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+123.51 Points Profit This Month

Bet Focus is demonstrating again so far this month how it can have exceptional winning periods while absorbing any dips to push the balance continually in the right direction.

1/6/21 to 27/6/21 Exchange Straight Betting

  • +123.51 Points Profit BSP.

  • +144.87 Points Profit Exchange (MTP).

  • Requires a minimum of 300 points starting balance if betting with 1 point per bet.

  • Predicted annual profit circa 500 points, with an estimated annual drawdown approx 150 points.

  • Exchange Straight Betting means whatever you enter as stake is placed as a back to win bet on each selected horse. Which there can be 2 to 5 bets in each qualifying race. As you can see above, 41 races but 121 actual bets so far in June.

Bet Focus 1.6.21 to 27.6.21 - Target Profit Betting

  • +6.81 Points Profit Exchange (MTP).

  • Target Profit betting can only be direct to the Exchange as the bet has to be calculated before a race commences, which means BSP is unavailable when selecting Target Profit.

  • Requires a minimum of 100 points starting balance if betting with 1 point per bet.

  • Predicted annual profit between 50 to 100 points, with a drawdown approx 15 points.

  • Very low drawdown and good for larger investments due to minimal risk attached.

  • Target Profit calculates the amount of stake entered as a profit on each applicable bet which significantly reduces overall bet exposure.

For a more detailed overview of the betting progress for Bet Focus visit:

BSP betting means everyone is matched at the same odds and liquidity pre race is not an issue.

There is a minimum bet requirement for BSP betting enforced by Betfair.

Exchange (MTP) can be more profitable overall as you bets are fired to Betfair before the race commences unlike BSP, but odds will vary for each member as the bets eat up the available money on each horse when placed, and thus move the market.

There is no minimum bet requirement is using our software to place the bets direct to the exchange for you.

If you need any advice on setting up staking or identifying what strategy may be right for you, just drop me an email and I'll be able to get you on the right track.

The weeks results are now updated for all the automated services.

To view the results simply visit Exponential Bet and from the main menu select the service you wish to examine by clicking on Betting Strategies, from there you will find all six to choose from with the detailed results and Ratchet numbers updated.



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