JV High Yielding System

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Today's post covers a new system in collaboration with Keith from Focus Ratings, Nigel from Hedger Pro / Cloud Bet Bot, and myself.

Firstly I've positive news about the integration between Focus Ratings and Hedger Pro, as the R5 Ratings from Focus Ratings are now sent to Hedger Pro by 7am...

This is great news for anyone wanting to apply the ratings to any strategies before heading off to work, or if in a different timezone, as it means bets and trades can be automated a couple of hours earlier than previously possible.

I'll go into more detail in this post how we'll be expanding on Hedger Pro's available content, ie set up and strategy library video material that includes implementing Focus Ratings data.

The combination of early morning Focus Ratings R5 top 3 horses, confidence, and forecast price, mixed with the built in Hedger Pro extensive filters provides the most powerful all in one betting and trading tool.

You can see in the image above that the R5R column which is the R5 top 3 horses, FC, the forecast price, and CONF, the confidence rating on that horse according to the R5 parameters. These columns are now populated in every race, and sent to Hedger Pro at 7am each day from Focus Ratings.

The fact you can now fully automate bets and trades within Hedger Pro to fire whenever you want, and have a stop loss feature, make this a must have data rich platform for anyone who likes to take control of their own horse racing investments.

Hedger Pro is available with a choice of subscription options ranging from monthly up to yearly: www.hedgerpro.co.uk

Within future blog posts I'll go into detail about what's available within