Race Researcher

I've mentioned Race Researcher (RR) in my recent posts and received a lot of questions asking exactly what it is, also if it's available to access.

In this post I'll explain more about RR and give you an example of what it does, and address these questions.

RR is an online platform created by Nigel Dove, the whizz kid behind Hedger Pro and Cloud Bet Bot.

It's loaded with years of racing data from every UK and Ireland meeting, and also Focus Ratings R5 selections.

All of this can be quickly filtered using any criteria we require.

The simpler the better, because too many filters can be convoluted, and create distorted results when attempting to build realistic profitable horse racing betting systems.

You could find a system through filtering the parameters that yields incredible profits, but when looking deeper the wins could have come from a small portion of high odds flukes, or carry with it terrifying drawdown periods.

When I filter the BSP is an one of my main starting points, as I don't want to build the foundation on rank outsiders.

Assessing the drawdown impact over time, not just the amount, but looking deeper at the losing spells within the bigger picture is important.

When we create systems using RR we're looking for less is more, with the smoothest line of growth over a reasonable number of races.

Let me give an example of a work in progress.

horse racing betting system

The above image shows a strategy output I've been tuning for a couple of weeks. Below this image within RR we have all the filters selected to work with. For now in this example we're focusing on the output section.

Straight off the bat you can see this is not the smoothest graph, which is why I wanted to use it in this RR explanation.

This is just for demonstration only and not a system we've put in play yet. We've a library of strategies Keith, Nigel, and myself are working on, but for the purpose of explaining RR I'm using the example named 'BacksimpleV2IRE'.