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Expo News 4th July

In today's news we look at the monthly result league for the Automated Betting Strategies, Star Performers, my progress with the In Play Bet Club and latest Bet Mover activity.

Staking advice is included with the importance of having the correct points allocation to achieve the results published.

Strap in as this is a long detailed update hopefully containing concise useful information.

June's Performance League

There are six automated betting services available at Exponential Bet, Sure Favs, Bet Focus, Place Betting, Racing Lays, Bet Advantage, & Lay Dutching.

Between them we have 43 different bet options, which does not include Ratchet betting. I will cover that separately early next week in the next news post.

From the six services we have 43 flat staking options, and 30 of these finished in profit for June.

NB BSP odds are Betfair Starting Price and members following this method of betting will achieve exactly the same points return.

MTP is Exchange betting and odds will obviously vary from member to member given the bet is placed before the race commences so there will be some odds movement.

That is the caveat of MTP betting as sometimes you will not return as high or in fact do a lot better than reported results.

BSP will always match the exact reported returns, but but both options have the pro's and con's for you to consider.

On each of the service pages I explain more on this above the month by month numbers.

Here's a list of how we did from the top performers down:

June 2021

1. Bet Focus Exchange (Straight) +133.87 Points

2. Bet Focus BSP (Straight) +112.51

3. Racing Lays High Exchange (Straight) +74.22

4. Racing Lays +5 Stop Exchange (Straight) +72.26

5. Place Lay Multi Exchange (Straight) +23.25

6. Bet Advantage High Exchange (Straight) +19.82

7. Bet Advantage High (BSP) +17.28

8. Racing Lays High BSP (Liability) +13.20

9. Racing Lays High Exchange (Liability) +13.19

10. Racing Lays +5 Stop BSP (Liability) +12.81

11. Racing Lays +5 Stop Exchange (Liability) +12.76

12. Bet Advantage Medium Exchange (Straight) +12.63

13. Bet Advantage Low Exchange (Straight) +12.63

14. Place Lay Multi Exchange (Liability / MTP) +11.57

15. Sure Favs Foundation Exchange (Straight) +9.64

16. Bet Advantage Medium (BSP) +9.64

17. Bet Advantage Low (BSP) +9.64

18. Sure Favs High Exchange (Straight) +7.82

19. Sure Favs High BSP (Straight) +7.60

20. Bet Focus Target Profit Exchange (MTP) +5.82

21. Sure Favs Foundation BSP (Straight) +5.35

22. Place Lay Multi BSP (Liability) +4.22

23. Bet Advantage High Exchange (Target Profit) +3.40

24. Sure Favs Target Profit (MTP) +2.98

25. Bet Advantage Medium Exchange (TP) +2.39

26. Bet Advantage Low Exchange (TP) +2.39

27. Racing Lays Main Exchange (Straight) +2.24

28. Racing Lays Main Exchange (Liability) +1.72

29. Racing Lays Main BSP (Liability) +1.62

30. Place Back Multi Exchange (Straight) +1.28

31. Lay Dutching Main Exchange (Liability) -0.88

32. Lay Dutching High Exchange (Liability) -0.88

33. Lay Dutching High BSP (Liability) -1.08

34. Lay Dutching Main BSP (Liability) -1.08

35. Sure Favs Main BSP (Straight) -4.28

36. Sure Favs Main Exchange (Straight) -4.28

37. Place Lay Single Exchange (Liability / MTP) -9.22

38. Place Back Multi Target Profit (MTP) -10.84

39. Lay Dutching High Exchange (Straight) -12.52

40. Lay Dutching Main Exchange (Straight) -12.52

41.Place Lay Single Exchange (Straight) -13.43

42. Place Lay Single BSP (Liability) -15.69

43. Place Back Multi BSP (Straight) -16.10

The monthly performance results are now updated which you can find by visiting then from the Betting Strategy tab in the main menu you'll find the six strategies.

Simply select which one you'd like examine and you will find the Monthly Result Breakdown on each of the six service pages.

It's a huge grid basically giving the month by month profit and loss figures, which you can click on and it opens up more detailed results such as stats and the graph over the selected time period.

I'll have the weekly results updated on Monday evening as I'm away for the remainder of today until then.

Star Performers

You will notice some of the strategies did well finishing in profit over the month, and some didn't.

There will always be services that make a loss each month and some that will take longer to achieve projected profits.

I provide lots of result information to assess what services are right for you, and also include staking advice to make sure members are in the right place to start betting.

My goal is for everyone to be set up with the correct points balance and enjoy the process to achieve the returned profits.

Profits reported will be returned to members Betfair accounts who in some instances have been through a losing period, stuck with it as they are set up correctly, and now show a profit or heading the right way again towards a profit.

This isn't having a dig at anyone who isn't set up according to my recommended points advice, it's just that if you haven't allocated enough points and working within your limits you're more likely to quit ahead of any upcoming profit runs.

If you're lucky enough to have just joined some of the services above that show a large profit in June you got off to a great start.

If the latter applies my advice is stick to your betting plan and don't go wild, whatever you put in as your points value let it ride, so you have a clear path showing your balance progress, and you're also betting sensibly.

Plan to withdraw at intervals and re invest with profit instead, and then reassess any investments.

Bet Focus did the best overall when it comes to points growth.

This service is overall the most popular given it has demonstrated huge winners, and a lot of members like this aspect. This week being a good example with a horse landing at odds of 40 MTP.

Target Profit option is also very popular with Bet Focus as it gives investors a safe route to build a larger balance and return a decent annual percentage growth at a low drawdown.

Presently showing a profit of circa +57 points with just a -7 point drawdown from over a year of recorded betting.

I'll come back to Bet Focus later on, but there are two services I mentioned mid May to members as being on the cusp of a major resurgence and they proved me right.

Anyone who jumped on and followed this advice has now done very good.

These are Bet Advantage, which is without question stabilizing and returned similar amounts for the past two months, and the second service now starting to realize it's potential is Racing Lays.

The latter of the two put in an exceptional performance in June for all options, but for the High and +5 Stop options specifically both returned virtually identical points profit.

You can see exactly how well Racing Lays - High Exchange (Straight) which is the most popular option for this service did in June from the Detailed Result Overview below:

lay betting betfair exchange

+74.22 points profit at MTP

96.74% strike rate.

92 bets with only 3 losses.

23 winning days and just 2 losing.

A massive winning bet run of 59.

With a drawdown of just -5.40

I can't remember seeing a healthier looking line of growth for any of the services historically, this is certainly as good as it gets when it comes to overall performance for a lay betting service operating in the win market.

The average odds of 6.58 on the lay bets to achieve these results as well are about where we want to be.

Racing Lays has been up and mostly down since September last year.

I posted a long in detail video on the Racing Lays page covering this and at that time in March highlighted the huge potential for it to hit another long win run.

If you've been following the service since then with the recommended points balance you haven't tanked your bank or even come anywhere close, and you're now heading back to start recouping losses.

The change in form is no fluke and with the shift in the seasons and further accumulation of data these services will steadily improve the longer they operate.

This is down to the algorithm and how it regularly does a trend analysis, and the longer the services are running the broader the data set.

Any service in operation that is set to move as times change will continually improve, but re inventing and tweaking the foundations constantly will not succeed.

I'm speaking from 12 years experience in the betting industry and my own lessons learned with that last statement.

There will always be losing months, but the losses will reduce and the gains gradually increase more and more over time with all the automated strategies, as when they were each created it was to create a profit we can basically retire on.

If you joined Racing Lays at the start of 2021 then your balance will have just been middling along going up and down, but if you stuck at it now you will be showing a good profit.

As stated this will steadily continue in the right direction over time. Expect it never to always go your way with dips along the way, but if you're playing the longer game you will do very well with these services as they are starting to show.

What I find very frustrating is when a member will come and go, chasing the winning periods, leaving at the first run of losses, not set up for the drawdown,or put in more than they feel comfortable betting with.

If this is you this is definitely not a dig, I just want you to set up with a sensible bank and let it run.

I am always here to advise if your points allocation is correct, so please just ask and I'll come back to you asap.

If a member just dips in and out it means when big winning periods arrive as shown in the results, and as the services stabilize to start consistently performing better returning projected profits, these members that gave up and left either because they weren't set up right to start with, expected immediate results. had done well initially and increased staking out of the comfort zone then hit a losing period so panicked, or even people who joined expecting a get rich quick scheme, these members will miss out on the entire point of what these services are about.

They are long term betting strategies set up to make you money over the years ahead, as advertising on the home page, 'Turn Your Betting Into Investing'.

When I first started with the automation and set up the initial early access versions of these services, they were straight out of development, and Cloud Bet Bot was not the robust set up it is today.

I hold my hands in the air and admit I should have offered more set up and staking advice.

We should have also did a better job at dealing with this, and had the Cloud Bet Bot problems resolved faster.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. However, if you do not try and fail then work through it you will never succeed, and we were never set up to quit as we know what we have is unique and will deliver.

Without a time machine to whizz forward and prove what we're doing it geared solely for long term profit building, we have to just let things run as they are keep reporting on our progress.

I can give more detailed examples of what I'm probably not explained great here though, and I will in future posts.

The initial set up problems are things we addressed, and instead of hiding from what needed to do we faced them head on.

Ultimately doing a better than expected job, as the way it is now compared to the initial concept far exceeds my projections.

The services run fully automated, move with trends, bets are placed quickly for all members, information is readily available with staking advice, Cloud Bet Bot is included at no extra cost and has the highest level of stability compared to any other online betting software solution.

When I started with the automation I'd assumed everyone knew they were brand new concepts, and as such would set up sensibly to allow for this fact.

I was mostly wrong and quickly realised I need to provide a lot more guidance for people and translate what is going on in my brain to help everyone get off on the right foot.

This I've done and have been doing for pretty much the past year as things have gone from strength to strength.

The bulk of members now in this for the duration, and starting to both reap the rewards and be excited for the long term potential operating automated betting strategies.

I totally get it that if you've invested and the balance starts going the wrong way for a period of time, or just middles along it's difficult to see what I see and it may look like I'm just spinning you along, I get it.

Without that time machine all I can do is explain, let things run, and over time things will prove themselves.

When I began with this I didn't want to be seen as offering financial advice, given I'm not a financial advisor.

Also, these are betting strategies you're not buying a property, stock or share, albeit these can return a lot higher than the aforementioned, and act in much the same way over time, however it's classed as betting even though I'm not a tipster, and these are specifically long term armchair investments.

There is certainly a huge cross over from betting to investing with Exponential Bet, and the way we approach allocating our funds makes this all important if we're going to make a lot of money over the months and years to come.

Like any service it depends when you join as this will dictate your impression, if you look at the month by month results you will see what I mean.

I hope you are all set up correctly and in this for the duration though, as that's what matters most here, and if you're unsure with your betting set up just have a look at the System Overview for whatever strategy you use, and work out if your points matches mine, if you understand everything fully, if not just ask.

Bet Focus & Staking Advice Continued

I'd like to bring your attention to last weeks update here:

In this I mentioned Bet Focus had made so far in June +123.51 points profit if betting with BSP selected and straight betting.

If you acted on this and decided to join to start betting on the 28th June you'd now be +27.10 points in profit at BSP, or approx +42 points profit if opting for Exchange (MTP) betting.

The previous two months for Bet Focus had made a loss overall which you can see on the monthly breakdown numbers.

Sensible money management is vital if you're going to see the months when the balance recoups and pushes on to a new high.

Some people left over that two month period and as always I wished them well, but if you did that fact is your losses would now be recouped with a very good profit banked.

This is visible in the graph below as it's done this numerous times to reach the +527.70 points profit BSP betting, and +619.26 profit Exchange (MTP) betting.

The service aims to deliver +300 to +500 points profit over a 12 month period.

To achieve this a recommended minimum points balance of 300 is required to be set up from any starting amount of real money you put in to bet with.

At no stage has this system come close to tanking a bet bank and also worked within the established parameters.

The losing months are published, but like all the services they are set up for long term growth and this means allocating the right levels of monetary amounts per bet.

You start with the service you want to follow and work backwards.

Think about the amount you want to put in, split it in to points for the strategy, then you can establish the actual value of a point per bet on your chosen bet type, and you're then off to the races done and dusted.

You should be working always within your comfort levels if this is done correctly, and prepared for the inevitable dips to reach the highs.

The Detailed Result Overview graph below for Bet Focus and stats show what I mean.

If you had joined and not set up your balance properly the slightest dip could have wiped your money, and you would no doubt leave with a negative view of the service.

Even though you can see what has been achieved with 1 point per bet and a 300 point start balance, if your staking isn't in line and protecting you while working within your own personal comfort zone you will end up with different results, and most probably make the decision to quit and miss the high growth periods.

I see it time and time again, which is why I am emphasizing it at length here today, whilst sat at the PC on a Sunday when I should be getting ready to leave for my mothers 69th birthday party.

She will kill me...

Bet Focus 1.6.20 to 3.7.21

Find out more about Bet Focus here:

betting system

In Play Bet Club & Betting Activity

It's been a long news update today so I'll keep this section to the point.

The In Play Bet Club is being tested technically and we're presently making sure it does exactly what we want before launching the service.

If you've missed this up to now, it will be a limited space club for members where I place live in running bets to their Betfair account via Cloud Bet Bot each week.

Staking etc is completely in each members control.

As soon as I have some firm news on dates and when we will send invites I'll make sure to publish news here in the blog, and of course anyone that's already registered as wanting to join will be informed directly.

If you are interested in this and have not previously registered and received confirmation you're on the list, just send me an email with Cloud Betting In Play in the subject line, and I'll make sure you're added to either the first wave invite list, or whenever future spaces become available.

My recent bet activity using Bet Mover has only been a couple of days this week, which I'll publish early next week in the Toolbox, You Tube, and finally set up a home page on Exponential Bet for the software platform.

I bet in approx nine races across two days and lost just one bet, which was simply a bet I made to practise betting in a race type I won't be using in the In Play Club. I'll explain more when I publish the video though of course.

Also you may have noticed some colours as shown in the image below appearing within Bet Mover and some new features, I'll explain more about these as well and how you can use them to your advantage.

in play betting

Finally, my part 1 guide will hopefully be read this month for In Play Betting I promise I'm doing my best with this to make it available, and will cover the two main methods I use with the software in it's current up to date form.

Thanks for reading I hope you found this useful.

I have to dash off now as I'm running late and need to drive for an hour now to visit my family, so excuse any delays replying for the next 24 hours, but I'll be back on Monday to update site results including ratchet numbers, and will post again then.



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