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+30.90 Points Profit in March


This is just a brief update to let you know the Exponential Bet Automated Strategy results are updated, and available to view from the results page here:

Last month all but one of the six strategies finished in profit, with the highest earning strategy being Place Lay Multi betting exchange straight, but Sure Favs High finishing not far being.

Overall the results published show +30.90 points profit betting minutes to post if running all available Exponential Bet strategies with one point per bet.

You can find the join up options for all strategies on the join page here:

Alternatively, you can find the sign up options for each strategy individually on their own respective strategy pages, with more information about each service, including recommended points investment.

Place Lay Multi - Exchange Straight - 1st December 2020 to 31st March 2024

place betting strategy

I lost a day yesterday due to the bank holiday, and Nigel requiring more time to work on the database for Cloud Bet Bot, which means I'm a day behind where I want to be for the Portfolio Bet launch later this week.

The launch date for this week is still on though, although it will likely be on Sunday ready for Monday's racing.

All invites to join will be sent when the payment portal is ready. We should still have the payment and subscriptions set up and ready over the next couple of days, and I will aim to have the full breakdown for each strategy option listed here in the blog by Thursday.

This will include side by side comparison results showing BSP and MTP betting side by side.

The software itself is betting exactly as it should and following the strategies, so this has now been full tested and is ready for member bets.

It is the admin processes that are taking a while longer, with our new complete membership set up that gives everyone a clear view of what they are subscribed and have purchased, with the ability to customize your profile and decide what you receive from us, including the ability to cancel your membership should you decide, or re subscribe / upgrade to another plan.

All from one login that will be with you from the start, and makes it a lot more professional from our side, and much easier to manage from yours.

This is now added to the site, with a final rinse through of test purchases being made to ensure it operates exactly as it should when it comes to added or removing members from the Portfolio Bet software.

Sorry not the most interesting Portfolio Bet update today, but I will make it up to you on Thursday when I blast through the included strategies, and show you detailed breakdowns for different betting periods, and of course as mentioned BSP compared to MTP.

If you are interested in receiving an invite to join Portfolio Bet, and to receive the 17% additional pre register discount, you simply need to visit and click on Notify Me, then submit your email address.

As soon as we are ready to send invites later this week, you will be the first to hear from us.

Thank you for reading today, I'll be back on Thursday with the Portfolio Bet strategy breakdown, to show you what strategies are included within the portfolio.

Best Regards


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