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JV High Yielding System

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Today's post covers a new system in collaboration with Keith from Focus Ratings, Nigel from Hedger Pro / Cloud Bet Bot, and myself.

Firstly I've positive news about the integration between Focus Ratings and Hedger Pro, as the R5 Ratings from Focus Ratings are now sent to Hedger Pro by 7am...

This is great news for anyone wanting to apply the ratings to any strategies before heading off to work, or if in a different timezone, as it means bets and trades can be automated a couple of hours earlier than previously possible.

I'll go into more detail in this post how we'll be expanding on Hedger Pro's available content, ie set up and strategy library video material that includes implementing Focus Ratings data.

The combination of early morning Focus Ratings R5 top 3 horses, confidence, and forecast price, mixed with the built in Hedger Pro extensive filters provides the most powerful all in one betting and trading tool.

You can see in the image above that the R5R column which is the R5 top 3 horses, FC, the forecast price, and CONF, the confidence rating on that horse according to the R5 parameters. These columns are now populated in every race, and sent to Hedger Pro at 7am each day from Focus Ratings.

The fact you can now fully automate bets and trades within Hedger Pro to fire whenever you want, and have a stop loss feature, make this a must have data rich platform for anyone who likes to take control of their own horse racing investments.

Hedger Pro is available with a choice of subscription options ranging from monthly up to yearly:

Within future blog posts I'll go into detail about what's available within Hedger Pro as we include strategies to the service, and link to the platform featured video content.

I'll be creating a huge ever expanding library of content for Hedger Pro based on the Focus Ratings data, that will give subscribers the ability to learn every detail of the platform in a simple walk through for each section, but also add on custom made bet and trade systems, such as the one covered today, the Unnamed High Yielding JV System.

I've also news of an impending add on service from Keith at Focus Ratings that will run for Cloud Bet Bot.

At the moment we have Remote Dutch Betting set up on the Cloud Bet Bot, so any existing members will find it very easy to include upcoming services that operate like this all from the same login.

This new service has the capacity to take on twice as many new members given the bet placement period, and the fact we're only betting on a max three horses in any given Dutch bet.

The profit on each Dutch bet is set to a minimum of 20%, however a lot of the bets return well over evens, and sometimes much higher.

Keith's been working on this for years so it's not a new system, with the data utilized going back to when he first launched Focus Ratings.

We're delighted to be able to work with him, and with Nigel's expertise fully automate this for our members it's an exciting new addition coming very soon. In fact given the years of testing already put in, this will more than likely be available before the end of September.

More info on this to follow shortly including a clear picture of the line of growth over the past few years, strike rate, staking etc.

This system can also be run without Cloud Bet Bot for those who like to do everything manually, as automation has it's pro's and con's like anything else, and Keith will be introducing this for his members as the R7 Dutch bets.

The difference with the cloud service is you can set staking and leave it to bet for you, but if you receive the R7 Ratings to be included for Keith's members, you can go race to race, or set up your day at 7am.

You can sign up for Focus Ratings with this link and receive the first month half price: FOCUS RATINGS FIRST MONTH HALF PRICE - ONLY £13.50 plus VAT!

Above is just a tiny example of the level of data available sent to Focus Ratings members each day, these are the R5 Ratings, and you can see the additional detail in the corresponding Hedger Pro screenshot above for the 13.50 race.

The Unnamed JV High Yielding System

This yet to be released betting system has attracted a lot of attention, and from just a small amount of internal mail outs to subscribed members, and quite literally two previous blog posts, my inbox went into overdrive.

I've created a shortlist of people who will receive an invite to join when available, and from the mass interest in the strategy this will most likely be a closed membership from day one, with only the invited members set up to run the strategy.

This system is a horse racing back betting method, running using Cloud Bet Bot to give it full automation, and has a high bet volume that can exceed 20 bets per day.

It's not Dutch betting or trading, and has varied bet placement periods for making sure bets are matched, but a membership limit will be inevitable as we'll be affecting the market so much.

The system will also be accessible as part of the upcoming Hedger Pro bet and trade modules being developed between Nigel and myself. After initial release on the cloud betting platform, this will follow for Hedger Pro members.

As mentioned above, members of Hedger Pro will be able to unlock modules they have an interest, and we'll also offer some packages that come with these included.

This back betting system is part of the overall plan to provide much more available content to our Cloud Betting and Hedger Pro members, but also to make Hedger Pro less about the actual platform itself, which as you may or may not know is packed with features, and more about what you can do with it.

If you subscribe to Hedger Pro and you don't know how to best utilize the tools included, you're missing so many opportunities to profit from horse racing. We know it's an amazing betting and trading tool, but we need to go the extra mile to demonstrate this, which will be focusing on over the coming months.

This is why we're putting together a library resource of modules, showing in video format how to use the platform, covering the basics, and also how to run profitable systems we use with Hedger Pro.

One of which is the Unnamed JV High Yielding System (which will eventually have a name come release).

I posted a blog about this system at the start of August, and have been updating various posts with more details since, but you can read the initial blog here:

The only difference from the original blog post, is this will not be available as a stand alone guide to purchase. It will be included as a Cloud Betting option, and with Hedger Pro as a module.

To give you all an update on how things are progressing since announcing this betting system, things are moving along very well in fact.

Just using the initial primary method I first mentioned, a steady balance growth has continued to head the right way. Some down days, but more up than down which is what it's all about as the balance continues to climb.

The secondary market I introduced has kind of stagnated, but not affected the overall balance negatively. I'm still monitoring it to see if it's worth including, as the main system looks strong enough on its own.

The ETA for this system is a loose one in order to ensure all boxes are ticked, as it has to be as good as it can be before we go live. There is no need to rush anything out, and before we bring anything to market everything needs a period of development testing.

This is how we went live with Remote Dutch Betting, and was that ever the right way to go about it. As the platform is now running so much faster than the original concept, re coded, and improving every week as Nigel continually develops it.

My point is, prior to official launch we added hundreds of development testers, then even more, and ironed out the major creased before official release.

With this new system as mentioned it's looking like it will be a closed door release, as in just to pre registered members given the volume of interest. This still means we need the platform working tip top, and have an incremental gauge of the impact on the market.

Back to my initial assessment for being able to access this system for the end of September, and I'd say this is optimistic given the extra work we've encountered recently taking Remote Dutch Betting from 5 second bet placement to 1.5 seconds, along with other commitments.

If we can bring this to market for all interested pre registered members by the end of October I think this is much more realistic, and very achievable.

As stated this is limited access only, so if you haven't registered already you can do so by emailing me at


I've only put this in caps so I'm not shouting, haha, but I want to stress that if you do keep emailing asking if you're definitely on the list, every time I have to double check which creates unnecessary work, and this will only delay progress in other areas.

It's not me being petty, but if you received hundreds of emails and a third of them are double checking requests you've already confirmed, you'd understand this is time you should be using elsewhere. Better for me to stress this here taking a minute, then lose hours of my day re confirming.... Friendly rant over.... :-)

The System Creation Tool That Will Change Everything!

Nigel is a very clever bloke who behind the scenes has coded a powerful system creation tool.

This is a game changer for members of Exponential Bet, as you'll begin seeing new systems generated from this platform that can be added to Cloud Bet Bot, and as covered available for the more hands members using Hedger Pro.

Keith a race data genius, who's fueled this work bench by providing years of stats and results, and we've only just begun creating the filtering process. This is mixed with ROI's for all types of betting, and a host of information that create the foundations for long term profits.

My personal expertise is system creation, data crunching, and delivering strategies that can be picked up and applied easily, so this racing tool has now opened up a virtually limitless host of possibilities to extract profit from the Betfair exchange.

Literally attacking the markets from every angle, which will give members plenty of options to build your bet and trade portfolio.

Between us we've created this platform to assess the racing data at speed, and from extraction to implementation we've found systems just hit the ground running.

The slowest part of all this is making things work in a way that members can practically utilize, and ensuring we've ticked every box before delivering a new service or product.

I need the time to fine tune the betting process, live test, and create smooth balance growth.

I know the current profit increase is phenomenal for the Unnamed High Yielding JV System, with approx 200% increase in about 2 months, and a lot of you will be saying to yourself if it's not broke don't fix it, but before we release this to run fully automated on the cloud we want the best version we can introduce.

This requires a deeper assessment, matching the bets that keep the profit line moving the right way taking the most efficient route.

There are too many filters to mention that when tuned making the current growth rate look like an afternoon kick about in the park, compared to a Premier League title winning match.

We hope to have this service available for everyone who's currently registered interest ASAP.

However, with the new creation tool members will soon be able to access new systems with a strong data foundation to bet and trade, and see this library of resources increase year on year.

I'll keep you updated as we continue to progress toward my predicted ETA now in October, which is a realistic one. We will no doubt require some dev testers for this service, which I'll pool from the list of interested members.

My next blog post with be about. Subscriptions, Capping Memberships, & My Service Schedule, which sounds pretty dull I have to admit, but I'll do my best to spice it up as it's important information for all site members.

Thanks for reading.


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