Make Money During The Downtime

With Covid 19 putting a stop to UK racing for now, are you looking for ways to fill in the gap and make money from racing.

At Exponential Bet we're set up solely for UK racing, with automated betting systems running on Cloud Bet Bot using UK race data, so a switch to Irish, USA, or Australian would literally be a knee jerk reaction.

If we suddenly jump to a different country and run the JV MK2 or Remote Daily Betting services, there is no data to support how they would perform, and quite possibly they could lose money that would undo all the good work.

That would be the last thing we all need at this moment in time, as things are tough enough. It's better to ride it out, and resume where we left off on a solid foundation.

I am looking at new options however covering USA, AUS, and Irish racing using alternate systems, but I've no set ETA for this to be complete.

However, there are still services and tools online set up to profit from international racing.

This is what I recommend.

Hedger Pro

  • Online betting and trading platform.

  • Currently free to use with Irish racing.

Hedger Pro is a back to lay and back betting data rich Betfair tool, this helps you assess horses quickly using a wealth of information, and then set custom bets and trades all in one platform.