Running Total Assessment Pt1

Today's blog focuses on live betting results for JV MK2 Betting System achieved from February to March 2020.

We will go into more detail than published results, examining the up and downs, and looking at how a running total can change over a betting period.

The results below used the pre lockdown selection filters, and as racing returns to normality will gradually be put back in place.

The current filter set up is adjusted for the new race card post lockdown for JV MK2, RDB Dutch and RDB Straight.

I will go over June's results from when racing resumed, to show how we set up post lockdown for all strategies, and highlight changes applied to adjust to the new race schedule in my next blog post.

I'll move on to July as we finish this month, looking back to assess how we got on in more detail, and then prepare for another shift in race type as we head into August.

Each month I'll do a regular running total assessment for the strategies, dipping into races examining how the run of betting performed over time.

As mentioned in my previous blog post I'm keeping a close eye on the trends affecting racing, as Researcher is being continually broadened to include a wider spread of stats.

This is set up to capture alternate ways of betting and trading, and we will be exploiting the current race card from different angles very soon.

I will have more to share on this later in the month, as the goal is to head into August with a side by side option available to members, along with a trading option. All will be revealed and I will explain more closer to being available.

Today the focus is on the run of betting that returned +18 points profit for the JV MK2, from the 17th Feb to 16th March 2020.

During the same time period +15.74 points for RDB Straight banked, with -0.05 points for RDB Dutch. I'll include more detailed information on their running totals, and what to expect in the coming months for all services.

horse racing betting

The stats above show a positive month for JV MK2 with an impressive strike rate, more winning days than losing, with a decent profit betting flat stakes per bet, as we d