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Trade On Sports

A Betfair licensed web based betting and trading platform compatible with PC, Mac, and Mobile devices.

The wealth of data available to utilize is truly remarkable, and with a bit of practice getting to grips with the filtering process can produce steady profit growth.

This is all backed up with a support Facebook and Telegram group, and active community that all post advice, and anything highlighted from the markets worth trading. 

Football and Tennis are presently the primary sports Trade On Sports focus on, but they are expanding with more to be included.

trade on sports
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You can follow the Trade On Sports Blog posts here, and my You Tube channel for updates covering my trading activity.

I've high expectations to build my investment using Trade On Sports, and will share my journey for members and followers of Exponential Bet.

Make sure you're subscribed to my mailing list and never miss an update. 

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Subscription Options

Exponential Bet is proud to offer its members exclusive discounts to join Trade On Sports.

You can find out more about what's included in each membership by  visiting Trade On Sports here , but remember to come back to this page and use the links below in order to apply the discount for your first month subscription:


Here are discounted links:


Silver Membership the First 4 weeks for £20 reverting to £25


Gold Membership for £29.95 then reverts to £39.95 monthly


Platinum Membership £34.95 then reverts to £44.95, includes everything with all the Tennis apps

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