Hedger Pro Trading

In this post I cover Hedger Pro's latest update, how it will integrate with Focus Ratings, and the next Trade Guide V5.

Before I get in to this, I've got important news regarding a system Nigel from Hedger Pro, Keith from Focus Ratings, and myself have been working on.

This new system runs both on Hedger Pro, Cloud Bet Bot, or can be set up manually using the ratings going race to race. We're aiming to introduce this before the end of August.

It's a strategy we identified while integrating Hedger Pro with R5 Focus Ratings, and from historical testing mixed with actual live betting it's proved to be consistently profitable.

This week alone the system has increased my overall investment by 27%, the same again last week. Which is obviously phenomenal!

We're not making any wild claims that it will do this every week, but with a fraction of this sort of growth it's possible to build a betting balance over time to an impressive amount.