Expo News 14th February

In today's news post:

  • Automated Betting Strategy results.

  • In Play Bet Club results.

I've a lot of work to complete this week for Exponential Bet, so I'll keep today's news update concise.

Just an quick note before we begin looking at the results regarding the entry level subscription for the automated services.

This is slightly delayed due to the unexpected work required with the in play club, but it's still going ahead, and I expect it to be available over the next couple of weeks.

To jog your memory, this is to allow members access at a lower subscription fee to bet at small stakes only, as the max stake level will be capped somewhere between £1 to £2.

Automated Betting Strategies

The results for all the services are now updated and available to examine at Exponential Bet.

Select Betting Strategies from the main menu, then choose the service you wish to look at in more detail from the drop down.

The Ratchet numbers I am hoping to be able to update tomorrow, as the service I use to store my images for this bet option, Photobucket, has an upload issue at the moment.

They are working on it with a high priority, so I'd expect this to be fixed later today or at most within 24 hours so I can add the results.

I'll be including a Ratchet special news post in 7th March update after the reset at the end of this month, but ahead of this I'll make sure to remind everyone to reset the ratchet calculation.

I've listed the weekly results covering the 7th to 13th February betting for each service and option below, from the top down best to worst performer of the week.

The stats and graphs tell their own story of how the week went for each service over the seven days.

Sure Favs High


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