Exponential Bet News 18th August

I've been looking forward to writing this post all week as I've a lot to cover.

I'll go in to specifics with each service over the coming weeks, but today's post is an important overview of what's been going on at Exponential Bet, and what's coming up in the immediate future.

What's included:

The Unnamed System

This is the first of many new systems being created between Nigel Dove from

Hedger Pro / Cloud Bet Bot, Keith from Focus Ratings and myself.

You've got three people with years in the industry all pulling together to achieve the same goal, which is provide the best betting systems for our members.

I wrote about this recently in a blog post, and received a tsunami of requests to be included in the limited release of this strategy.

You can read the blog here if you missed it:


Since the post in which I reported 27% weekly balance growth, the system has continued to surprise and surpass expectations at this level

Which means in the space of four weeks my total investment actually increased by 127%, which is something very special, and why this is being covered at the top of today's post.

In one month the balance has doubled with no drama and continues to rise, or hold its own.