Expo News 21st February

In Play Bet Club

The sign up process has begun for In Play Bet Club members, and I've spent the past few days answering questions and helping everyone get started so far.

I'm really pleased to see the user base from the admin panel populated with people ready to see the club open for business.

We still have a way to go with this as not everyone who reserved a space has finished signing up yet, and I've still got floods of emails coming in to help people set up correctly ready to go when we start live betting.

Plus I'll need at least a couple of days off this week to catch up on rest laying face down in a dark room, as I've been answering emails dawn till dusk since sending the invitation to join late Friday evening.

It's my priority at the moment just to get everyone who's joining the first fifty for In Play Bet Club onboard and have their bots activated to start betting.

We won't be starting until everyone who was invited to join that reserved a space is set up, and we won't leave anyone behind.

When things are off and motoring members can renew or newly invited members can join, but the betting will then continue uninterrupted.

However, with this first batch I want us all to get started at the same time.

I did post a video to the Exponential Bet YouTube channel on Friday demonstrating how to register to be invited, what to do when invited, how to set get advice on setting up the bot including setting stakes, and a couple of live in play betting examples at the end of the video.

You can watch it below if you're interested in the in play club and haven't seen it yet. I'm no Spielberg so don't get too excited, but it gives you a good a idea of what's involved and what to expect as a member.

I'll be recording my betting and adding regular content to YouTube and the In Play Bet Club page.


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