Expo News 4th July

In today's news we look at the monthly result league for the Automated Betting Strategies, Star Performers, my progress with the In Play Bet Club and latest Bet Mover activity.

Staking advice is included with the importance of having the correct points allocation to achieve the results published.

Strap in as this is a long detailed update hopefully containing concise useful information.

June's Performance League

There are six automated betting services available at Exponential Bet, Sure Favs, Bet Focus, Place Betting, Racing Lays, Bet Advantage, & Lay Dutching.

Between them we have 43 different bet options, which does not include Ratchet betting. I will cover that separately early next week in the next news post.

From the six services we have 43 flat staking options, and 30 of these finished in profit for June.

NB BSP odds are Betfair Starting Price and members following this method of betting will achieve exactly the same points return.

MTP is Exchange betting and odds will obviously vary from member to member given the bet is placed before the race commences so there will be some odds movement.

That is the caveat of MTP betting as sometimes you will not return as high or in fact do a lot better than reported results.

BSP will always match the exact reported returns, but but both options have the pro's and con's for you to consider.

On each of the service pages I explain more on this above the month by month numbers.

Here's a list of how we did from the top performers down:

June 2021

1. Bet Focus Exchange (Straight) +133.87 Points

2. Bet Focus BSP (Straight) +112.51