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Make Money During The Downtime

With Covid 19 putting a stop to UK racing for now, are you looking for ways to fill in the gap and make money from racing.

At Exponential Bet we're set up solely for UK racing, with automated betting systems running on Cloud Bet Bot using UK race data, so a switch to Irish, USA, or Australian would literally be a knee jerk reaction.

If we suddenly jump to a different country and run the JV MK2 or Remote Daily Betting services, there is no data to support how they would perform, and quite possibly they could lose money that would undo all the good work.

That would be the last thing we all need at this moment in time, as things are tough enough. It's better to ride it out, and resume where we left off on a solid foundation.

I am looking at new options however covering USA, AUS, and Irish racing using alternate systems, but I've no set ETA for this to be complete.

However, there are still services and tools online set up to profit from international racing.

This is what I recommend.

Hedger Pro

  • Online betting and trading platform.

  • Currently free to use with Irish racing.

Hedger Pro is a back to lay and back betting data rich Betfair tool, this helps you assess horses quickly using a wealth of information, and then set custom bets and trades all in one platform.

I'll begin publishing some new video content using Hedger Pro with the Irish racing soon.

I have published a video demonstrating how to use Hedger Pro which you can locate here:

Race Stats App

  • A very interesting a powerful online tool that uses Betfair Starting Prices to find winners.

  • Currently available to use with Australian racing.

  • Comes with a 7 day free trial.

horse racing betting

I've known Mike the creator of RSA for about a year, and know he's committed to providing a purely data driven platform.

All the training and tools are included to help you get started and know how to read RSA, and I have personally enjoyed many days profiting using this platform.

It's definitely worth the effort, and one I strongly recommend.

During this UK racing downtime I'll look to add some extra video using RSA with Australian racing.

Additional Resources

A couple of final mentions are,

Racecards and form tools are currently FREE for EVERYONE. No registration required.

Access detailed trainer and sire data, form profiling, pace and more. No charge.

I know Nigel uses this site for data analysis, so it must be worth a mention.

Caan Berry

I noticed Caan Berry is running a challenge to hit 100k subscribers, and he will reveal the inner workings how he makes money online.

I only mention this one as I've learned a lot from Caan over the years and he's known as one of the good guys, so I'm expecting big things when he reaches target and reveals all on his YouTube channel.

He's also pledged to donate what he demonstrates making while recording this for YouTube to help people with a problem gambling, so his intentions to boost his subscriber base aside in order to share this system, that is a worthy cause, and if what he's got to show us is gold dust which he explains it is in the video below, then it's definitely worth a look.

You can find out more in this video, and subscribe to his channel to stay updated.

I'm taking a break for a few days this week to regroup, and begin planning my schedule to prepare for the return of UK racing.

I have data to dive in to for RDB and JV MK2, finish the Trading Service Update, and populate a new membership platform, so I've plenty to crack on with.

I'll also publish new video content soon for Hedger Pro and RSA, demonstrating how I use these to make a profit.

Today I really just wanted to share some information, to keep you active and afloat during this enforced Exponential Bet downtime.

Stay healthy and well everyone, that's the most important thing right now.


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