Expo News 20th March

In today's news update:

  • Automated Betting

  • In Play Bet Club

  • Bet & Trade Guide updates.

Automated Betting

I've been white as a sheet recently and not finished the ratchet report for each service, but I'll get to this asap when I'm back on track. Everything I'm behind schedule will start emerging over the coming couple of weeks.

It felt like I was over the worst earlier this week, but gradually declined. That said, I think I'm now hopefully on the mend and turned a corner. Oh woe is me.

The results for the Automated Strategies are updated and available to view, including the Ratchet figures for all services.

Your can examine the latest results for each strategy by selecting Betting Strategies from the main menu at Exponential Bet.

From the drop down choose the service you wish to look at in more detail, and you will find detailed results from when betting began with the detailed overview, weekly and monthly updates, and of course the ratchet numbers.

The Automated Betting Strategies will have the average odds results added as soon as Nigel finishes the coding.

I'd hoped it would be done by now, but he's found it more difficult than originally expected.

However, it's now looking closer to completion.

For exchange betting the average odds results will be a more accurate representation of what odds everyone achieves according to what has been matched.

This is mostly going to be useful for lower liquidity services that have a higher odds variance such as Place Lay Multi, but still incredibly useful overall as a measuring tool, and a step in the right direction to represent betting performance direct to the exchange compared to BSP for multiple member bets.

Racing Lays members please switch to just one option from the three available, as each operate exactly the same.

I have mentioned this before and added it to the RL page, but I need to push this more as we approach June when only one option will be available in the bot, and then onwards just one reported in the results. As it is for the weekly Racing Lays results and Ratchet.

If you're a Racing Lays member select the High option from the list, and remove any staking for the other two. I will be removing the other two options altogether from the bot at the end of May.

This is just one of many reminders to move your staking to just the one option before I do this so no panic, and I will of course email every Racing Lays member multiple times before this happens to make sure