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Football Trading Week One

Last week I made a start working through the vast amount of information you're presented with when joining

, and today's post is a snippet of what you can expect as a new member of the service from my own experience.

On a side (but related) note, I will be adding at some point soon a remote football trading service, which will be available to a limited number of members to begin, and we can grow the group from there assessing liquidity.

This service will be set up to run via the cloud like

, however it will require its own platform build due to the fact it's trading not betting.

One of the primary tools I'll be using to make my trading decisions will be


I've published a page on my site for

, where you can find some exclusive discounts available only at Exponential Bet.

So if this post sparks your interest follow this link and join up to receive a reduced first month:

I'd suggest the Gold Membership minimum to get access to everything you're going to need.

If you don't know much about

, it's a very in depth platform packed with data which you can use to identify pre match and in play trading opportunities.

It also covers tennis and other sports, more to be included in fact, but for me I'm sticking to football as this is enough of a learning curve on its own.

Here is my assessment of

so far, and of course as my experience levels increase this may change, but from a newbie user first logging in from my welcome email, it can be a bit overwhelming and not easy to work out what to do first.

A step by step user guide for me would be hugely helpful, which to be fair they may have set up since I first got my introduction information, but from login having a start here and step by step option would help a lot.

It's not a platform whereby you download software and let it run, or login and let it place the trades for you, nor do they send them as advice in an email, their is so much more to it. Which believe me is a good thing, but it's just getting over that initial okay this is going to take a bit of time feeling.

On the flip side of this lack of hand holding is the customer support, which is fast and incredibly helpful. I asked for a list of abbreviations a couple of days ago, and within an hour had a reply with it attached.

To put such an incredibly detailed platform together full of accurate data like this they have their heads firmly screwed on, that's a fact.

What you have to begin with if just focusing on the football like myself is:

  • A login to an online platform that you can use to identify both pre match and in play trades. It's jaw dropping how much detail is there, but ask questions, read the material they send, watch the you tube videos and read the blog posts, it all starts sinking in. When the penny begins to drop you see a lifetime of potential profits using this platform.

  • A Telegram group is set up that has triggers sent all day to react to, which is what I needed the abbreviation breakdown for. I'm still getting my thick head around all this, so watch this space.

  • Invited to a Facebook group which is full of knowledgeable characters, but in here you can find pots of gold if you set up your notifications to the daily in play threads.

These are the three area's I'm focusing on, and I think will be better explained with video's showing my actual trading activity taking the advice from the Telegram and Facebook groups, and using the online platform they call Game State App.

As I've learned myself the hard way when producing betting and trading services, it pays to produce things for people as if they came from another planet and had no clue about anything betting or trading related.

I've a long way to go myself in this department, and gradually I'm making things thinner leaner and easier to use at Exponential Bet.

With a course lined up for trading members integrating an all in one platform, and remote dutch betting just released, this will all have new video content added soon, and I'll continue to make things easier to pick up and go.

I completely understand

are not targeting people who want to run things automated, and they are definitely not aiming their service at the 'tipping' based community, this is professional product that does exactly what it promises. It really does deliver.

Each day the trading opportunities it generates across all three of the above platforms win a lot more than they lose, with the people who stick at it and get over the initial learning hump rewarded with continual profits.

For me my biggest challenge is allocating time while running everything else I do already, so it may take longer for me as opposed to someone dedicating all their available time to it.

I'm also learning another two applications at the same time, which is effectively like learning three languages while doing a full time job that requires about 12 hrs a day.

I like a challenge though, and in all seriousness I'm doing this for three reasons.

The first is so I can use this platform for as long as I've breath in my body to make money for myself.

The second is so I can demonstrate it in use for my community of blog followers, so you can also feel inspired to take the plunge and begin making money using a genuine product.

The third is so I can incorporate it into my remote football trading platform further down the line, and create a new product for those who don't have the time to trade, and need a more automated solution.

This is a valid point, as you will need the time to learn, and then to be available to make the trades. Especially in play, as you won't want to automate these. I'll have a way to automate the pre race trades running soon enough myself that I'll share with everyone, but for in play you're going to want to react to the market live.

Okay that's enough ramble for me today as it's officially a day off, but I've had a flood of emails so I need to peel myself from the PC and give it a rest.

What I'll begin doing from week two is recording video content, even the getting started aspect explained above, showing the group pages, and sharing the abbreviations to demonstrate what's involved.

I'll also begin making some trades based on what I'm learning near the end of this week, which I'll also record and post another blog next Monday to give you a better idea of what's involved, or what my interpretation of what's involved is until I receive an email from

nudging me onto an easier route to success.

I have to reiterate this point again as I don't think I've emphasized it enough, this group at

are a dedicated professional team, and as much as this is a complicated piece of kit, if you're prepared to learn they will go out their way to help you.

So if you've the time to put in you can be sure this is a sound investment.

Watch this space as we go on a journey of learning together with

over this football season.



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