, and any other expenses such as affiliate fee's all get immediately deducted. If we offered refunds we would be at an immediate loss, not to mention the time it takes to deal with the emails and process within PayPal. This is why we emphasize the point so much, please manage your PayPal account and if you want to join that's great, but if you do not wish to use our services any more simply cancel before it renews. That is the only thing we ask of you, and we will always wish you all the best should you decide to leave us. What we do not want is any confusion, so we make it 100% clear no refunds are given, and you must cancel your membership if you do not want it to renew, otherwise it will run its term and you will have full access for the paid period. You can cancel whenever you decide, as stated this is done via PayPal with your own secure login. Please do not email after this requesting a refund because you forgot to cancel. We hope you understand and appreciate that we have been crystal clear with this in advance.
  • I haven't heard from you in a while and I'm a member?
    I send emails regularly to members with results updates, news blogs, and when there are any website developments. I would advise you to check your spam email folder, as most of these enquiries are solved this way. Then add me to your safe senders list. If you cannot locate any emails there, make sure you are checking the registered PayPal email and not another one you are using, as all my emails will go to your PayPal address.
  • How do I upgrade my subscription plan?
    I'm delighted you've decided to upgrade your subscription plan. You just need to cancel your existing plan, and then select the one you are thinking of upgrading to via the Join page here: Remember to cancel your existing plan first, then choose the upgrade afterwards.
  • I've subscribed to One Subscription should I now run every option?
    Absolutely not unless this is your plan. I would recommend that you examine the services in more detail and find the ones that suit your betting. I cover this in the FAQ. The aim of the One Subscription option is to provide more value for money to anyone looking to run more than one service, as it will instantly save you money and give you access to every service. Just because you have access to every service does not mean you must run them all at once. You should only run the services that you have selected are right for you.
  • Will your services make me money?
    I have 100% confidence that over the years all the systems will return a decent profit. What I cannot predict is in what order the wins and losses will arrive, so providing you have an investing mindset and can manage a betting balance, I'm confident my services will make you money. I make no guarantee's as to how the profits will arrive, and I cannot guarantee earnings, but I back all the systems myself with my own money.
  • I want to make a £1000 a month, is this possible?"
    We cannot guarantee monthly earnings as these are betting systems set up for long term gains. Income from these systems is variable, and all the profit on the year may come from a handful of betting months, but in what order we cannot predict. I would advise you look into some other type of investing such as buying and renting property that gives a guaranteed income on your rent.
  • I'd like to take a break with my membership payments?
    If you've been a member when racing has been suspended, possibly due to Covid 19, and you have paid any money during this period when we were unable to provide a service, you can request a payment break at any time. I will then pause future payments for the duration of your paid period when the service was unavailable and resume afterwards. The same applies for any other reason where either racing was suspended, or we were unable to provide a service.
  • I want to run more than two services concurrently is this possible?
    You can select all betting options at once and set different stakes for each, ie higher stakes for the safer options, and lower for the higher drawdown versions. This is all explained in the set-up guide. ​ Additionally, you can run multiple Exponential Bet services at once within Cloud Bet Bot using one Betfair account, and one login for Cloud Bet Bot. You can select betting options for each strategy and run them all at once. ​ If you're considering running more than one Exponential Bet automated service then please take a look at our One Subscription membership options which you can locate via the link below, or from the Join via menu at the top of this page. ​ ​ However, before you set all services to run and click save, you do need to consider if running multiple strategies at once is right for you. We provide the different options for every service for you to find the right comfort level with your betting, some are more aggressive and others lower risk. Which means choosing an assortment of the type of betting systems you prefer to run will more often than not be the best route for most members. ​ This will not be the case for everyone though, and some members will find running a lot of strategies at once with varied stakes is their preferred route. Here is a point to consider if this is your plan. Your backing bets placed on horses to win may have a lay bet added from another service, meaning you could be backing a horse to win, and also laying it to lose at different stakes in the same race, or you could find the same horses with various back and lay bets placed on them. ​ The ability to track each bet for the services is available within Cloud Bet Bot, and you can see a running total of your bets within this section. ​ This allows you to follow the profitability of your bets over time for each strategy, and even export your results to a CSV for further analysis. Which means if you've a longer-term view of your betting with these systems this is totally fine. ​ The bottom line with running multiple strategies is not to look at it race by race, as you're profit and loss for each automated betting system is recorded within the bot enabling you to split up the wins and losses over time. If your back and lay bets collide within a race, the individual results for each are still separated within the bot and you can assess the progress this way. ​ If you set a betting balance for each strategy from Betfair funds, and your stake for example is 1% of this balance per bet and per strategy, ie a 100 points for each strategy of your total investment, and 1 point per bet from each strategy balance you've assigned, then it is very easy to keep track of how each system is performing. Handy Hint: If running more than one betting option, ie all three within Sure Favs, to identify the bets placed for each option change the stake slightly. As in, £2.01 for Main, £2.02 for High, and £2.03 for Foundation. This way briefly you can see what specific bets have been placed each day, or if filtering. It is also useful when exporting to CSV, as you can filter by stake to identify each strategies performance. ​ For example: ​ You decide to run six strategies across a few services. The total investment you have for this is £1200.00. You assign £200.00 per strategy at 100 points each. Set stakes at 1 point each bet. This means your total max risk per bet is £2.00 for backing, and £2.00 for laying if you select fixed liability. You are now betting with six 100 points balances, using 1% per bet for each strategy. ​ You can also read more on running multiple services, automated betting, and many topics related to how my services operate in my blog which is regularly updated here:
  • What membership offers the most value?
    One Subscription without question offers the most value if you're considering running more than one service. If you are looking to run just one service, then anything over a monthly option will offer more value for money over the long term.
  • Can I get a discount?
    We do offer promotions from time to time that offer more value for money on the memberships. Also, if you are looking at anything more than one service One Subscription will give you a discount. Anything longer than a month subscription automatically comes with a discount on what you would pay for an ongoing monthly membership.
  • Do you have any promotions at the moment?
    It's always worth asking if you cannot locate any promotions on the net or website, as we sometimes offer behind closed doors promotions so please drop me an email and I will let you know.
  • If I cancel my membership will betting stop immediately?
    Betting will only stop once you have logged in and deactivated the betting bot, clicking save to confirm this.
  • Should I stop the bot after I have cancelled my membership?
    After you cancel a membership you should always login and stop the bot if you do not wish for it to continue betting, you will need to click save afterwards.
  • What happens immediately after I sign up?
    Shortly after you sign up an email will be sent to your registered PayPal email address, and this contains a link for you to download the Getting Started guide. Please check your spam folder if the welcome email does not arrive within approximately 10 minutes of your subscription. Sometimes it can take longer so give it 12 hours maximum before emailing us to double check, but only after you have checked your spam folder. Other times if paying by ECheque with PayPal it will wait for this to clear before sending the set-up info, and that can take up to 7 days. Please bear this in mind if paying by Echeque. However, in 99.9% of cases immediately after you sign up the email will come through to your PayPal registered address with details of how to get started.
  • What subscription service should I choose?
    There are options for each service, allowing members to subscribe from monthly to yearly, but the simple rule to follow is, if it's more than one service you're interested in choose One Subscription as it will always be more value for money. You can find the One Subscription options on the Join page here: Alternatively, on each service page you will find their own sign up subscription plans.
  • Do I email to cancel my membership?
    You login to your PayPal account and cancel your membership there, as we do not cancel subscriptions by email for obvious reasons. For example, what if you email and I'm unavailable but your membership renews and you're charged, and also why would we do it by email when it takes more effort to email and request this by yourself than to actually login and do it yourself via PayPal. Please do not email requesting to cancel your membership, you need to do this yourself via PayPal if you decide to stop subscribing. We are sorry to see you go obviously and hope to see you return in the near future.
  • I can't login to my cloudbetbot please can you just turn off betting for me?
    You can login using your username which is your PayPal email, and if you've forgotten your password just request a new one. This has to be done by members. You can also login from any device.
  • Do you require my Betfair login, and do you login to my account?"
    We would never ask for your Betfair login information, and any company that does should be given a wide birth in my opinion. Our betting software has been developed by a licensed Betfair developer, and we had to pass rigorous security testing before being allowed to offer our services. You have full control of your own betting via our software and can stop and start it whenever you decide. We do not need access to your login details. You will need to authorise the bot to bet for you though, which is explained in the getting started guide.
  • Is automated betting safe and legal?
    The set up we use to place your bets is safe and secure, as we have passed Betfair’s security standard, and our developer is fully licensed by Betfair. Operating betting software and automated betting is not illegal.
  • Can I switch my payments to a new service?
    If you have paid for a year or a long term, and early on you decide you would like to run another system instead, just email me and I’ll see what I can do for you. That would normally be no problem. If you are on a monthly plan, or your membership is coming up to renewal or expiring, then you should cancel your existing plan and resubscribe for the service you wish to operate.
  • I love these services can I write a review?
    That would be excellent thank you. If you Google Exponentialbet in your search box within Google, you will find typically on the right our company details, and there you will find how to write a review and rate us. Once you’ve written a review it will be featured on the main page of the website.
  • Is it possible to change the subscription and/or betting plan part way through?
    Absolutely, you can change your stake, stake options, amounts, and swap plans by cancelling your existing one and switching, or upgrading to the One Plan which would keep what you have while including other services whenever you decide.
  • I signed up to your subscription service but I haven’t received my welcome email please can you help?
    Two things to check firstly here, firstly check your Spam Folder, as in virtually every case when this occurs it is because the email has been directed to your Spam / Junk folder. Secondly, have you paid by Echeque via PayPal? If so this will take 7 days to clear typically, and then you will be sent full access to your service. Paying by Echeque is like pyaing with a standard cheque and requires a clearance period for it to arrive in our PayPal account, this will just show as pending until then. When this clears you will receive your welcome email and set up instructions, then be able to use the service. However, there may be another delay at renewal, so I would suggest not paying by Echeque for subscription services.
  • Down the line can I easily change my subscription if I wanted to?
    You can decide to cancel your current plan and upgrade to another at any time, whether that's simply another service or a One Plan, that's 100% in your control.
  • What Trading services do you offer?
    I will be offering a trading course soon, so please subscribe to my mailing list at Exponential Bet and I'll keep you informed. However, in November 2020 I will add a free trade technique that can be applied regularly and is something I have used a lot to make a consistent profit. You will just need to subscribe to the mailing list to receive this, and then you can have unlimited free access.
  • Can I still purchase the Trade Guide?
    The Trade Guide was removed as the tools used to operate this ceased to be available online. The updated version that explains the same trading method used in the original guide will be available free of charge in November 2020. This will have a free data source to find and place the trades included.
  • How can I access the trading system used in the published results?
    This trading technique is explained in the free version available at Exponential Bet from November 2020.
  • Was just one system used to achieve the trading challenge results?
    A variation of the same selection method was used as it developed over time, but the primary trade method 1 was used to generate approximately 80% of the profits. This trade technique will be offered free of charge from November 2020.
  • Do you offer fully automated trading?
    At this moment I do not offer fully automated trading, but the technique explained in the free version does explain how to access free tools to automate the trade once the horse has been selected. However, this is not fully automated, and requires some selection process from your side. Possibly sometime in the future we will have a fully automated trading option from start to finish, but for now I am focusing on delivering a trading course that will explain how to trade for yourself.
  • What software do you use for your trading systems?
    I use Hedger Pro for my data sourcing and if I wish to automate the trade, along with Fairbot for manual and some automated trading methods.
  • I was actually quite interested in the trading service is this up and running?
    The Trade Guide was removed as the tools used to operate this ceased to be available online. The updated version that explains the same trading method used in the original guide will be available free of charge in November 2020. This will have a free data source to find and place the trades included.
  • If i had a starting bank of 1000, would the price rise alot quicker than it did for the 100 to 1000 challenge?"
    As you would be following advice on how to trade the speed of profit growth would be dependent on many factors regarding your own ability to trade, availability etc. It's an impossible question to answer as trading and betting are variable incomes. However, I completed the 100 to 1000 over a longer period than normal as I was developing the site, and experimenting with different trade options. I could have completed this within a month or two if devoting all my time to it.
  • With the new trading techniques you are planning on sending out, you mentioned using fairbot for it.. is it possible to use the cloud bot you have been using for other strategies?"
    The Trade Technique guide is not based on Cloud Bet Bot, it is a manual technique you learn and apply yourself using either software or Betfair directly. It is not fully automated.
  • I cannot login to my Cloud Bet Bot account?
    Please check your using the correct username and password. Your username will always be your registered PayPal email address. If you still cannot login you can request a password reset via Cloud Bet Bot. Please make sure to check your spam folder for the reset confirmation email if it has not come through straight away. If you still have login issues and the password reset has not worked, contact Nigel at
  • Can I use another email other than my PayPal registered address as my Cloud Bet Bot username?
    Unfortunately not, the PayPal registered email has to be your username to associate the subscriptions you have purchased under your services. If you use another email your subscribed services will not show in your Cloud Bet Bot account.
  • I have registered Cloud Bet Bot after signing up, but now services are showing as described in the Getting Started PDF?"
    This would mean you have registered using another email address, and not the PayPal registered address. You will need to re register using the PayPal address and your services will then be available for you.
  • I have just joined and not received a welcome email with instructions on how to start?
    Please check your spam folder. If it's not there please leave it up to 12 hours, but it typically comes through immediately. After you have checked your spam folder and left it enough time, if you still have no welcome email you can contact Nigel at and he will investigate this for you. However, if you have paid with an Echeque it will typically take 7 days to come through when that clears, so please bear this in mind.
  • My bot has stopped placing bets?
    Can you please first check it is active and your settings are saved. Also, please ensure your staking is correct if using BSP as it must be over the minimum level explained in this FAQ. You can also check the minimum BSP by checking online, or contacting Betfair. If everything looks right in the bot and it is actively saved, please ensure you have enough funds available to place the bets. Should this be the case and bets are still not being placed for your subscribed services, you should contact Nigel at
  • Cloud Bet Bot is not loading in my web browser?
    First you should try another web browser, ideally on another device. If it loads on this second device, then it will be a setting on your first device preventing it from loading such as a VPN or browser extension. You may need to disable any extensions and the VPN and retry. If Cloud Bet Bot is still not loading after you have tried on two devices and cleared anything potentially stopping it from the browser, please contact Nigel at
  • Can I use any device to access the bot, ie mobile phone, tablet, PC or Mac?"
    Yes of course, Cloud Bet Bot works with any browser and operating system.
  • Where can I view my results?
    You can always view your results by logging in to Cloud Bet Bot, selecting the strategy you wish to view results for under Your Services, and then look under Bets Placed. There you will find a drop down enabling you to filter results according to a date range.
  • How do I access the subscriptions I can see under My Services within Cloud Bet Bot?
    You just simply click on the name of the service under My Services, and it will open the bot for that strategy.
  • My password doesn't work anymore?
    Please reset your password via the Cloud Bet Bot login page, and ensure you check your spam folder if the password reset does not arrive in minutes. Remember, this will only be sent to your registered PayPal email address.
  • How do I stop the bot betting?
    You click on the slider to deactivate it, then click save. Do this for each strategy.
  • I can see random bets placed from my Betfair account that I've no idea where they came from, is this Exponential Bet and Cloud Bet Bot?"
    You will find any betting from Exponential Bet and Cloud Bet Bot under the Bets Placed section for each service. If the bets you cannot find why they have been placed in your Betfair account are not in Cloud Bet Bot, then we will have no idea where they came from as it will not have been us placing the bets. You should check what other automated software you have running from other companies. Also, check your password and security integrity for Betfair. I'd suggest changing all passwords and asking Betfair to check for any unsecure logins from other users.
  • Do you have an affiliate set up so I can sell your services and make a commission?
    We do have an affiliate set up, so if you would like to promote our services drop me an email requesting access to our program, and I'll gladly send you an invite.
  • Are your reviews genuine?
    Yes of course, all the reviews where posted by members of the site and direct to Google.
Any questions that aren't covered in the FAQ, please send me a message below and I'll get back to you ASAP.
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