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Hedger Pro Trading

In this post I cover Hedger Pro's latest update, how it will integrate with Focus Ratings, and the next Trade Guide V5.

Before I get in to this, I've got important news regarding a system Nigel from Hedger Pro, Keith from Focus Ratings, and myself have been working on.

This new system runs both on Hedger Pro, Cloud Bet Bot, or can be set up manually using the ratings going race to race. We're aiming to introduce this before the end of August.

It's a strategy we identified while integrating Hedger Pro with R5 Focus Ratings, and from historical testing mixed with actual live betting it's proved to be consistently profitable.

This week alone the system has increased my overall investment by 27%, the same again last week. Which is obviously phenomenal!

We're not making any wild claims that it will do this every week, but with a fraction of this sort of growth it's possible to build a betting balance over time to an impressive amount.

We're still refining the system looking to increase the strike rate, but at this moment the raw version is out performing all expectations.

Combine this with the fact you have the option to set up in the morning and leave it to run using Hedger Pro, all included in the platform itself with no other external subscriptions required, gives Hedger Pro members a fantastic edge.

Running the system with Cloud Bet Bot means the set up aspect is completely taken out of your hands, as this remote betting service will pull the data feed and place each applicable bet automatically according to the parameters in the system.

This also means that for people working 9-5 or living in another country / timezone that no morning set up required, making the system available.

A final option we're creating is to purchase the manual for the system on its own, and a subscription to Focus Ratings.

Within the manual you will have step by step instructions how to locate the suitable horses each day, some video examples, and everything you need to get started.

This will require no API or any other software to place the bets, other than a Betfair account that allows betting to the exchange in your country.

You can expect most days upwards of 20 back bets, so if you're someone who also enjoyed the excitement of a lot of bets running daily, this is obviously appealing, but from our side it's all about the fact this has shown to consistently make money.

With the automation in place the bets are placed at a required minute to post. With Hedger Pro you can set this yourself to suit, with Cloud Bet Bot it's done for you and taken care of, although customization is still an option.

Going race to race manually placing the bets yourself using the manual will of course require time in the day, however Focus Ratings send ratings the evening before for members of their service, so you still have the option to set everything up before you go to bed ahead of time. You could operate this to SP for example.

With Hedger Pro it will need to be done in the morning without a subscription to Focus Ratings, once the R5 feed reaches the platform. However, nothing is stopping you subscribing to FR and receiving the night before sheet from them to use with Hedger Pro.

This morning feed is required, as the data from Focus Ratings comes through typically by 9.30am for the daily R5 sheet.

If you're working the 9 - 5 and can't be available for this to run the filter within Hedger Pro at this time, the Cloud Bet Bot version Nige has created runs from the same data feed, and once you've set your stake will place the bets.

This means when you've set up your staking for the system you can turn off your PC / Mac / Mobile Device, and just leave it to run in the background.

This makes this strategy available to people who like to be hands on, and for those who just want an armchair investment with no daily input.

There will be customization available with the version including Cloud Bet Bot, and Hedger Pro.

The most important thing about this system obviously is that it makes money, but it does so because it's built upon years of Focus Ratings expertise, combined with the smart filtering and robust data handling of Hedger Pro / Cloud Bet Bot.

If we make 10% balance growth a week in comparison to the past two weeks astonishing 27% pw, that's an impressive 520% total increase on initial investment over a year, a modest 5% is 260% total increase on starting amount.

I personally feel this has the scope to achieve a lot by assessing the betting patterns from the data source.

I'll be publishing progress updates on this system over August, as I create the content required for the manual.

Given this system is placing bets to the exchange we may need to put a cap on the number of members allowed, but If you're interested in this system and would like to be added to the first in list, drop me an email to letting me know.

I'll get back to you asap, and confirm your place when this is available for release.

As this is a jointly created strategy between Nige, Keith, and myself, and includes Focus Ratings, and/or Hedger Pro / Cloud Bet Bot, this is a separate product and not included in any of my existing plans.

It's basically a one off that we've decided to join forces and release, as the value it will give members is obvious.

You can subscribe to Focus Ratings at half price for the first month here:

Take a look at the subscription options for Hedger Pro here:

Now let me cover some recent Hedger Pro updates that directly affect my Trade Guide V5 update.

Nigel has been busting a gut to build new features within Hedger Pro that create an end to end process not requiring any external subscriptions, or data crawling outside of Hedger Pro to run the Trade Guide.

As a result it's looking good that we will have version 5 available late September.

When I updated my recent Trade Guide V4 for members I used a simple application available on smart phone called Betfinder.

This basically made filtering through the days race card a lot quicker finding the sort of horses we may want to potentially trade.

I also use Focus Ratings R5, which as I've explained above it now integrated within the new Hedger Pro version released today.

This Betfinder APP was produced by Bet Bright, online for years and available to download free of charge.

Sods law would have it that only a matter of months after I published my guide update the APP was taken down, this was due to the company being taken over by 888.

Between then and now I've looked for an alternative solution for members of my trading service.

The good news is that the same filtering process is now included within Hedger Pro!

The example on the right is just a sample of what's possible, but for those trade members who remember Betfinder you can now see in the 'Runner' section these filters now give us the original data.

This means filtering through the day to find the applicable horses using the original settings is now done in seconds with Hedger Pro.

I'll obviously cover this in a lot more detail for Trade Guide members within the next update, creating a simple course to run through demonstrating everything from identifying trades, and placing them all within the one platform.

It's been a long time coming, but we're now very nearly there. Yesterday when everything was uploaded to the developer version for me to test, I went through it without any issue placing a successful back to lay pre race trade.

Hedger Pro also introduces new data from the R5 Focus Ratings, which will allow users to filter the top three rated horses, with some additional data such as forecast and confidence of the selections, which I use for my selection process when finding pre race trades.

The example above shows the top three R5 rated horses in the 1.50pm at Goodwood, in order of 1,2,3, showing forecast, and confidence rating.

I'll cover a lot more about what Hedger Pro offers for my trading members, how to use this data to make successful trades each day all within Hedger Pro, and of course keep you updated on the progress of the new (unnamed) betting system over the course of this month within the blog.

You can subscribe to my mailing list at or drop me an email and I'll add you.

My next post was scheduled to cover Football Trading I'll blog now on Monday, as I've made a start with the Trade On Sports platform, with a week one round up ahead of the new season.



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