Lay Dutching

A fully automated betting system that places bets direct to your Betfair account.

The strategy operates remotely for members, betting in qualifying races for each of the selected systems included.
After joining your login details are sent to you immediately, within minutes you set your betting limits for each automated betting system, and you're done. 
This requires no daily input from you, it is a true set up and leave betting strategy, giving you full control of your staking.
The betting software was created managed by Levelsoftware a licensed Betfair developer. 
This operates online and is compatible with all devices, PC, Mac, Tablet, Smart Phone Android and IOS. 


Results are recorded using Betfair Starting Price (BSP). 

Members have the option to select BSP or Exchange prices within the betting bot.

Fixed liability betting is available for both Exchange and BSP options.  Fixed stake is an option for Exchange only, as Betfair do not offer BSP for fixed stake lay betting.

The Lay Dutching System has two strategies included within one membership.  


The option to run one or more of these strategies concurrently is available within the bot, and you can set varied stakes for each giving you full control of your betting.

Betting history is recorded within Cloud Bet Bot, with the ability to filter time periods, and download a CSV file showing all bets placed.

Lay Dutching - Main (Fixed Stake)

1/6/20 to 20/9/20

Lay Dutching- Main (Fixed Liability)

System Overview:

  • Lay betting from 4th favourite at time of selection.

  • Races with 2 to 50 runners.

  • Odds range 1 to 20.

  • Low range bet type.

  • Selects between 1 to 3 horses bet per qualifying race.

  • No stop at a profit.

  • Stop loss set at 3 points per day.

  • Bet selection time 2 minutes to post.

  • Has race class setting limitations.

  • Operates Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. 

  • 300 points predicted 12 month profit Fixed Stake.

  • 30 points predicted 12 month profit Fixed Liability.

Lay Dutching - High (Fixed Stake)

1/6/20 to 20/9/20

Lay Dutching- High (Fixed Liability)

System Overview:

  • Lay betting from 4th favourite at time of selection.

  • Races with 2 to 50 runners.

  • Odds range 1 to 20.

  • Low range bet type.

  • Selects between 1 to 5 horses bet per qualifying race.

  • No stop at a profit.

  • Stop loss set at 3 points per day.

  • Bet selection time 2 minutes to post.

  • Has race class setting limitations.

  • Operates Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, & Saturday. 

  • 370 points predicted 12 month profit Fixed Stake.

  • 40 points predicted 12 month profit Fixed Liability.

Getting Started

After subscribing a download link is immediately sent to your registered PayPal address.  This provides access to a PDF with clear instructions demonstrating how login to the bot.

The set up process is simple with just a quick registration required, authorization of your Betfair account, then confirming your staking with betting amount, and you're done. 


You can then turn off your device completely and leave the system to run unattended.  

At any time you can login and check results, adjust your staking, and stop or start the bot.

cloud bet bot
exponential bet

Betfair is still available to use while the bot runs in the background, access to Betfair is not affected with the services running.

There is no software to download, and no expensive VPS is required.

We never ask for your Betfair login information. Cloud Bet Bot is a Betfair licensed web platform. 


Any company that requests you personal Betfair credentials should be avoided.


You receive your own access information, set up your secure password, staking, and can login from a PC, Mac, or mobile device.

Betting for all services is flat level stakes, with no loss recovery.

Running Multiple Strategies & Services

You can select all betting options at once and set different stakes for each, ie higher stakes for the safer options, and lower for the higher drawdown versions.  This is all explained in the set up guide.

Additionally, you can run multiple Exponential Bet services at once within Cloud Bet Bot using one Betfair account, and one login for Cloud Bet Bot.  You can select betting options for each strategy and run them all at once.  

If you're considering running more than one Exponential Bet automated service then please take a look at our One Subscription membership options which you can locate via the link below, or from the Join via menu at the top of this page.

However, before you set all services to run and click save, you do need to consider if running multiple strategies at once is right for you.  


We provide the different options for every service in order for you to find the right comfort level with your betting, some are more aggressive and others lower risk.  Which means choosing an assortment of the type of betting systems you prefer to run will more often than not be the best route for most members. 

This will not be the case for everyone though, and some members will find running a lot of strategies at once with varied stakes is their preferred route. 


Here is a point to consider if this is your plan, as your backing bets placed on horses to win may have a lay bet added from another service, meaning you could be backing a horse to win, and also laying it to lose at different stakes in the same race, or you could find the same horses with various back and lay bets placed on them.

The ability to track each bet for the services is available within Cloud Bet Bot, and you can see a running total of your bets within this section. 

This allows you to follow the profitability of your bets over time for each strategy, and even export your results to a CSV for further analysis.  Which means if you've a longer term view of your betting with these systems, then this is totally fine.

The bottom line with running multiple strategies is not to look at it race by race, as you're profit and loss for each automated betting system is recorded within the bot enabling you to split up the wins and losses over time. 


If your back and lay bets collide within a race, the individual results for each are still separated within the bot and you can asses the progress this way.

If you set a betting balance for each strategy from Betfair funds, and your stake for example is 1% of this balance per bet and per strategy, ie a 100 points for each strategy of your total investment, and 1 point per bet from each strategy balance you've assigned, then it is very easy to keep track of how each system is performing.

For example:

  • You decide to run six strategies across a few services.

  • The total investment you have for this is £1200.00.

  • You assign £200.00 per strategy, ie 100 points each.

  • Set stakes at 1% for the bet, ie 1 point each bet.

  • This means your total max risk per bet is £2.00 for backing, and £2.00 for laying if you select fixed liability.  

  • You are now betting with six 100 points balances, using 1% per bet for each strategy.

I cover fixed stake and fixed liability betting in the set up guide, so you will be clear on the difference if you're not sure right now, but Google also has a wealth of information on the subject.

You can also read more on running multiple services, automated betting, and many topics related to how my services operate in my blog which is regularly updated here: 

Please also read the Member Guidelines available here:


Fixed Stake or Fixed Liability Lay Betting?

With Racing Lays and Lay Dutching strategies the option to select either fixed stake or fixed liability betting is available.


This is because they bet on horses to lose, which is called lay betting.


Both options exist on the Betfair exchange to bet this way, but only with fixed liability can you bet using BSP.

With backing strategies you have one option to back a horse, and the money you put on is the amount you risk for that bet.


You can bet to win on the exchange or place, but all of these options operate a flat stake.


Even a Dutch bet is a flat stake amount, as you're only ever risking that amount no matter how many horses are covered within the bet.


You would never be put in a position with a bet for example where the liability would depend on the odds when you back a horse to win for example, but this does apply with fixed stake lay betting.


If you lay a horse at odds of 20 for 1 point as an example using fixed stake the risk for the bet would be 19 points. Your return on the win would be your fixed stake amount, ie 1 point minus Betfair commission charge.


If you lay the same horse at odds of 20 for 1 point using fixed liability then the amount you risk is 1 point. If you win this bet the return would be around 0.05 points minus Betfair commission, so you can see the difference between risk reward here.


The way they operate is massively different, and something you need to take into account when assessing your comfort levels with risk.

As fixed stake can make a lot of profit, but also more susceptible to hitting a higher odds loses requiring a good run to recover. Which to be fair can be done quickly all going to plan.

If the service has a high enough strike rate a loss of 19 points can be recovered within a day, and sometimes still return a profit. 


If you had a few situations with high odds losing bets in a short period of time it would potentially give your balance a wallop, and it could go south very quickly.


Any higher risk strategies like this should have good money management, and operate a reserve points balance in my opinion.


Fixed liability reduces the grey hair moments, but typically the balance growth is slower.


However, for a lot of members this is fine because they use large sums and the lower risk is important to sustain the investment.  The smaller margins using a big balance that can return large sums of money with smaller percentage gains.


I get asked about fixed stake and fixed liability a fair bit, so excuse any repetition here, but I want to make sure I drill this home to ensure everyone makes the right decision for their own betting style.


Fixed liability lay betting you set your maximum amount of risk per bet, and this is the total amount you bet exactly like a back to win bet, only betting to lose.

The downside of this if lay betting over evens is that you're only getting a percentage of the amount you're staking, which you will see in the screenshots below.


Anything below evens with fixed liability and you're quid's in, and can win more than your staked amount the lower the price, providing you win the bet of course.


With both of the the lay betting services Racing Lays and Lay Dutching you will find three stake methods in the drop down, two for fixed liability, ie exchange and BSP, and one for fixed stake.

The reason no BSP option exists for fixed stake is simply because Betfair do not provide this feature.

If you have any questions about this we suggest you contact them directly, as we have no idea.

The fact of the matter is they only allow fixed liability BSP betting, so we offer both exchange and BSP fixed liability options, with fixed stake bets placed direct to the exchange close to post time.

I have set up the lay betting services to bet as close as possible to race start time in order to be near the BSP price with fixed stake betting, but there will always be some difference given the bets are placed one minute to post, and not to BSP (Betfair Start Price), like fixed liability BSP betting. 

Additionally, as the bets going on to the exchange it's easy to collapse a market on a horse with our bets, so we built in a five point offset to give everyone the best chance of being matched.

This means that whatever the max odds are set this could tip over 5 tiks if we gobble up the liquidity.

Another point to note here, we do also offer below minimum stake betting, which as you know with Betfair is set at £2.00 for backing and £10.00 for laying using BSP.

You can set your stake as low as ten pence (0.10) with Cloud Bet Bot, which means if you're operating a fixed stake betting plan using a smaller balance, you can do this below min stake requirements.

It's also good for confidence building when you start betting, and a huge bonus for anybody trying to build a smaller balance over time using these automated strategies.

Hypothetically, if you wanted to fixed stake for the increased profit growth to begin with, you could do so with a smaller balance (with another in reserve), then when targets are met move to a fixed liability option using a larger balance.

Here is are some examples of fixed stake vs fixed liability winning and losing bets.  These are taken from Racing Lays.

In this example you can see the selection Nakeeta which was a lay bet at odds of 17 using fixed stake as the betting option.


The horse went on to win and the loss was -16 points. With the running total for this day you can see at -20.35 after this losing bet.

In this example you can see the same horse that was a lay bet using fixed liability as the option, same result obviously, apart from the loss was just -1 point, but the running total for the day was still positive at +1.18 points.

These examples are from the week commencing 14.9.20 to the 20.9.20, and you can see above that using fixed liability lay betting we returned +5.71 points profit that week, with a max drawdown of 4.24 points.


Looking down the list of races you will see OK next to most which are the races the strategy places bets, and a percentage of the 1 point profit per race dependant on the odds of the horse, or a -1 point loss on the obvious losing bets which is the fixed liability amount.

In comparison to the fixed stake lay betting over this time period you can see the difference above with +3.06 points profit, and a max drawdown of 33.59 points.


Now you may be thinking why risk the higher drawdown using fixed stake and potential high odds losing bets hitting the balance hard.

Here are the results for Racing Lays from the 1.9.20 up to time of writing at 19:47 on the 22.9.20 (incidentally the final race of the day was a winning profitable bet for us).


You can see from the screenshot a profit of +49.30 points, the max drawdown is still 33.59, and I've circled the four significant losing periods over the month.


If you're comfortable with the fact the strategy will inevitably hit these dips but has shown to recover quickly, and has the potential for sizable profits over the long stretch, then fixed stake could be a good option for you.


The centre shows a snapshot of recent bets, with the running total to the right for the month, winning and losing amounts, and as you can see the strike rate is 83.07 so far in September.

Taking into account the losing lays at fixed stake using 1 point per bet, the points profit of +49.30 is very good going, and shows a consistent rate of recovery. 


As I have already emphasized at length, you must be okay with the big dips and that level of drawdown.

If not, or you're looking to put more in and need BSP to ensure being matched, or you're happier with the smaller margins but less risk, then fixed liability may be the best option for you.

Still returning an impressive +18.21 points over the same period, but with a much lower drawdown of 5.50 points, and no notable dips to circle in red. 


Fixed liability lay betting shows a much smoother line of growth running Racing Lays from 1.9.20 to 22.9.20.


You can see the wins and losses down the centre with running total, which handles the losses very well as they are always just 1 point at max liability, recovering losses with a steadier line in the graph and no heart attack moments.


However, this is under half the profit returned using fixed stake, has a lower ROI etc, but a fraction of the risk.


If you have the patience to play the longer game, this could be the better option for you when it comes to lay betting.


Ideally this explains the difference between fixed stake and fixed liability, and you can now decide on the best option.


Within Cloud Bet Bot you can only select one bet option per strategy, either fixed stake or fixed liability, so set out your stall from the offset, and enjoy the betting process is my advice.

Before You Begin

You should set up your start bank for each system you decide to follow, and make sure this is money you're comfortable allocating to a betting system.  

Following an automated betting system can be fun, exciting, and profitable, but if you're using money that is out of your comfort zone you will not be able to weather the dips shown in the graphs above, and than see the benefit of the winning runs that follow.

You must have a realistic approach to building a betting balance, and be motivated to achieve targets over the long term, as we will have losing days, weeks, and months along the way to hitting our profit goals.

Accepting drawdown periods that occur naturally is par for the course, and we do not guarantee your earnings with these strategies as they are betting systems.

They are data driven with no emotion, and based on research combined with automation to return the published results. 

Automated betting is excellent for people who want to run betting systems and do not have the time or knowledge to find the bets themselves, but you must be comfortable to have bets placed automatically once staking is set up.  

If you're a speculative punters or looking for a 'get rich quick' system, please do not join and look elsewhere.  These services have been designed for people who can manage a betting bank, and have the patience to achieve longer term goals.

This means allocating a points balance that fits the strategy being ran, and managing this correctly.  If you decide to opt for the more aggressive high risk and higher reward options, or fixed stake with laying for example, you should make sure the points balance you set up is correct for this type of betting.  Taking in to account the potential drawdown periods, but obviously investing enough to be make this a worthwhile.

This is also not a pundit based service.  If you are looking for a daily opinion based horse racing service, or commentary about the days racing or results automated betting will not be for you. 


All results are available within the bot, and available to each member to keep track, as this is set up to be a hands off betting investment.  I do however post regular member updates and blogs for members throughout the week.


We want all members to achieve the predicted target growth for each system.


If you've any questions ahead of subscribing, please get in touch. 


Results data is provided and updated regularly to ensure everyone who joins understands what's involved.   


We also provide personal support making sure members are set up correctly using the bot where required, and all questions are answered promptly within 24 hours.

This is an exciting remote betting service set up to profit over the long term, providing you have the right attitude to betting and money management this can be a profitable addition to your betting portfolio.


Membership Options

Monthly Plan: £29.99

horse racing system

Yearly Plan: £215.93

betting system

Quarterly Plan: £62.98

horse racing system

Six Monthly Plan: £116.96

horse racing system

Access to Cloud Bet Bot is included in your subscription with the bets placed automatically.  No additional software or strategy purchase is required.

After sign up you will be sent instructions to your registered PayPal email address to get started.

  • Set up is explained within the PDF downloaded available via the link within the welcome email, which is sent shortly after sign up, and to your registered PayPal email address. 

  • The PDF contains how to set your login credentials within Cloud Bet Bot, authorise your Betfair account, and how to set up your betting within the bot. 

  • Once registered online this will allow bets to be placed direct to your Betfair account using the stakes you have saved. 

  • You do not need to leave your device turned on once activated

  • Access is possible from a PC, Mac, smart phone, or tablet.

  • Members can login at any time and have full control of the betting set up, including activating and deactivating the bot, resetting stakes, viewing bet history.

  • When registering to login with Cloud Bet Bot you must use your PayPal email address.  This is added to the Cloud Bet Bot database associated to your account, and this cannot be changed to another email.  It relates to your membership, access information and subscription details.

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time, and instructions are sent with your sign up information.  You can then deactivate the betting bot within the CBB dashboard, as it will be set to run for the term of your subscription.  This has to be done by members. 

  • If you're already a Cloud Bet Bot member with another service, you just need to use your existing login details and the services will appear.  Provided they are associated to the same PayPal sign up email address used with your Exponential Bet subscription. 

If you have any technical questions regarding the Cloud Bet Bot set up, please contact Nigel at 

If you have any support questions about the strategy email

Cloud Bet Bot is a third party automation service provided by

By choosing to operate the our betting services via Cloud Bet Bot you agree to the terms laid out within our disclaimer, which you can locate here:

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