Betting System Creation

Earlier this year I mentioned a brand new way of filtering horse racing data called Race Researcher.

This is an online system creation platform you can see a snapshot in the video below.

Nigel from Hedger Pro / Cloud Bet Bot programmed this and it's his brain child, while being fueled with Focus Ratings data produced by Keith, along with every other horse and race that's ran for the past four years.

All of this is Betfair data, ie BSP odds, and information that can be utilized on the exchange.

Race Researcher is now online and I've been getting hands on with it over the past couple of weeks, and between all three of us we're working to bring you profitable betting and trading systems to run using Cloud Bet Bot, and Hedger Pro.

Race Researcher has a long list of filters that can be applied, but works best when keeping it simple.

As you may know already over back fitting any strategy produces convoluted systems, that over the long term don't produce solid results.

If you've ever created your own betting system you may also know what I mean. I've certainly been guilty of this, and learned my lessons.

It's always the simplest idea when repeated again and again that produces the best results.

We can ruin a painting with the last stroke as they say, and with system creation it pays to focus on the key factors impacting profit growth.

Take in to account the important things like draw down, make sure your staking allows for the ups and downs to reach target, ensure everything is realistic and not artificially inflated. Build on this with a handful of logical filters, and you should be successful.

The advent of Race Researcher has now given us an incredible edge.

The opportunities to profit from lay betting, Dutching, place betting, trading, backing, and combination bets that can be ran using the Betfair exchange revealed with Race Researcher gives us multiple ways to exploit the exchange markets.

In addition to this stake plan data is available to find the safest route to target profits.

Remote Dutch Betting is the first system running on Exponential Bet to be positively impacted by Race Researcher. We expect by the 14th October this will be running the parameters for all registered members.