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Banned From The Bookies

If you're reading this post it's fair to say you may have either been banned from a bookmaker for winning too much, or had your account limited. If you're not aware of this happening, then a quick Google search will present you with many stories of people having accounts closed or reduced to only being able to bet with pennies for simply being too damn good at betting.

They don't tell you that on the TV adverts do they!?

I've been banned from most well known online bookmakers, and had my account limited with the majority of the remainder for either winning large amounts, or just too regularly.

With only a handful of bookies remaining that I've spread my wins and losses to keep the accounts active, these will still let me login and place a bet with max stakes.

I genuinely appreciate Betfair for what it brought to the industry with the exchange, allowing people to bet against each other, taking a commission only when you win, meaning you will never be banned for winning too much or too often betting or trading on the exchange.

Betfair did join the bandwagon by adding a sportsbook, and if betting using this part of their website and winning too much then expect your Betfair betting account to be limited.

There is a section of Betfair that is rarely visited or even known about by most users of the site, and you can create multiple bets that win every day without any restrictions applying.

It's called BSP Multiples, you can find out more about how to locate it and place bets using it from the video I posted on You Tube some time ago at the base of this blog.

So, did you know that the maximum payout in a day using the BSP Multiples section of the Betfair exchange is 1 million pounds?

I'm not sure if this is the ceiling for the exchange as a whole per day, but I had it confirmed as you can hear on the call below that it is for the BSP Multiples.

how to win a million pounds a day

The BSP Multiples is something I use regularly each week with my Dutch betting systems, the One Dutch and Value Dutch Bet utilize the BSP Multiple features to combine many horses from different races in to one multiple bet.

I understand the BSP Multiple section is based on the exchange, but somehow linked in to the sportsbook with the way the algorithm calculates everything.

With this in mind I thought I should check with Betfair directly to see if I was to win a million pounds a day hypothetically, or in fact just keeping winning and growing the bank as I'm doing at present using BSP Multiples, albeit far from a million a day, would I in fact be banned or have my account limited.

The customer service agent didn't know and had to check with her manager, but did in fact confirm that I would not be limited as with the sportsbook if I kept winning. When using BSP Multiples and taking the maximum payout of 1 million pounds per day, I could in fact do this every 24 hours.

When I informed her the call was recorded and asked if I could use this information in my blog and the call, she did in fact put me on hold for a long time to double check this information, and came back confirming no limit would be placed and the 1 million a day was the max payout. Also, that I could use the information and call.

Although, her tone instantly changed with me, and I don't think she liked me very much from this point.

It is a useful fact to know that you can build your staking up to a level where your max payout is 1 million pounds per day.

This is if your return was higher than your stake of course, if you're betting and the return is less than evens, you could not bet a million, as stated the max payout is a million including the amount you stake.

The bet slip would not let you place a bet at this level, it would auto adjust the return and alert you.

Let's be realistic though, to be able to return a profit in the thousands per day using a platform such as Betfair with a winning betting system, and not have to worry about having your account limited or closed is still amazing.

Let's listen to the call.

I chopped out the wait times and a few bits where the Betfair agent said the line dropped and I had to repeat myself, but all the important stuff confirming no limitations would be placed if making a daily profit are included.


The call was awkward for me, I didn't enjoy it, and was just trying to get a straight answer.

The line kept dropping which I cut most of this out, which made the whole thing much more difficult than it needed to be, but we got there in the end.

As stated, I've been using BSP Multiples for years to place my Dutch bets, and never had any issues with winning virtually every day.

The BSP Multiples used to contain football betting, correct score and match odds, and you could even create lay betting multiples for the football bets, but for some unknown reason they stopped all this.

BSP Multiples is kind of the forgotten section of Betfair, and most people would not even know it exists.

In fact, when members sign up for my Dutch betting service typically I receive a lot of questions about using it, hence why I posted a video on You Tube and the Dutch betting page about using it.

I'd say approximately 5% of the year it will fail to work due to website updates, or the Betfair traders not loading the markets in the morning.

From what I've heard the originator of this section was originally hailed for his efforts, putting in a lot of work to develop a very clever service, but has since left and it's been a tad neglected.

That said, I don't think it's going anywhere soon and all my best efforts to get inside information about this have all come back positive.

To the best of my knowledge it is here to stay, and there is quite literally nothing else like the BSP Multiple section.

It's the only service I'm aware that allows you to place multiple horses from different races into one combined odds bet, ie a double, treble, fourfold etc, all the way up to an eight fold.

This is in fact truly brilliant and incredibly useful, so long may this continue.

Maybe one day that will plan to expand it, maintain it better, and add more features. I'd suggest contacting Betfair to let them know how good it is if I thought they would listen, or even have a firm contact that could escalate your feedback in a useful format, but with so many layers to go through I wouldn't know if this would be worthwhile, or even detrimental to the existence of the BSP Multiples.

To have a Dutch multiple placed at SP odds from the Betfair exchange with the stake per horse automatically calculated, commission deducted etc is a such a useful feature. If a none runner occurs it auto calculates the Dutch bet, with no need to get involved or re adjust your bet, it's all done for you which is genius really.

Not only this, you do get a combined multiple odds return which is actually pretty good and adds up nicely over time. The bets for my Dutching service can be placed as singles, but it works very well for the One Dutch and Value Dutch bet to have this feature.

I now include Dutch Single bets straight to the exchange, which I automate using a betting bot called Fairbot.

The reason for this is I'm the eternal pessimist thinking I'll wake up one day for find BSP Multiples pulled, as I did when the football section was taken down, but for now let's enjoy this unique facility for as long as it exists.

As using BSP Multiples we will not be banned or have our accounts limited.

If they ever decided to develop this section of the site, I'd also like the place market multiple betting for horses to be added, and if they brought back football BSP Multiple betting that would be stunning.

For more information on Dutch Multiples which is a horse racing Dutching service I provide that uses BSP Multiples, please get in touch any time,

The video below shows how to locate and place the BSP Multiples:

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