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Expo News 12th February

In today's news post:

  • In Play Bet Club start up.

  • Website layout changes.

  • New video content.

  • Do it yourself bet and trade guides.

In Play Bet Club

The In Play Bet Club as explained earlier this week required additional programming due to the Bet Mover and Betfair updates affecting the copy bet process.

I'm happy to inform you this has all been done and I did get a few bets through this week which all copied across to Cloud Bet Bot perfectly.

I did also video a couple of the bets placing using BM being copied to CBB, and will add this video after the weekend to the in play club page.

As simple as it is, ie me placing bets live in play that are copied to the betting software according to the max liability stake members set, it is still good for you to see things fully operational in my opinion.

I'll begin adding more YouTube video content showing my in play activity as I used to do regularly last year, but with the selection process blurred for obvious reasons, as I'll be adding this to the In Play Guide that will follow over the coming couple of months.

With the extra work required to sort the coding pushed back the start date, but not by much, and next Wednesday or Thursday I'd expect to have the sign up process for members available to select their tier level, and from there to set up staking within the software.

I will have a set up instruction video ready and available by then to make the process as easy as possible, but from experience I still expect questions, and some delays with people who registered but will need more time finalising their membership level, as not everyone will be available immediately to do this so it may take an extra few days.

I want to start this new run of in play bets with everyone registered onboard and ready, but once we are off and running officially there will be no stopping and waiting for members, as some will be reaching target and renewing their membership, with other possibly replacing existing members from the waiting list etc, but all the while the bets will then continue as part of my weekly routine.

With that said we should be ready to commence live betting sometime during the week commencing 21st February, not sure what day exactly as it will depend on what I have explained above, and of course the racing options available.

I'll email all registered and signed up members when we're ready to go and to confirm everyone is set up so betting could begin at any time after.

The result system that will record the average odds of each bet placed for club members, which I will then begin posting on site weekly to replace the current results which are my own, I would expect that to be ready by the end of February.

It's an important addition to the service, as it will give everyone a clear view of the achievable odds people are being matched at to compare to their own results.

I'll also do my utmost to pre-empt questions at the point of selecting your tier level, with a video and bullet point list containing what to expect over your membership cycle to reach target, and also include the rules of membership which I've a few more points to add before we get going.

There won't be any bets placed from me over this weekend to record as I'm away shortly and the racing tomorrow doesn't meet the brief.

Monday I'll have the site results updated as usual including the most recent in play bets, but as mentioned all registered in play members will hear from me by Thursday next week with the sign up instructions to decide on their stake level, and then to get the bot set up.

If you want to register to be invited to join the In Play Bet Club if spaces become available, you can do so here:

Website Layout Changes

From next week I'll condense the Automated Strategy page information, and spread the results across three pages to cover the Detailed Overview, Monthly, and Ratchet figures.

It will make visiting the pages and viewing the result details a lot easier to navigate and find what you're looking for, and I will make it obvious on each page to know where to find everything.

New Video Content

In addition to the layout change I'll add a few videos covering what to expect from each strategy when running them, my staking and points allocation advice, and how to set up the software to bet using each order type and staking option, including ratchet.

The video content is long overdue, because as much as the software once set up is simplicity to use given it does the betting for you, there are mistakes that can be made with the set up process, and understanding how to allocate your money to the staking options is vitally important this is done correctly.

With the walkthrough video content in place next week this should I would hope eliminate any mistakes or misunderstanding with how the strategies work, what money you need to allocate, and how to set this to run within the software according to your expected betting behaviour.

Do it Yourself Bet and Trade Guides

Once all of the above is in place and the in play club is part of my daily routine, I want to include a series of bet and trade guides.

These may be online or PDF based, but will include video walk through examples of how to select a variety of different bets including Dutching, Laying, Backing and Laying across both win and place markets, and of course in play betting using BM, or using any alternative Betfair software platform taking a different approach.

Additionally, I want to spend a good amount of time to revisit the trading guide, and record a lot of new content using this strategy. It is still a valid way to find consistently profitable trades, which to be frank surprises me. I published it a long time ago, and not much has changed apart from software and a few things could definitely be done easier.

The tools to do the job are still there and available, and we can still spot a horse that will mostly move down in odds pre race using the selection process within the guide.

However, I do have news that an existing pre race trading platform with extensive levels of data is due a major update, and this includes all the same triggers that are already factored in, plus a lot more in a simpler more at a glance layout.

I'll be test driving this, video recording my progress, and will add this to the trade guide which will always remain free to access.

I'm waiting on an ETA with the release of this updated software, but apparently it's coming very soon, and I've enough to get on with listed above in the meantime.

The current trade guide instructions do require some housework though, and I will focus on this to make what is there already a lot more accessible in line with the site tidy up, while adding some new video content showing my own trading with the current version of the guide.

The Dutch guide I'm adding is absolute simplicity to follow the bets daily and to set up, so this won't take long to produce.

The other betting guides I have listed are also not too complicated, but will require more background information, and a longer video walk through, but with betting examples included to take you by the hand through the end to end process.

The In Play Guide will be a lot more weighty and have a large library of video content included covering my selection process race to race.

Okay that's it from me in today's short news post, but I'll be back on Monday with the result update as standard, and then as explained above by Thursday with the In Play Club set up instructions available for members which I'll send a direct email to everyone on the list.

Thanks for reading.


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