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Remote Dutch Betting

Today's post is about Remote Dutch Betting using Cloud Bet Bot.

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Remote Dutch Betting

Official launch for this service was on the 6th August, we've thirteen winning bets, with approx 3% overall balance growth for members, and this is literally just the start.

Month one has primarily been about making improvements to the platform to ensure bets are placed to the level we expect, and maintaining the select process for the balance to continue to grow.

By mid September on-wards the bet volume will increase, as the selection process for the previously Betfair decommissioned BSP Multiple bets are being gradually introduced. You can read more on this here:

All previous BSP Multiple members are being moved to the Remote Dutch Betting service, we're just preparing the platform for this.

Some differences will be obvious regarding the bet placement, for example, when I sent the original BSP Multiple email to members at midday Tuesday to Saturday, the odds would be a close estimate of where they would be come race time, which I'd use as my combined multiple ROI returning using SP odds.

This very often would come in higher than prediction.

Whereas with the Remote Dutch Bets they are placed as single Dutch bets race to race, and the minimum ROI of 10% has to met by myself just before the race starts.

It will mean some bets which met criteria as a BSP Multiple bet contributing to the combined odds return won't qualify, but it will also mean that some of the Dutch single bets placed using Remote Dutch Bets will return higher given the time they are being matched.

A positive of using the single Dutch betting approach with Remote Dutch Betting is that some days one Dutch bet will be placed, as only qualifying bet applies, but with BSP Multiples this would have been a no bet day. Which means BSP Multiple members will see more races covered.

Overall it will balance out, and the annual predicted return of circa 150% balance growth based on a percentage of balance staking is very achievable.

BSP Multiple members will still return virtually the same overall, while Remote Dutch Betting members will enjoy the extra betting opportunities and increase in profit.

Remote Dutch Betting uses Cloud Bet Bot to place the bets via the cloud, and is presently being updated to significantly improve the speed it places the bets, also to place cleaner more even bets for members.

As this is a completely new platform purpose built to place Dutch bets live to the Betfair exchange, and not available anywhere else, it's been a learning curve getting it set up correctly.

The developer Nigel Dove is a consummate professional, and works quickly to continually improve the platform. Given it's cloud based no user updates are required, it's all done remotely.

Our prime focus recently has been to speed up the bet placement, to improve member returns before any changes in the odds occur and affect overall profit on the bet.

This is for the good of the members to make sure they receive the best possible service.

To prove this isn't just sales flannel, we'll be closing Remote Dutch Betting for new members soon.

We expect to shut the doors on the service at the end of September latest, after which any new potential members can apply for access if any spots become available, but these will be few and far between as the retention on the service since launch is high.

We're considering offering an SP only version, which will be for members using larger stakes, as the bet on each horse will have to be placed at SP, meaning minimum £2.00 per horse according to Betfair rules.

This may run to slightly different parameters using less horses which would make it available to a wider membership, but it will mean bets will be guaranteed to be matched, and of course at SP the return on the bet will be identical for everyone.

More info on this to follow asap, but if you're interested in a version that bets to SP as described, send me an email to letting me know.

For now we're squeezing as much power out the current set up as possible for existing members, to have bets matched within a second of placing the Dutch remotely, which means the live exchange return a more even profit.

Dutch betting for many members using varied stakes to the exchange has been a challenge to set up, and we've learned a lot during this process that we can take in to future developments.

Capping the membership to protect market liquidity for current subscribers is definitely going to be enforced, as for this type of betting it involves multiple selections being included in the bet, which create a host of extra factors to consider.

The SP platform will not have the same challenges, and will not require a membership cap.

We're putting in the work now for this to run for many years, automating Dutch bets for members using a robust resource which accounts for market volumes, places speedy bets, and builds profits steadily using varied staking options available for each member.

The service is still available to subscribe here:

I'm expecting by mid September I will looking to remove the ability for new members to join, and adding a waiting list option.

We're already close to capacity after just one month since official release, which says a lot about the demand remote betting services.

The good news is that with the collaborations between Nigel the developer at Hedger Pro and Cloud Bet, Keith from Focus Ratings, and myself, we'll continue to extract ways to exploit the market using automated betting and trading techniques for members.

For example if subscribed to Remote Dutch Betting now, and when the service is capped.

Then your access to Remote Dutch Betting is available to you, but also via the same login and control panel other services we introduce will also be available to run should you wish to add them. Which can be managed using this very easy to operate web based platform.

This will be the same for the BSP version I mention above, which keeps everything simple to operate, no downloads, running across every platform, ie Mac, PC, Mobile etc, with no VPS required.

As much as I miss BSP Multiples given the years I operated a profitable service on this platform, and also the fact BSP Multiples initially gave Exponential Bet a niche product and service.

Cloud Bet Bot has almost limitless potential, and is in our control, not 100% at the mercy of Betfair.

Exponential Bet is still the most niche betting service on the net as a result of this collaboration.

The fact we're the only service offering Remote Dutch Betting via the cloud speaks volume's about how far ahead of the curve we are already, so what will come on the back of this will stretch the possibilities to profit from Betfair even further.

If you've any questions about Remote Dutch Betting, or anything else mentioned in today's post get in touch, and I'll come back to you asap.

My next post will be an update on the Unnamed JV High Yielding System between Keith from Focus Ratings, Nigel from Hedger Pro / Cloud Bet Bot, and myself.



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