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There is so much to cover today, I will be as concise as possible.

Grab a cup of coffee, beer, or your tipple of choice. Get comfy, and work through the update at your own pace. As this is something that's about six years in the making, and I am investing heavily to get to where I need to be in this crazy world we share.

There is no hype here today, just a guy that's put in the hard yard with his business partner, to create automated strategies that we can demonstrate factually have the potential to make us all a lot of money.

If that interests you, then read on.


  • Reset Ratchet

  • Automated Betting Strategy Trend Update, What's The Big News?

  • Researcher

  • What's Changed

  • Detailed Overview for Each Service

  • Summary

  • In Play Bet Club Important Member Information

  • Website Presentation and Results

  • Guides and Courses

Reset Ratchet & Results:

I would like to remind you the Ratchet results will be reset from the start of March if following my quarterly pattern, as it is the end of the three monthly cycle.

To reset the ratchet calculation at any time click on CLEAR BETS within the bot, which is located on the BOT page for each service you operate.

Resetting the ratchet simply wipes the calculation that creates the ratchet, and you begin again a new quarter from the start.

The benefit of this is to make any profit gained using the ratchet in shorter three monthly bursts, then create a safe hard reset to go again.

Simply letting a ratchet run indefinitely will eventually create huge winning bets, but equally huge balance breaking losses.

By keeping it at three monthly cycles you avoid the huge highs and lows, and instead a subtle lift when we have a profitable quarter for whatever service you're running. Plus, you are able to withdraw the profit every three months, and then begin again safely.

The results for the services will be updated on Monday 6th March, the first Monday of the new month. This is when suite results are always published.

Automated Betting Strategy Update:

What is the big news? Simply put, this latest trend update changes everything.

Each strategy is now operating under the latest version. It has been applied already, and you will see below for each strategy the exact date in February the new version began betting.

This update will be one of the final trend assessments made to the services, and I am now at the point of seeing a date for my retirement at age 55. Bold statement I know.

The money I can earn just running the automated services alone, aside from any other investments, income, and projects I'm involved with, is projected to make me enough profit. Exactly what I need financially to hit my personal monetary targets, and much more, over the coming three and a half years. Yes, I am 51.5 years ancient.

I don't write this speculatively, or for any purpose to create an unwarranted buzz, or a surge of new sales.

The statement is based on approximately six years work to make it happen, and my full understanding of how each of the strategies have developed from concept, to how they now function.

This recent update comes built on the previous iterations, but it does deviate in specific bet types, so I will go over this now, and in my updates for each strategy next week how you can set up your bot accordingly to benefit from the optimum settings.

I will cover today what is working the best, and highlight important changes to the betting pattern you need to know, but there will be much more detail to follow about each individual service.

There will also be a complete website update to accommodate these changes, which I will start next week.

I will show you the before and after update results for each of the services one by one in this blog post, and explain the profits, and what betting options now produce the most points with the safest route to build your balance with minimal drawdown.

The big news is that each strategy is now no longer dependant on Jockey, Trainer, Class, or Days of the Week filters. They are no longer required, and the strategies will now perform more efficiently, generate a lot more profit, and do so with less bet volume overall, while creating a much higher ROI.

They will follow the same selection process, i.e. Sure Favs still looks for the favourite, Bet Focus the higher odds value bets, Place Lay Multi the horses at value in the place market most likely to lose and be winning lay bets, but the assessment of the filters side by side excluding the aspects affected by popularity, as an example, have been replaced with market movement and timing elements instead.

The impact of this is huge for all of us, as the performance of the strategies is more consistent, the profits increase, the drawdown either drops or stays about the same as it is now for some of the strategies, but the increased profit and performance alone reduces risk.

The thing that is obviously a huge benefit is the removal of seasonal factors, and changes in jockey or trainer performance, with class removed, and we now operate seven days a week for all services and options.

This won't mean more bets for some, but for others it will. It's a case of the market movement needing to show the correct triggers for a bet to qualify, and no longer things like number of favourable jockeys at specific class of race on a certain day of the week.

By working through the in play data for nearly a year gathering data, I personally dispelled a lot of myths about betting. I will go in to in more detail later this year with some content I'm writing on the subject.

This data trawl however made me far more aware that a lot of pre race planning can overall help give you the edge, but it is by no means the most effective way to profit from racing. Far from it.

With in play betting, what happens mostly is when the horses jump all that planning goes out the window, and decisions are made based on the in running performance stats and odds. Which is then true real life and in the moment.

Adapting this approach to pre race betting for the strategies using the Researcher Tool has translated very well, and that's why the bets are now driven by market opinion, with the other layers of filtering no longer required.

We are working with what is happening in the lead up to a race jumping, and then just at the off.

Still looking for the same opportunities, but the bot is working out what bets to place very differently.

Instead of looking at the historical performance of the race data to decide who's got the best chance of winning a back bet, or winning a lay bet, the bot now looks at the range in the market and odds I point it at within a specific time frame, and then looks again just at the time of bet to see if the market has moved a programmed way for the bet to still qualify.

You'll see for yourself in the results below the huge difference and impact this has on profits, drawdown, and all the stats. Also the impact it has on one particular bet type, BSP.

You may need to adapt your staking, but I'll explain more below. I expect an incredible run of profit using the automated strategies, from now and going forward over the coming years.

No longer dependant on popularity, we are now solely looking for the horses within our range the market flags as potential triggers moments before they reach the post, and then before they jump, which makes a world of difference.

On this note, you will also see a gargantuan difference between the MTP (Exchange Straight) performance, and BSP.

BSP as a betting option for the automated services is now dead. The services do profit mostly with BSP, but the disparity between the two bet types is massive.

Instead of trying to be everything to everyone with these services, I'm now going to be the best at what we deliver, which is targeting the live betting exchange while the market is live, not using BSP. You can if you want, the option isn't being removed, but when you see the difference in results you won't need it. You can just bet lower and achieve more.

I will continue to record the BSP comparison in the published results, but my money is all on Exchange.

The uplift with the strategy update has also had positive impacts on other bet types, such as Fixed Liability being as profitable as Fixed Stake, so for some who like to have more control over risk, this will be ideal.

The same applies to Target Profit betting, which has a significantly lower drawdown compared to flat staking, and I will show below examples of how this will now perform

The change from the previous setting to how it is now really shines a light on what can be achieved with a shift of focus, with total concentration on betting using one end of the market.

Before I begin, let me quickly explain how Researcher Tool works.


This is the data gatherer for all service results, and it dictates whether a bet is a bet. It records all the bets and filters for each applied from the 1st June 2020 onward.

Nothing is missed, and every day, week, month, year/s are all able to be filtered using each time period of filters, or using a previous and new filter / trend update to compare, which I will show you in today's blog.

Researcher allows me to look back at each service, and highlights filters and betting approaches that are doing well, and others which over a long spread of data accumulation are not serving us. I am able to then streamline, or abandon to improve overall betting performance.

There is nothing like Researcher available anywhere else, as it's custom made for the automated strategies, and built from scratch to run the filters that have been there since day one. This allows me to report on results since we began betting, incorporating any moments when trend updates have been applied.

Nothing is lost, and all records of highs and lows along the way are there to see, which means I am able to provide in depth honest assessments.

This only comes from live betting over a long period of time.

It's a lot, and without the actual live betting and continual development / assessments made with Researcher, I would not be where I am today just by using Excel as an example. I've been developing this from concept to current iteration for six years.

What's Changed:

Researcher identified that removing the criteria for popular jockey numbers required within a race, days of the week, class, and other erroneous filters, then expanding the focus on the way odds movement occurs within specific moments in time pre race, we are able to cover all week without exception.

In doing this, we still aim for the same target range within a race, but we eliminate the things that can in fact change with trends.

The AI working within Researcher had a conversation with itself, and concluded it could do things a lot better by simplifying the filter process, with scanning odds fluctuations as the primary trigger to find qualifying bets for each strategy.

You will see below, the strategy process is still exactly the same, within the same odds range, and looking to back or lay in the same races, but now instead of the market emotion based on popularity of a specific jockey, and the rating the software gave them between 0 to 2.

It is now based on the market opinion of the race on the specific day it's taking place, and the timing when the race is assessed to when the bet is then placed.

How the human brain works and how software comes to conclusions is totally different, but the language to explain it is able to be translated, so I hope this gives you some idea.

What this latest update does is remove the day and time restrictions from all the services, jockey, trainer, and also removes the class filters. Each service now runs over every day, and looks for qualifying bets.

When you see the before and after effect later in this blog to progress the strategies from the previous trend update filter, and on to what I explain above, you will have a clear picture of the improvement, and Researcher's decision process.

They have always been set up from the start as long term investments to develop and improve over time.

This trend update may well be the final one, due to the fact it relies not on traditional trends.

The impact for me now will be to completely reset, reinvest as it's a brand new proposition, and then setting my sights on where I want to be in three and a half years.

This is no longer dependant on jockeys coming in and out of favour, or days of the week becoming more favourable and requiring realignment, with class of race also removed, it leaves it down to one logical template set of filters that carry each service, and that is down to progress, perseverance, live bet data accumulation, analysis, and implementation across a six year period.

With that said, after the 28th February racing I am withdrawing profit gained since the services began back in 2020, and reinvesting. For now stick to your calculated points levels as that will not change much, if at all, but I will go over this in detail next week when I publish a new format for the site, and let you know when it is available.

That is coming, with total guidance on staking for each service. The points won't change much anyway to be fair, they will be there are thereabout what they are already, but some will need a slight recalculation.

If betting with BSP you will need to also consider switching to exchange, and evaluating your stake amounts based on the new stats.

Today I wanted to explain the update, and flag key areas you will see a difference. These are the immediately important factors you will now see change across all the automated strategies.

With that said, if anyone is following a specific strategy and now wishes to switch, or move to a One Plan, now is the perfect time. I can answer any questions on this for you.

I did mention this was a significant update for Exponential Bet, the most important to date without a doubt.

Let me give you examples of this, with the live results, previous trend update over the same time line, and the latest version, all side by side to demonstrate how huge the impact of this settings shift actually is for you.

Sure Favs:

The current recommended setting for Sure Favs is Main, but from today all options are recommended, and this applies to all the services.

Sure Favs offers Main, High, and Foundation, and they all bet on the favourite at the moment a qualifying bet is selected.

The biggest difference between the three is that High goes for slightly higher odds selections one minute to post, Foundation bets after post time, minus one minute exactly, and Main looks for the most likely to win at odds from 1.01 to 6 one minute to post.

Let's begin by looking at the entire overview of results to date for Main, then with the previous set of filters, and finally with the latest trend update applied. All across the same timeframe, from 1/6/20 to 27/3/23.

I will then summarise and cover the progression.

I'll do this for all services in today's post, so if you have one you follow specifically just skip ahead if it's not Sure Favs, but make sure you read the summary first for Sure Favs, as the set up changes apply to all services.

Sure Favs Main

Detailed Overview Actual Live Betting - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

betfair betting strategy

Previous Trend Update Applied 11th October 2022 Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:


Current Update Applied 24th February 2023 Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:


Summary (that applies to all services):

The first thing to note is that BSP is no longer an appealing betting option with the latest version.

Instead of time being spent trying to align both bet types, I have focused on making one option as good as it can be, which is Exchange Straight.

BSP results will be recorded for reference purposes, but as the results show this is no longer an option I recommend.

We have switched to analysis based on the market movement pre race, as opposed to jockey, day of the week, and class, and this shows with the value achieved here betting just using Exchange Straight within the bot.

This is because when the bot looks at the horse in the build up, to the time it takes to place the bet, we are more successful because of the acknowledgement of current market conditions.

This isn't always represented with BSP prices, which may stay weighted based on what Betfair punters think will happen, instead of what is likely to happen, amongst other factors affecting BSP final pricing.

You see this trend across all the recent updates for each service, and as such I recommend betting only with Exchange settings, not BSP.

The second thing to note is there is mostly less betting with the new set up, but with a higher profit that gives our ROI a significant pump.

ROI being the amount of money we put through across the betting period to achieve the profit, and with the current update less is required. More then 50% less in some cases compared to the previous update.

The drawdown for all options is in the same ball park averaging -30 points, that's true, and something I will look in the future to try to reduce. However, compared to the improve in performance, this is reduces anyway.

Looking at the actual live betting results above, the first graph, there is more volatility over the time frame and longer periods of no profit.

There is +165.65 points recorded, but with the latest setting we more than double this with approx. two thirds of the bet volume required, and similar drawdown, which against +377.98 points looks a lot more appealing in comparison.

What we have with the first two sets of results shown are selected days of the week, specific class of race taken into consideration, and a mix of percentage calculations for ranked jockeys over a three tier system.

What we have with the current option is seven days a week, no class filter required, no jockey ranking calculations.

Instead of this we are looking at the favourite horse at a specific point in the race based on odds, and runner number, then at a minute to post if the correct parameters have been met with the strategy we have a bet.

This future proofs the strategy, and to save me repeating myself on this throughout the blog, the same applies for all strategies now. They are all set up this way, just different entry points, odds range, number of runners, and time to assess the market.

The scope to make a lot more money is there obviously, while not be affected by the latest trends, using the live bet data with a clever calculation programmed into the bot. We can see exactly how successful these rules can be when applied across the period of 1/6/20 to 27/2/23 assessing the current live betting, previous updated version, and the latest version. The difference in performance and final result is massive.

The software highlighted this clearly for all services.

If you have one betting plan alone based on a specific trend that is affected by time, then a regular trend analysis is required to stay current and up to date, I've always said this, and we have always had regular trend updates because of it to stay current.

If you are not shackled by a process of selection parameters that rely on trends, and have a long period of result data to prove the effectiveness, as I now have, then the requirement for regular trend updates is either removed, or diminishes to virtually nothing.

The only external factors to consider being the platform itself we are using to place bets, betting rules, and the latest software we have available to make placing the bets more efficient.

Which is where we are at right now, and a place I have been striving to reach since I had my initial lightbulb moment with these automated strategies.

One last thing to mention with Sure Favs Main, the bet volume is much lower, even though we are covering every day of the week, the average odds and ROI are higher as a result of the change.

This is because we are now looking for value for money on the bets, with horses the bot thinks has the best chance of winning, but factoring in value for money more than the previous set up, which focused on other aspects of racing as explained.

The line between BSP and Exchange Straight is the most noticeable visual from the graph of course, and this is something I'm happy to accept, and become a specialist of exchange only betting.

The way we are positioned with the liquidity in the market, like on the tide if you like, we are on the money, and there is enough exchange money available for us all to be matched.

The additional profit potential also mean BSP bettors can realign their staking, to reduce, and still make more money with less liability overall.

I did promise to keep this blog post concise, so let's move on to the other two Sure Favs options, and I will cover the differences not already mentioned above.

There will be more detailed blog posts for individual services forthcoming in March.

Sure Favs High

Detailed Overview Actual Live Betting - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

horse racing

Previous Trend Update Applied 1st November 2022 Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

betfair exchange betting

Current Update Applied 24th February 2023 Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

exchange betting

Everything explained with Sure Favs Main applies here, but with the updated version showing a lower drawdown.

The same low bet volume, very high ROI, a colossal positive points difference in comparison, high average odds, and of course the wide disparity between Exchange Straight and BSP. Which of course make betting with BSP virtually redundant following this strategy.

The line of growth with no seasonal or popularity trends, days of the week, class etc included, and as shown in the current update is quite eye opening.

We are looking for the right odds movement within specific parameters at two different time frames pre race, the same as every other service with this latest update applied.

We will no longer be affected by the trends that caused the extreme highs and lows, although as shown with all the results there are winning and losing periods.

The difference being with the latest version, there is no popularity factors to consider, and we let the bets run their course, which is visible with the Detailed Overview examples shown in today's blog.

There have been several interjections with trend updates since we began in June 2020, but moving forward with the latest version as stated, the only reason now would be software, betting rules, or platform based influences causing a new assessment to be required.

Sure Favs Foundation

Detailed Overview Actual Live Betting - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

favourite backing

Previous Trend Update Applied 11th October 2022 Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

bet bot

Current Update Applied 24th February 2023 Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

make money online

The previous update from the 11th October 2022 for Sure Favs Foundation is actually on a good run of wins, which is shown in the detailed overview graphs above.

They follow a similar line of growth from October 2021 when there was another update applied, for the Exchange Straight betting of course, not BSP.

However, the glaring difference is the consistency in results, and for the latest update we are in profit almost every month, and the line of profit looks a lot stronger with less volatility.

It is night and day compared to actual live betting shown, which includes each trend adjustment based on jockey, day of the week, class etc, and like the other services now works the selection criteria in exactly the same way.

Current Update Applied 24th February 2023, Target Profit Staking Detailed Overview - Sure Favs Foundation 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

target profit

I used to report Target Profit results for Sure Favs Foundation, which is purely an Exchange Straight option given the nature of the calculation pre race not permitting BSP.

As a point of interest for those looking for the lowest drawdown option with their betting, this is over nearly three years betting, with a drawdown at just -9.36, and profit at +91.36 points. If betting big with this, that x91 your stake per bet with a proven very low risk approach.

The option to bet with Target Profit has never been removed, it's always there to use for members running any backing service with the bot.

If you are looking for a consistent money making betting strategy, with the lowest risk, the results above for the latest version of Sure Favs Foundation opting for Target Profit show this is a viable proposition.

It could be for the other backing services, so I will explore this more when I post for each individually next week.

Place Betting

Place Lay Multi

The service looks for value selections in the place market, and can place multiple bets within each race if the triggers are met.

Detailed Overview Actual Live Betting - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:

lay betting

Previous Trend Update Applied 12th March 2022 Detailed Overview - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:


Current Update Applied 24th February 2023 Detailed Overview - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:

the best betting system

Here is an example below of the latest version using Exchange Liability.

Current Update Applied 24th February 2023 Exchange Liability Detailed Overview - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:

fixed liability

The gap between Exchange and BSP betting is there throughout each version using the latest update.

The same rule changes exactly apply as described above with Sure Favs.

The line of profit is much more consistent, and over such a long period of time lay betting the drawdown reflects the increase in strike rate, and winning bet margin following the latest version.

There is a difference with bet volume here though compared to Sure Favs, with Place Lay Multi enjoying a lot of bet activity with the latest version update.

ROI also gets a significant bump due to the increase in successful bets.

Place Back Multi

Back between one to three horses in the place market according to criteria. With the same rules explained above applied to this strategy.

Place Lay Single, Bet Focus, and Place Back Multi were all classed outside the recommended operations, and as such awaiting an update to bring them to a safety and worthwhile investing rating, which can now give each service.

With the latest version update I have an investment confidently set up for each strategy, and they all get the rating required.

This has been a difficult bet type to get right, with some initial blasts of fortune, followed by dips that have pushed the investment drawdown to points it should not be hitting.

The latest version solves the issues with looking for horses to back and profit from in the place market, for all the reasons explained earlier in this blog post.

My focus is solely on making the exchange options a consistently steady line of growth with the latest version, and you can see this represented across both exchange straight, and the target profit results, which I used to report on.

That has now become a viable option again, and the results should give any bet investor a lot of confidence in that approach.

The same disparity between MTP and BSP applies.

Detailed Overview Actual Live Betting - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:

place market betting

Previous Trend Update Applied 15th January 2022 Detailed Overview - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:

back betting

Current Update Applied 24th February 2023 Detailed Overview - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:

betting each way

Current Update Applied 24th February 2023 Target Profit Detailed Overview - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:

target profit

Place Lay Single

This strategy looks for one horse to lay in the place market each day, and when +0.9 of a point profit is reached and recorded within the software, the bot will stop betting, only to resume the following the day.

The bot will continue betting over a day until either the target profit is met, or we end either on a loss or break even.

This was another service not on the recommended list, and now I cannot recommend it enough, for either exchange straight, or exchange liability, as there is very little difference between the two options.

The standard gap between exchange and BSP is very present here, and a good example of freeing ourselves from the task of trying to marry the two sets of results as close as possible.

The previous trend update did a good job of this, but it dropped away rapidly, and did not perform anywhere near as well as the latest version using exchange only. Without the need for popularity based trend data.

Obviously with this strategy being a stop at a profit method, the jagged edge shown in the live bets, and with the previous version, is a lot smoother with the latest version, that's definitely a positive change to note.

Aside from the smoothness and consistent growth, the low drawdown, average odds, and winning and losing days also draw the eye in a positive way with the latest version.

Detailed Overview Actual Live Betting - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:


Previous Trend Update Applied 30th August 2022 Detailed Overview - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:

stop at a profit

Current Update Applied 24th February 2023 Detailed Overview - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:

stop at a profit

Current Update Applied 24th February 2023 Exchange Liability Detailed Overview - 1st December 2020 to 27th February 2023:

fixed liability lay betting

Racing Lays

This strategy looks to lay horses within a specific odds range and rank in the win market, to create a long term overall profit.

It's done so, and made a profit to date. This was a ranked recommended strategy, but with some previous caveats that no longer apply.

The high drawdown, with extreme highs that followed long periods of losses have made Racing Lays a difficult strategy to stick with for a lot of members.

Those that have from the start would show a profit, but it's not been easy.

The actual live betting graph below paints a clear and honest picture of how it's been.

With periods of promise with the bank shooting up, followed by long dips eating into profit.

This is due to the trend based set up of the service, class restrictions causing missed opportunities, a bet volume that at certain stages has been far too high, with other criteria that has over certain periods made money, but as trends have changed the service has suffered.

I don't think I could be anymore honest about a betting strategy I produce.

I've made money with it from the start, but like any investment, it depends when you get involved.

The previous update did solve a lot of what had gone before the 30th October 2021, but it was still bound to the popularity and class restrictions.

The drawdown was still too high, and the volatility difficult to stay invested for those coming in after a long win period dropped off.

The strategy and concept is robust and a worthy investment, and I'm glad I stuck with it, as the latest version, albeit not as high earning and as much upward curved as some of the others, it still demonstrates periods where the balance can rocket, which I like, while being stable enough to still keep incrementally increasing without the extremities of the original, and previous version.

I think everyone would take a slower steadier build of profit with potential for periods of high growth, albeit a little less than the previous version, but with a much lower drawdown, and less than half the amount of bets required. More than doubling the ROI.

The exchange straight option is now a solid bet, less frequent, but restricted to a sensible odds range. While using the same filter technique as the other services covered today, which are not dependant on days of the week, class, jockey popularity etc.

This is reflected in the consistency of results across such a large timescale of data recorded.

The exchange liability option also bodes well, with a single digit drawdown across nearly three years betting, and for those who like to bet fixed liability to reduce the risk, this is now a very good option to consider.

Detailed Overview Actual Live Betting - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:


Previous Trend Update Applied 30th October 2021 Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

betfair lay betting

Current Update Applied 27th February 2023 Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

steady growth

Current Update Applied 27th February 2023 Exchange Liability Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

low drawdown

Bet Focus

The latest update to Bet Focus has created a strategy that has real excitement behind it, and the ability to make a vast amount of profit over the years. That in the investing world is beyond comparison.

You will see from the latest version results below, it's the absolute stand out strategy when it comes to points profit accumulated against everything presented today.

However, from day one this strategy has always been flagged as the bad boy, and the most volatile.

It has the scope to bring in the big winning selections, and you will see with the latest update it smooths out the risk a lot more than any previous version, but it is not for everyone, and that is a fact.

The service looks for the value option in a race, selections that look like they have a good chance of winning, and usually available at higher odds. The average odds recorded below shows this to be the case, with it residing at 11.43 to back in the win market with the latest updated version.

With the previous versions it's always been high, and this is the aim of the strategy, to capitalise on higher odds selections, and profit long term.

This obviously comes with the caveat of longer losing runs, and higher drawdown. It's the risk vs reward trade off that anyone following this strategy must accept before getting involved.

The latest version betting exchange straight has a points profit recorded at +1010.46, which is obviously a show stopper, but take into account the longest losing run of bets is 43, with the longest win run at just 4.

A drawdown at -83.48 over nearly three years, with that amount of points banked is excellent.

You could have withdrawn profits from year one, and be betting solely with profit, giving you zero liability.

However, during year one there still would have been long periods of losing bets before the high priced winners land.

I'm not trying to put you off this strategy, as the latest version is phenomenal, and I am following it from today with a full stake set up, and a bank of 300 points, but as stated earlier, it's not for everyone.

As shown with the other strategies, the divide between exchange betting and BSP is huge, that's there to see for yourself.

The selection process is again like the others, not dependant on popularity, class, days of the week etc, it's about targeting one to three horses in a race that meet criteria, and offer value should the market move as we want pre race.

If you are the sort of person who can absorb the long losing runs, and set up a bank to leave it running each year, this could be an amazing investment for you.

If you're checking results every day, and can't handle long losing periods, then leave this strategy alone is my advice.

It's the only one with such a ratio of winning and losing bet runs, and with the highest drawdown.

The profit and gains are there to see, but firstly assess whether it is right for you as a person, and think if you would give up after 50 losses in a row for example.

If that's the case, it's definitely not for you, as you would miss the profits that followed, and leave with a sour taste in your mouth.

Anyway, here's the original, previous update, and latest version results in detail.

Including Target Profit, which I used to report on for this service, and shows a very good profit with minimal risk.

If building your portfolio with minimal risk strategies, I've shown a handful today that if combined could yield an impressive return on investment, and with a very modest start balance.

I'll cover in more detail how this is possible, with potential projected returns in future blog posts.

Detailed Overview Actual Live Betting - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

volatile betting

Previous Trend Update Applied 26th June 2022 Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

value betting

Current Update Applied 23rd February 2023 Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:


Current Update Applied 23rd February 2023 Target Profit Detailed Overview - 1st June 2020 to 27th February 2023:

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With each trend update, new trends have followed, and as much as they have had an impact to keep the balance moving the right way in at least half the interjections, they have also been applied in some cases when trends have moved against us negatively.

If following a betting strategy that is dependant on such trends, this is the risk.

There has of course been profit banked for all strategies, but the evidence is there showing how incorporating these filters into a long term investment requires precise adjustments, and probably to be fair with a lot more regularity than I have applied.

I've not wanted to tinker, and been pushing the boundaries to create hands off investments.

It has taken this long with the live betting and Researcher tool, to conclude that removing the trend filters that do require this continual maintenance is a far more profitable approach, but only if specialising on the exchange, and not trying to cater to BSP.

This is my conclusion, and the big news.

These strategies are now amazing.

The obvious shift from BSP to Exchange focused betting is there to see.

If you're worried about liquidity with exchange only betting, think of it this way. You don't need as large an investment with this updated version to make the same target amount you have in mind, and the growth is a lot steadier with far less drawdown overall.

You can lower your stakes, and still make more money, as the potential points profit has increased dramatically, the ROI is much higher, and on the whole the bet volume is over 50% lower.

The services are performing much leaner with this set up, and I for one from today have wiped the slate clean to begin again. It's the most excited I've ever been running Exponential Bet.

My goal is to yield these returns over the coming few years, and then go and do something else. I thoroughly enjoy what I do, this must be obvious as I've dedicated the past six years of my life to it so far, but I'm not getting any younger, and have other goals I wish to achieve.

The way I have now configured these strategies is to be future proofed, so they can just run and run.

As long as Horse Racing, Betfair, the Exchange, and the ability to automate betting exists, these strategies will simply turn over profit on auto pilot from now until any of that changes.

I did say I had something to share with you that I have never previously shared, and that's because I've never been at a point with all my automation and betting to be able to know 100% that other than the external factors listed above affecting the betting, the numbers listed today are more than ever an accurate representation of what you can expect with each of the services.

What you see in the latest version results today, is what I project for the coming same period of time. There or thereabouts.

Previously I explained how they would move with the trends, and that they were in fact trend based strategies, which was all correct.

Now I can state without a doubt, they are now set up for the same goals within each race, every strategy has the same engine, with the selection process based on the market movements, odds, runners, and timing, and that is not dependant on trends.

This is why you can see a lot more consistency with the results shown running the latest version.

There are wins and losses, winning and losing runs, varied percentage strike rates, ROI, and drawdown figures shown, but the one thing that is clear across all strategies, the line of growth is now significantly smoother than it's every been for exchange betting.

The numbers are not reliant on sharp upturns then periods of no growth, then another sharp upturn after some up and down periods.

Instead they all show losses absorbed, and the steady rate of winners required to keep pushing the balance the right way delivered with consistency using the latest version.

As they all use the same algorithm of race analysis, but work at different ends of a market, and for the place bets an entirely different market, they will all enjoy winning periods and endure losing spells.

I am however confident they can all coexist over a long period of time, i.e. a year, and for those looking to withdraw profit every twelve months this is a good approach to take, with all active. Bearing in mind my comments on Bet Focus.

I'll leave this for now, and come back to it later next week with a look at how to combine strategies based on personal goals, and begin looking deeper at each service.

I am certain I have not covered every detail with this update, as there is a lot to go over, but if you have any questions let me know, and I will come back to you asap.

It's a crazy week for me, as I am preparing for In Play Bet Club's cycle of automated betting to commence on Monday, so do excuse any delays responding, but I always get back to people who email.

If you wish to sign up to any of the services individually, you will find them under Betting Strategies from the main menu.

Should you wish to follow more than one service, join for a longer period, or try the starter plan to get acquainted before upgrading, then you will find all the joining options on the One Subscription page here:

There is of course more value for money joining for longer, and if operating more than one service the One Subscription saves a lot on the subscription cost.

The results and data to provide this update has been a long time coming, but I'm delighted to be able to now at last deliver the services exactly how I want them to operate.

Over the years to come I'll be able let these run in the background as my passive income, and you can too.

The fact they are no longer popularity based, and tied up with unnecessary parameters, means I will not be required to continually chase jockey or trainer data, and assess the impact of class or days of the week on specific conditions. Which I could of done better to be fair, but without a crystal ball who knew.

That's why the trends have now been eliminated for good, and we dispel the betting myths with pure mathematical logic.

I could go on and on about how impressed I am with this upgrade, but I will definitely leave it here for now, and cover the remaining points in today's news update.

In Play Bet Club Important Member Information

I've already written to each registered member for In Play Bet Club, to inform them the new bet cycle will commence from the 6th March, this coming Monday.

If you missed that email, and just catching up with this one, do not set up your bot until after racing finishes on Sunday afternoon, or early Monday before the racing starts.

If you have replied to my email yesterday with any questions or requests, please bear with me. I'll come back to you this week as soon as possible without fail. I'm gradually working through the list, while finishing this huge news update today.

The automation is complete, and we now simply running through the improved stake method for the remained of this week.

In Play Bet Club will aim to reach the 12 point profit cycle for each member as quickly as possible, with a target minimum of seven cycles per annum.

It's an invitation only membership, so if you'd like to register to be invited should spaces become available, you can do so here:

I'll update the results at the end of the coming cycle of bets once everyone is over the line with target profit banked. As it's in play, that will be at different intervals.

However, the new staking system we've devised makes it much easier to benefit from the lower odds selections, and gives everyone a better chance of reaching target profit together.

Website Presentation and Results

Next week I'll be redoing the website in line with the new strategy update, and resetting all results to record from the start of this month.

All the previous historical results will be available to view for each service up to the 28th February 2023.

There will be a cleaner layout, and the recommended settings also applied to all services.

Monday coming I'll just be updating the results to the end of February, but later in the week I'll start swapping over the new layout, and post a quick blog update to let you know when it's all published.

Guides and Courses

I get asked daily when I am going to release a new betting or trading guide, and now the IPBC cycle is about to commence, and I am settled for at least a year with the automated settings, I will make it a priority to produce helpful betting and trading content.

Downloadable guides and online course made available for those who prefer to learn how to do it themselves.

You can expect to start seeing new content close to June, and then up until the end of the year I'll publish everything I have in mind.

The main focus was to always finish the automated strategy update, and have in play betting automated as soon as possible this year, so from then on I can concentrate on website content creation.

This will be as mentioned downloadable and online, with a lot of video walkthrough step by step tutorials.

Okay, that's definitely it from me today. My fingers and eyes need a rest after typing this mammoth news blog.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading.

I hope the information in this update is something you can get behind, and join me on a journey over the coming few years to bank some serious profit.

Best Regards


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