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Portfolio Bet Part 3 Update

Today I will cover the nitty gritty with investment amounts required for Portfolio Bet, how much you can start with that covers the membership fee, and how you can build your profit amounts through sensible re investment over time.

I'm still hanging on for Nige to finish his database work from yesterday, so today I cannot go over the strategies included within Portfolio Bet.

I was planning to show each of the included strategies in more detail, and demonstrate how our projected average annual returns are calculated.

They are calculated very generously, and the historical live betting and data tested results I have to share with you show this.

I will have to post an addendum update later this week to include this result data, which I will do ahead of sending the invite to join email for everyone registered.

That said, I can still cover the details of what will be included with Portfolio Bet today, starting with the two subscription options.

To join Portfolio Bet you can select either quarterly or yearly.

The subscriptions as they will be laid out on site are as follows:

Quarterly subscription £99.00

Annual subscription cost £299.00

For everyone registered for an invite to join, you will receive an additional 17% discount off the annual membership, bringing this down to £249.00.

It is not too late to register for an invite, all you need to do is visit and click Notify Me, then fill in your email address.

Later this week I will send invites to everyone registered, with a secure link and password protected page, offering the annual discount listed above and quarterly sign up option.

It makes sense to join for the year in mv opinion, as this is a long term bet investing service, so you can save yourself a good chunk of the membership fee with this offer.

Portfolio Bet will aim to reach an average annual points profit total of +300 points for its members. That is the working annual projected average profit we want to return.

Which means even if you're betting with just a £1 per bet, you should be clearing your membership costs, but of course you want to more than clear membership fees as there is little point in that, so anything upwards of £1 up to the £250 max stake value will do just that.

Hypothetically, if you were betting with £250 max stake as one point per bet, you would be advised by the Portfolio Bet software to invest a 200 point balance, which would be £50,000 invested.

The software would auto correct your stake amount to £250 if you entered £50,000 as your investment, and vice versa if you entered £250 as your stake, it would show the advised investment figure.

Working with the projected returns for Portfolio Bet at 300 points per annum on average, £250 per bet is a profit of £75,000 per annum.

Working with a more realistic amount, and in line with approx. what 30% of our membership bets with, £25 stake per bet would put you on target for an average annual profit of £7500, and require a £5000 investment if using our advised 200 points.

Approx. 20% of our member base bets with £50 stake per bet, which would require £10k invested, but could return circa £15,000 pa.

The most common bet size amount is £10 per bet, and this qualifies anyone who bets this amount to select BSP, given that is the minimum Betfair required amount for a lay bet at BSP fixed liability. Anything below £10 would not have lay bets matched if BSP is selected.

£10 stake per bet means an investment size of £2000, and working on an average return of 300 points every twelve months is of course £3000 profit. £5 obviously is looking to return £1500 pa, with £1000 invested advised.

All of the profit amounts listed here that depend on your stake size can be built upon, and re invested over the months and years, up to the maximum allowed stake per bet of £250.

Which means the maximum achievable annual return for Portfolio Bet using the 300 point target per annum would be £75,000.

As this is exchange betting that is all your profit minus commission, which we advise setting to 2% of course if possible in your country.

You are also not going to be banned for winning too much, as you will with all other none exchange based betting strategies. As Betfair want you to win and pay them your commission.

You may very well over time reach the higher premium rate levels for Betfair, but if you have friends or family that is easily side stepped, if you catch my drift.

As an example of building profit, and re investing everything you made annually.

If you started with £10 stake per bet, followed our advised points levels, and assuming we hit the target each year, this is how it could look progressing to the max stake size.

betfair betting system

Over this betting cycle you will of course have some years that make more than average projected annual points profit, and other years that make less, so this growth could come faster or slower, but overall you can see through a process of long term planning, and consistent results, it is possible to steadily increase your investment amount to begin making an incredible annual tax free profit.

Portfolio Bet is built upon combining the best strategies that work together to deliver consistent results.

You could approach this in a multitude of ways, and make withdrawals annually, taking a slower line of re investment, to begin working from just profit initially. It is fully in your control to manage the staking however you decide.

Portfolio Bet is possibly the easiest betting strategy to understand and operate, with just a quick registration required if you're not already a Cloud Bet Bot user, if you are then Portfolio Bet will appear in your dashboard after joining.

The stake, or the investment amount is required to be entered, and then saved to the software.

This enables Portfolio Bet to use that point value per bet, and place qualifying bets for each of the included betting strategies within the portfolio.

This is all managed for you as a member, with nothing else required on your side.

If you do ever want to change your stake amount, this is fully in your control, as is cancelling your membership should your circumstances change.

Results are recorded in your bet history within the software, which you can download as a CSV file anytime.

We want everyone who joins Portfolio Bet to have the very best experience, as it is unlike any other betting strategy or service in operation, in fact unlike anything that has existed previously.

The bets will be very active each day, and working towards an impressive average annual points profit.

The currently included strategies operate solely in the win market for maximum liquidity potential.

There will be more strategies included that enhance the overall performance of the service, as we progress and develop this over time.

However, from your perspective, and in my opinion, you should only be interested in the profit growth you will witness over the years, which you can use to withdraw, re invest, or partially re invest.

The goal for Portfolio Bet is of course to provide a service that makes money for its members, but does so with our members not having to calculate points, or work out how much to put on one system and how much on another, or worrying if some bets will clash with other systems in operation, as everything is managed within one portfolio, with one stake amount for both backing and laying.

The point profit growth for backing and laying is all factored in to the strategy operations, and set to work well within the recommended points investment amount. The investment amount is set at a comfortable level.

Members can override this and bet with whatever stake and points balance they decide, but we will always provide guidance on what we recommend based on our experience running automated strategies for the past five years.

I'll leave it here for today, but be back again later this week with Portfolio Bet Addendum Update covering the included strategies, then shortly after send the invitation emails to everyone registered.

You can still register for an invite by visiting and clicking the Notify Me button, then enter your email address.

Thanks for reading.

Best Regards


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