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Results & News 6th Feb


The results for each automated service are updated and ready to view at Exponential Bet.

I update site results the first Monday of every new month.

I'm getting close to completing the trend analysis for the Automated Betting Strategies, which historically has produced a significant bump in profit performance.

This is a deep assessment of all the bets placed to date for each strategy, which is run through the Researcher tool to assess the selection filters.

It allows me to identify periods where a positive impact update would be possible.

I can't run these trend assessments all the time, as I'd be chasing my tail effectively, but whenever I accumulate a large chunk of new race data since the previous update, I'm able to refine the process to be more productive.

Which is ultimately what we all want, stable balance growth, and more overall profit.

This does mean a bit of up and down with the graph over time, but looking at the wider picture these are all long term investments created to generate a large return over the years.

Most of them have already accumulated a three figure points totals if betting with a point per bet, which is of course is positive, but the goal is to have each of them produce high four figure points totals.

Each of the services have achieved different levels of success. I expect them all to hit a similar level of profit generation over time, with strategic implementation and gradual trend assessments using the Researcher tool.

In addition to this, we will have more filters available within Researcher later this year, so the next trend update which I'm aiming for six months from now, will be able to assess the past betting activity far deeper than at present.

Ideally I'll have this next trend update done and uploaded for each service this time next week, and will give you all a heads up when it's been added.

In Play Bet Club to release the fully automated version is making good progress to be ready by the end of February.

We have some improved concepts to test regarding sending bets to the market, which we feel will increase the chances of being matched with each batch of member bets sent.

The idea will be to spread the bets across an area of the live in running market, within specific odds parameters of course, but this distribution according to our initial testing is showing to significantly increase the financial amounts we can push through to Betfair, and the number of bets being matched is much higher.

At this moment in development for bet selection the bot is accurately finding bets for Strategy 1, 2, & 4. We may need to leave Strategy 3 for the next cycle, or even further along due its complexity.

This would bring the expected betting cycles, i.e. number of times we hit target for members, to circa seven per annum.

Which equates to £8400.00 should we return the target amount betting with £100 fixed liability, i.e. Tier 3. Ideally this is a baseline to build on, as the bot will be a lot more accurate than if I was doing it live.

If my estimate of seven cycles a month is correct, and we do stick to Strat 1, 2, & 4, we should be reaching target profit amount on average just under every couple of months.

Which is a big step up from the original initial test bets placed just using Strategy 1, which are published on the IPBC page.

As soon as we have more information for IPBC members we will be in touch directly, and let you know what date you can expect to activate your bot and begin having live bets placed.

We are always taking registrations for In Play Bet Club in case new spaces become available, so if you are interested visit the link below, and at the base of the page you will find the option to register.

Thank you for your attention today.

I will of course be back in touch when the trend updates are complete for the automated services, and for IPBC members when I have more news or set up instructions.

Best Regards


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