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Remote Dutch Betting

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

Recently we've been stress testing Cloud Bet Bot, which is the online platform that runs Remote Dutch Betting.

The recent test phase was set up to ensure everything runs stable, it places bets very quickly to the exchange, the Dutch bet placed for each member is as evenly spread as possible, and the bet is fired to all user accounts.

I'd like to thank everyone who's been involved with the early access test phase, as your input and feedback has been vital in the development of this service.

We're now ready to go live with Remote Dutch Betting, the only Remote Dutch Betting service available anywhere!

We've put blood sweat and tears in to setting this up correctly, as we want it to run for many years to come, generating a steady profit for everyone involved.

If you want to find out more or sign up you can now do so via the link below. This page has information on both One Dutch and Remote Dutch Betting services.

If it's just Remote Dutch Betting you're interested in this is available for £19.99 per month, which you'll find in the options at the base of the page via the link below.

Results show the initial test phase and give a good example of odds range for the bets, but the daily bet volume's will increase over time. This balance will be reset with profits withdrawn when the service moves to an official release.

The official launch date for Remote Dutch Betting is Tuesday 6th August, but I wanted to make this available the week before for anyone wanting to access the service over the Goodwood Festival, as we'll have Dutch bets each day.

Existing members of my Dutch betting and One Subscription plans that include Remote Dutch Betting will receive invites to set up ahead of the official launch date.

Let me give you a little more information about Remote Dutching, and answer some commonly asked questions.

  • All bets are placed via the cloud remotely to your Betfair account.

  • You can still use your Betfair account as normal, this does not interfere with the system.

  • No VPS is required

  • It works on Mac, PC, Apple, and Android.

  • You do not need your PC / Mac / Mobile device left on during the racing, once it's set up you can log off, shut down, and leave it to run.

  • You do not need to download any software, it's all web based.

  • Fully Betfair licensed.

  • We never ask for your personal login information.

  • You've full control of your staking via a secure login, save it, and leave it to run with bets placed to your account automatically.

  • You've three staking options, flat, ratchet, or percentage of balance.

If you're unable to place bets during the day and looking for a Dutch betting service, this could be the solution for you.

If you're in another country and timezone to the UK unable to place bets, Remote Dutch Betting may be an option for you, but only as long as Betfair is available in your country of residence, as you'll need an active Betfair account which allows back bets to be placed to the exchange.

The bets can be fired to members accounts literally seconds before a race begins, giving me the ability to fully use track side information, and react when I've got a clear idea of what I feel the outcome of the race will be.

In comparison to placing the bet myself earlier in the day as I do with One Dutch, taking a screenshot, sending this in an email to my membership, who then need to open the email, react to the information and instructions, and place the bet themselves, Remote Dutch Betting redefines what's now possible with a betting advice service.

This is just the start for my plans to introduce cloud based services, and in my opinion the future of betting and trading services.

My One Dutch bet available with the Dutch service is steadily increasing the balance, it's been a quiet couple of weeks with some low class racing, but next week with Goodwood starting from Tuesday we're expecting a BSP Multiple bet most days.

In fact for the remainder of the year (apart from my six day break booked), I'm expecting One Dutch to really take off with both bet volume and profit growth.

These One Dutch bets are placed differently to Remote Dutch Betting as explained, as an email is sent by midday five days a week. You need to be available to access your Betfair account, and copy the screenshot of my bet sent to you.

They are BSP Multiple bets, which means they cover more than one race typically in a combined multiple.

For example, if it's two races you select all horses I instruct in each race, then place the BSP Multiple bet as a double, if it's four races it's a fourfold, and so on.

I know Remote Dutch Betting has a lot in its favour, as detailed above, but One Dutch still has some advantages in its favour.

The section of Betfair that runs the system BSP Multiples is very useful, and surprisingly not many people know about it.

The fact you can guarantee being matched on your bet even though it's exchange based, with liquidity not being a factor needing consideration is a big plus point.

Not only this but the max daily payout is one million, yeah that's right.

That includes your stake amount of course, but you would never be banned from Betfair for winning too much at this rate daily. Which is unique to Betfair, and nothing else exists anywhere to compare.

This allows for my One Dutch system to run using a percentage of bank, that can steadily increase to huge amounts as the bets are fired to BSP.

The longer I run this system and see the balance increase over time, I know that the platform can absorb my higher staking requirements.

Remote Dutch Betting works seconds before a race starts when the market is most liquid, so not being matched will be rare, but occasionally will happen if your staking is too high for the market to match your stake per horse.

We've not capped the staking in the admin area for Remote Dutch Betting, but we've a clear view of each outcome affecting every user, so if this does become an issue we would do this only to protect every member using the service. For now though, and with hundreds of early access users already on board using a variety of staking, it's not been a problem.

The fact bets are fired within seconds via Cloud Bet Bot though significantly improves chances of everyone's bets being matched, also that the system now places all selected horses at once, instead of individually. This is the game changer.

I know I've already written this above, but that you again to all the testers who've helped us develop this service, your contribution to getting this set up and running as it is now has been invaluable.

If you'd like more information about my Dutching or other services get in touch, and I'll get back to you asap.

I've moved the order of my upcoming posts to feature Trade On Sports Football Trading in my next blog.

The reason for this is the new Premier League season about to start, and I'm at last starting my journey documenting football trading using Trade On Sports.

This will be trading football markets on the exchange both pre match and in play.

I'll start publishing regular posts to both the blog and my You Tube channel, which will demonstrate how I'm getting on, my results so far, and what I've learned.

I've a unique discount available only at Exponential Bet for Trade On Sports, which gives a reduction on the first months membership, you can find the links here with how to get the reduced rate, and more details of each plan:

If you want the same access to the features at Trade On Sports as I'll be demonstrating in the posts, you'll need the Gold Membership.

As well as documenting my usage of Trade On Sports, I'll be working with Nigel from Cloud Bet Bot to implement a Remote Football Trading service once I feel 100% confident in my ability using the platform.

This will be available included in my all in one membership plans, and also as a stand alone subscription.

You can learn how I make the trades and do it yourself by joining Trade On Sports, or you'll have the option to set and forget it with me placing the trades for you.

Given the high liquidity of the markets I'm looking to trade, football provides the perfect remote betting platform. More info to follow on this later next week.

I was scheduled to cover member services in my next post, and how you can get more bang for your bucks with what's included in the One Subscription plans, or longer plans for both Dutching and Trading.

I've combined a lot of features and products to give more value than purchasing or subscribing individually.

I'll publish this post next week after my football trading update, and explain more about how this can benefit you if you're joining with a long term plan. I'd like to request your feedback to gauge if you think things are better like this, or if you'd prefer it all separated or presented in a different way.

At the end of the day I'm looking to both provide my services in the easiest format offering the most value to all members, and at the same time do this in a way that allows me to work in the most efficient way possible, so I can deliver the highest standard of service.

I do my best to get this mix right, and I'm learning all the time, but what you will see going forward is a lot more content showing my usage of the systems available at Exponential Bet.

The services still in Beta such as In Play Betting and Auto Dutch will be move out of this phase to a final version, with the finishing filters included to improve performance, and a lot more hands on service available via the remote access cloud platform.

I could go on as I've a lot of good stuff in the pipeline, not to mention an exclusive trade method I'll be making available to a limited few.

All ideas and suggestions are welcomed, and as I've previously stated if you've got your own idea of how you'd like to create a bespoke package I will always do my best to tailor this to your needs, and it helps me understand how best to make my services available.

Any questions let me know, and I'll get back to you asap. I'm always a bit slower replying over Sunday's and Monday, as they are (technically) my days off.



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