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Create Your Own Bet & Trade Software

I'll go over the latest updates regarding Race Researcher strategies running using Cloud Bet Bot and Hedger Pro tomorrow, as I'm still drilling through to shortlist the optimal parameters.

Today instead I want to pick your brains and do some fact finding.

Nigel from Hedger Pro / Cloud Bet Bot, and myself are pooling resources to create a brand new betting and trading platform, the likes of which has never been seen, and we need your valued input!

Additionally, if this sparks your interest once we're at the proposal stage we're setting it up using crowd funding, so you could become a share holder.

There is very little in the way of innovation in this sector and we feel it's stagnating around old ideas, with the off the shelf betting and trading platforms all very similar.

The betting and trade bot software is a lot more broad, ranging from programmer level to basic drop down and go for beginners. Is this is as good as it can be, the answer is always no it can be a lot better.

We have the means and the talent to build something that has the best of everything, and make this happen, so it's over to you to let us know what you want...

If you would be kind enough to read through the questions below, and then reply to with as many answered as possible, or with anything else you feel we've missed that applies, then between us we can put the wheels in motion to create a proposal to be crowd funded.

This will be something completely original in aesthetic and functionality, as we've already got a vision for how we want it to benefit users.

The key ingredient is that it will be set up to give you a true edge with your betting and trading.

It will be easy to use, intuitive, but also offer in depth features for users looking to be more creative.

This time mid next year you could possibly be a share holder for a cutting edge platform reaching millions of Betfair users, or simply be using it yourself to extract daily profits from Betfair, while thinking to yourself see that cool new feature that was my idea.

Please bear in mind this initial round of questions are simply fact finding. The business details for the crowd funding with financials will come at the proposal stage.

Thank you in advance for your input.

1) Do you presently use downloaded software, or online tools linked to your Betfair account to bet and trade, or direct to the exchange using Betfair alone? If just Betfair please explain why, and what you'd like to see improved with your current bet and trade routine?

2) If you do use a platform instead of just Betfair, what do you use, and why?

3) Do you prefer using online tools to bet and trade on the exchange, as in web browser based requiring no download, or software downloaded to your device (Mac/PC/Mobile). If the latter do you use a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

4) List features you’d like included to a betting and trading platform that do not exist using your current provider, and if you could create your own ideal bet and trading tool with a limitless wish list of features, what would you include?

5) Do you use the strategy creation tools within your current platform? For example the strategy editor in Bet Angel, Fairbot, BF Bot Manager etc.

6) Do you use automation for your bets and trades if placing them live? As in trading where a counter bet is placed to hedge.

7) Do you feel your current platform is over-priced, or is it free to use?

8) What price would you feel is correct for a bet and trade platform providing everything you need?

9) What interface do you feel is the easiest to navigate from all the platforms you’ve used to date?

10) Would you like to see a completely new way to assess the exchange markets visually? Do you have any ideas for how you’ve like to view the markets? Currently it’s typically a grid or ladder.

11) If you found a platform that gave you everything you need and more, would you be interested in becoming a share holder in the business using crowd funding? Crowd funding has helped thousands of businesses get from idea to inception.

12) Have you invested in a crowd funded business before? If so, what is your experience, and expectations going in to a new project?

13) Do you use a PC, Mac, or Mobile to place your bets and trades?

14) Anything else you'd like to add?

We will conduct another round of questions moving on from this feedback, and also focusing on financials for the proposal for all of you interested in the crowd funding investment aspect.

From there will then begin the proposal creation, with demonstrations of what we're bringing to market, and open up the crowdfunding for investment.

Please copy and paste the questions above, and then email with your answers to

This could be the start of something beyond our imagination at this point, as I'm sure Betfair itself was when its founders began looking for input and investment. They obviously knew they had a unique idea, but did they think it would explode to the level it has now, I think not.

I know first hand one of our members was offered to invest in to Betfair before it was launched, and thought it would never come to anything. As did a lot of people who figured the bookies wouldn't let it happen. He laughs about it now, and it's an amazing story, but I know he's kicking himself. I would be..

With the expanse of the platform and the exchange becoming more popular, the timing is right for something new to take it all up a few notches and raise the bar.

Thank you


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