Pre Match Trading

This week I'll publish a series of posts each day covering:

  • Football Trading - Identifying Profitable Trades

  • Remote Dutch Betting

  • Unnamed JV High Yielding System

  • Subscriptions Update, Limiting Memberships, & My Service Schedule

  • Pre Race Trading Next Update With Hedger Pro

  • Focus Ratings & Hedger Pro Integration

  • In Play, Auto Dutch, Auto Football

Today's blog is about Football Trading, and identifying profitable pre match trades.

Before I begin, I was interviewed recently for an online magazine called On Course Profits, which you can read here: Q&A With Ryan Phillips

Some of the information is now outdated with the integration of all automated services being moved to the cloud, but it was an enjoyable chat with this publication I thought some of you may be interested in.

Additionally, a member pointed out that I've been entered in to the Lay Back and Get Rich awards, as they had kindly voted for Exponential Bet as the Best Betting Product.

If you'd like to vote for Exponential Bet there you can do so via this link: LBAGR 2019 Betting Oscars Cast Your Votes

Football Trading

If you're looking for a way to trade the football markets, then you may already know from my previous posts that I advocate using the Trade On Sports platform, which you can sign up using my discounted links here: