Banned From The Bookies

If you're reading this post it's fair to say you may have either been banned from a bookmaker for winning too much, or had your account limited. If you're not aware of this happening, then a quick Google search will present you with many stories of people having accounts closed or reduced to only being able to bet with pennies for simply being too damn good at betting.

They don't tell you that on the TV adverts do they!?

I've been banned from most well known online bookmakers, and had my account limited with the majority of the remainder for either winning large amounts, or just too regularly.

With only a handful of bookies remaining that I've spread my wins and losses to keep the accounts active, these will still let me login and place a bet with max stakes.

I genuinely appreciate Betfair for what it brought to the industry with the exchange, allowing people to bet against each other, taking a commission only when you win, meaning you will never be banned for winning too much or too often betting or trading on the exchange.

Betfair did join the bandwagon by adding a sportsbook, and if betting using this part of their website and winning too much then expect your Betfair betting account to be limited.

There is a section of Betfair that is rarely visited or even known about by most users of the site, and you can create multiple bets that win every day without any restrictions applying.

It's called BSP Multiples, you can find out more about how to locate it and place bets using it from the video I posted on You Tube some time ago at the base of this blog.

So, did you know that the maximum payout in a day using the BSP Multiples section of the Betfair exchange is 1 million pounds?

I'm not sure if this is the ceiling for the exchange as a whole per day, but I had it confirmed as you can hear on the call below that it is for the BSP Multiples.

how to win a million pounds a day

The BSP Multiples is something I use regularly each week with my Dutch betting systems, the One Dutch and Value Dutch Bet utilize the BSP Multiple features to combine many horses from different races in to one multiple bet.

I understand the BSP Multiple section is based on the exchange, but somehow linked in to the sportsbook with the way the algori