Sure Favs

Automated favourite backing strategy betting directly to your Betfair account.

Sure Favs aims at the top horse in the market across various settings and timing filters. If you are looking for a consistent favourite backing strategy this could be for you.
Cloud Bet Bot is included with your subscription to place the automated bets, which is software created by Nigel Dove a licensed Betfair developer. 
This operates online and is compatible with all devices and operating systems across PC, Mac, Tablet, Smart Phone, Android and IOS. 


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Detailed Result Overview

All the results for each strategy option from the day the betting started.

The Green Line represents Betfair Starting Price (BSP) 

The Blue Line represents MTP (Minutes To Post) Exchange Betting

1/6/20 to 26/6/22

Sure Favs - Main Exchange & BSP (Straight)

betfair betting system

Sure Favs - High Exchange & BSP (Straight)

betting system

Sure Favs - Foundation Exchange & BSP (Straight)

favourite backing system

Sure Favs - Foundation Target Profit (MTP)

betting system

System Overview:

Sure Favs has three strategies included within one membership.  

  • Bets on the favourite at time of selection.

  • One bet per race.

  • No stop loss or stop at a profit.

  • Bet selection time 1 minute to post for Sure Favs Main & Sure Favs High

  • Sure Favs Foundation bet selection time -1 minute past post with a broader selection process compared to main and high.

  • Sure Favs Main Places bets Thursday to Sunday, High and Foundation operate Monday to Sunday.

  • All options have race class limitations. 

  • Sure Favs Main recommended minimum 100 points per annum

  • Sure Favs High recommended minimum 100 points per annum

  • Sure Favs Foundation recommended minimum 100 points per annum

  • Sure Favs Foundation Target Profit (MTP) recommended minimum 100 points per annum

Weekly Result Overview

20/6/22 to 26/6/22

Sure Favs - Main Exchange & BSP (Straight)

betting system

Sure Favs - High Exchange & BSP (Straight)

betting system

Sure Favs - Foundation Exchange & BSP (Straight)

back the favourite

Sure Favs - Foundation Target Profit (MTP)

betting system

Staking & Betting Software Set-up 

Staking Advice, How to Configure The Bot, & Ratchet Betting Explained

You can read more about stake options or setting a points balance within the FAQ available here:

Betting history is recorded within Cloud Bet Bot with the ability to filter time periods and download a CSV file of your bet history.

After sign up you will receive access to the Getting Started PDF explaining the different bet types you can set within the bot, and step by step how to active the bot to place bets according to your preferred betting option.

SF M 1% to 28th FEB.jpg

Ratchet Betting Results

Ratchet Betting increases your percentage stake each day when the running total hits a new profit high. It does not reduce if the balance goes down until reset.

SF H.jpg

Month by Month Results To Date

A complete list off all the month by month results for each Sure Favs bet type.  Simply click the result within the grid to open a detailed overview for the period.

Getting Started

After subscribing a download link is immediately sent to your registered address.  This provides access to a PDF with clear instructions demonstrating how login to the bot.

The set up process is simple with just a quick registration required, authorization of your Betfair account, then confirming your staking with betting amount, then you're done. 


You can then turn off your device completely and leave the system to run unattended.  

At any time you can login to check results, adjust your staking, or stop and start the bot.

Betfair is still available to use while the bot runs in the background, access to Betfair is not affected with the services running.

There is no software to download, and no expensive VPS is required.

We never ask for your Betfair login information. Cloud Bet Bot is a Betfair licensed web platform. 


Any company that requests you personal Betfair credentials should be avoided.


You receive your access information, set up your secure password, staking, and can login from a PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Betting for all services can be set at flat level stakes, or with a Ratchet applied, but no loss recovery.

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Before You Begin

Please visit our Member Guidelines section before deciding to sign up:

If you have any questions regarding the Automated Betting Strategies, Money Management, Staking, How To Set Up Points For Each SystemMembership Enquiries, Trading, or anything else regarding Exponential Bet, you will typically find the answer to the most commonly asked questions within our FAQ here:


Membership Options

Monthly Plan: £29.99

horse racing system

Yearly Plan: £215.93

betting system

Quarterly Plan: £62.98

horse racing system

Six Monthly Plan: £116.96

horse racing system

If you are looking to operate more than one betting strategy at Exponential Bet the One Subscription plan is the one for you as it is far more cost effective, and offers a few different membership options.


You can find out more about the One Plan via the Join page available here:

Access to Cloud Bet Bot is included in your subscription with the bets placed automatically.  No additional software or strategy purchase is required.

After sign up you will be sent instructions to your registered email address to get started.

  • Set up is explained within the PDF downloaded available via the link within the welcome email, which is sent shortly after sign up, and to your registered email address. 

  • The PDF contains how to set your login credentials within Cloud Bet Bot, authorise your Betfair account, and how to set up your betting within the bot. 

  • Once registered online this will allow bets to be placed direct to your Betfair account using the stakes you have saved. 

  • You do not need to leave your device turned on once activated

  • Access is possible from a PC, Mac, smart phone, or tablet.

  • Members can login at any time and have full control of the betting set up, including activating and deactivating the bot, resetting stakes, viewing bet history.

  • When registering to login with Cloud Bet Bot you must use your email address logged at sign up.  This is added to the Cloud Bet Bot database associated to your account, and this cannot be changed to another email.  It relates to your membership, access information and subscription details.

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time via Stripe directly, or using the instructions sent with your sign up information from Send Owl.  You can then deactivate the betting bot within the CBB dashboard, as it will be set to run for the term of your subscription.  This has to be done by members. 

  • If you're already a Cloud Bet Bot member with another service, you just need to use your existing login details and the services will appear.  Provided they are associated to the same sign up email address used with your Exponential Bet subscription. 

If you have any technical or support questions please visit our FAQ here:

Cloud Bet Bot is a third party automation service provided by

By choosing to operate the our betting services via Cloud Bet Bot you agree to the terms laid out within our disclaimer, which you can locate here:

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