Expo News 12th February

In today's news post:

  • In Play Bet Club start up.

  • Website layout changes.

  • New video content.

  • Do it yourself bet and trade guides.

In Play Bet Club

The In Play Bet Club as explained earlier this week required additional programming due to the Bet Mover and Betfair updates affecting the copy bet process.

I'm happy to inform you this has all been done and I did get a few bets through this week which all copied across to Cloud Bet Bot perfectly.

I did also video a couple of the bets placing using BM being copied to CBB, and will add this video after the weekend to the in play club page.

As simple as it is, ie me placing bets live in play that are copied to the betting software according to the max liability stake members set, it is still good for you to see things fully operational in my opinion.

I'll begin adding more YouTube video content showing my in play activity as I used to do regularly last year, but with the selection process blurred for obvious reasons, as I'll be adding this to the In Play Guide that will follow over the coming couple of months.

With the extra work required to sort the coding pushed back the start date, but not by much, and next Wednesday or Thursday I'd expect to have the sign up process for members available to select their tier level, and from there to set up staking within the software.

I will have a set up instruction video ready and available by then to make the process as easy as possible, but from experience I still expect questions, and some delays with people who registered but will need more time finalising their membership level, as not everyone will be available immediately to do this so it may take an extra few days.

I want to start this new run of in play bets with everyone registered onboard and ready, but once we are off and running officially there will be no stopping and waiting for members, as some will be reaching target and renewing their membership, with other possibly replacing existing members from the waiting list etc, but all the while the bets will then continue as part of my weekly routine.

With that said we should be ready to commence live betting sometime during the week commencing 21st February, not sure what day exactly as it will depend on what I have explained above, and of course the racing options available.