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Exponential Bet News 26/2/20

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Today's blog covers the JV MK2 Betting System, and how the service has developed since launch.

JV MK2 is a fully automated horse racing system that operates using Cloud Bet Bot (CBB), exactly like Remote Daily Betting which uses the same platform, but instead of placing lay bets like RDB with an optional backing strategy, JV MK2 runs just one system placing back to win bets.

It targets specific racing scenarios and focuses on the most likely winner at 10 minutes pre race, giving members the option to bet at that moment using the exchange, or with BSP when the race goes in play.

If you're a member of RDB and JV MK2 you access both services via the same login with CBB, making everything very easy to manage.

Memberships that include both of these services under a One Subscription are available here:

Set up for both of these systems is a breeze, and they're designed to run on auto pilot requiring no daily input from members.

Anyone looking to run a betting system across UK horse racing, but without time available to follow the racing or place the bets, this type of betting is ideal.

JV MK2 much like RDB have both been on a brief development journey to reach current versions, and now finally settled operating robust selection methods.

The strike rate for the JV MK2 at time of publishing is 37.99%, with an average odds on the back bet of 3.30 decimal, and if betting a £100 per bet flat stake from the 1/1/20 to the 26/2/20 using BSP odds, a profit of £3792.06 would have been achievable.

Over the past seven days if betting with JV MK2 using BSP you would have returned +9.62 points profit, and that's with a heavy losing day included.

If betting with exchange selected as your chosen option, you would have returned closer to +7 points.

Exchange betting is really for anyone betting below Betfair minimum stakes at SP, but some members prefer this. It's still unknown if exchange betting or BSP is more profitable long term, and this will come out in the wash running the service over the years to come.

This type of betting however is not for everyone, as you will have winning and losing periods along the way. The fact it's automated also has to be considered before running a system like this, as you're setting stakes, putting in your bank roll, and letting the bot do the rest for you.

It's definitely a long game as you can see from the graph below, with some highs and lows, but overall the predicted annual growth of +300 points at this moment is achievable.

As we're coming out of the winter months and abandoned racing period soon, I expect things to pick up over the quality racing up to the end of October.

horse racing betting system

If you're interested in signing up to the JV MK2 and you feel this type of automated betting is what you're looking for, you can find the subscription options on this page:

Now for more of an explanation about how the service has developed over the past few months, and partly why I've been quieter than normal with my blogging of late.

As I wrote in yesterday's blog post we do get there in the end, but sometimes it takes a bit of failing forward to realise exactly what needs to be done with betting or trading services.

I'd rather 'start now and get perfect later', credit to Rob Moore for putting what I already knew into words with that quote, because the entire process of creating something worthwhile would never happen without some initial burst of activity and action.

Some people would see changing and making improvements as a sign of weakness, that everything should have been exactly right from the start. I understand this mindset, and in an ideal world that would be the case for absolutely everything, but as we know it is not like this, as everything requires constant improvement to stay current and to be successful.

There is a difference between constantly fiddling with your stakes, or chopping and changing ideas every five minutes with anything you're doing, this is not what I mean by making changes, as this will never bring long term success if applied to anything in life.

You know this to be true if you're always changing your mind in a relationship, with your career for example, or if you're adjusting your staking following a betting system or even swapping systems constantly, stopping and starting missing the profit points as you dip in and out. I see this a lot.

Taking decisive action and making important decisions based on a logical proactive thought process is another thing entirely, and this can drive a business or service to where it needs to be. It is in fact an essential key element to achieving success.

Anyone that has ever set up a business, done anything creative in the business sphere from the ground up, and / or made decisions that will significantly impact themselves or clients will know exactly what I mean here. If you stagnate, procrastinate, and ruminate for too long, you will fail.

I do not have a huge ego, (believe it or not, but it's a little known fact), however we all have some part of the ego that drives us, but it has to be balanced in combination with pride. Pride in what you're doing in life, that you're doing the right thing for yourself, and you can justify this when you look in the mirror, and to other people if challenged.

As I've matured I'm pleased to state I'm primarily driven by pride, and this means being decisive and making tough decisions is something I've now become quite good at.

I'm no longer butting heads with myself trying to prove I'm something I'm not, or flogging a dead horse so to speak when it needs to be left to die. I can step back and decide whether it's time to let go and move on from an idea, or if it should have more time invested.

When I see anything in my business that needs work, I begin drilling through the areas that require my immediate attention, and decisions are now made as swiftly as possible.

I don't live in fear worrying about what people think about me anymore, if I know it's the right thing to do I feel it inside and run with that. I'm never thinking, oh no I can't change this because my ego is far too huge and what will people think of me, and how could I ever admit I am wrong as I need to show I am always right.... That's an unnecessary obstacle I just don't need to be putting in front of myself.

I need to show people I am instead a man of my word, and sometimes that means admitting when I'm wrong.

A huge part of why I took a step back from writing so much was due to allocating my time and resources to making things right.

If I'm constantly posting blogs as was the case, and not dedicating my energy deeply in to an area of my life that is very important, then I'm not as focused as I should be, and setting myself up to fail.

I'd rather face this fact, turn down the background noise of what does not actually matter if everything else is that does matter is failing, and re tune what I am dedicating my time toward.

Instead of worrying about what people think or what I need to put in my next post, I'm now assessing how a task I'm working on can be much better, as I have been strict with my time to devote to it. If I was wrong to think it was good enough in the first place that's fine, I'm okay holding my hands in the air on that bad call, and will do the work required to make things right again.

Even these blog posts are now structured in to my working day, along with replying to members. Which is another reason I took a step out the limelight, as each post I publish can create a flurry of emails. Which on one hand is amazing and I count my lucky stars I have an audience, but on the other I could literally spend all day replying. #deathbyemail

I've since worked out a timetable and method of response for this to prioritise my time, but I won't bore you with that. Rest assured if you need my time it's yours if you're genuine and have question, or need my support as a member, or anyone new to the site.

I only want to run an honest open service, something completely different than what's out there in every way. Both with the way the systems operate uniquely, and how I communicate with you. I treat you as you treat me, as this site and the services are my creations, and very personal to me as I'm not a corporate giant.

I know some members appreciate this personal approach, but others loath it. I wrote in an email to members of the JV MK2 service when I introduced the latest updated selection filters, justifying my logic for change. It wasn't working, and needed a new approach quite simply.

I'm delighted to report that 90% of the members of my site are an intelligent bunch, they understood the decision, agreed, and gave me the vote of support.

This bamboozles some people (the other 10%), and they get their knickers in a right old twist if you remain calm and reassess a situation. They are stuck trying to be right or prove you wrong. Wasted energy in my opinion. Instead I'm doing my best to be smart with time and decisions, which is all I genuinely care about. If I can become better at making decisions and work smarter, then it benefits everyone who follows my services.

I'd rather have something running correctly and doing the job I expect it to do, than denying the fact it is not working as it should, and sticking my head in the sand hoping it all goes away and corrects itself on its own. Spoiler alert, it never does...

Which brings me full circle back to the JV MK2 System, as this launched using Focus Ratings (FR) which I have been a strong advocate for a long time.

Keith who runs FR set up the original JV System using Race Researcher (an online horse racing data tool) and his ratings service combined.

Given my previous working relationship with Keith as someone who would regularly integrated his ratings in to my own betting and trading, and the fact I think his ratings are a useful tool, I thought this would be a perfect fit.

I will openly admit now this was not a good idea, and I was wrong with my decision to partner with Keith.

The difference between using and promoting Keith's services, to actually working with him very quickly became apparent, and that it would be difficult for him on a project of this scale, as we are two very different people.

I have respect for Keith and everything he's achieved with his ratings service, and wish him all the very best. However, he did not leave the service on the best of terms given that he just went AWOL.

I honestly couldn't make it up. I received an email stating he'd seen his arse with me, and that he would consider whether he wanted to continue. That's a nice luxury to have don't you think when you've a member base you should be putting ahead of everything else.

The service was running his filters that were not showing any profit, or reasonable logic with the selection method.

From my side I'm stuck in the middle trying to sort it out with him, while also finessing my JV MK2 in preparation to supersede his version, as I did not hold out much hope of a resolution.

I had disgruntled members which I spent a lot of time communicating on his behalf, when he should have been getting stuck in resolving this with me, while spinning a lot of plates. That is all I wanted after all, to work with him and make it better for the members to start returning a profit. I'd rather have resolved differences, and reached a higher understanding working together.

Instead he opted to take the hump with my comments about the service needing attention, and that he wasn't as focused as I thought he should be. Writing emails to members about going for walks in the woods after a very bad days betting I thought warranted some comment to readdress his focus on what matters, in my humble opinion.

I stand by this completely, and all my emails to him where honest, and from a place of only wanting the best for everyone.

This however meant for a period of time I was trying to establish contact and get to the bottom of any differences, which from my side where all focused on improving the service, the system results, customer contact, and asking for more overall responsibility.

I know I can be direct and to the point, this is part of what has got me where I am in life, but I make no apologies for wanting the right thing for my members first and foremost. As ultimately it's my reputation on the line, and Keith took the easiest option, to run away. Keith in my opinion began talking about pride when we set up the JV service, but left the JV service with his head in the sand letting his ego rule his actions.

I was never rude or offensive in my messages to Keith, but in this day and age where an ideology can somehow manipulate itself in to peoples minds as actual facts, I find it no surprise he took it this way.

It's a shame, as I gave him a month of no contact to get back to me with a plan of action, but he literally just fell off the map, and has not been seen or heard from since by either Nigel or myself.

I had to make a tough decision with Keith, and once at a stage of being able to introduce JV MK2 to Cloud Bet Bot it was just a matter of timing.

I've no regrets making the decision to end the arrangement we had, my only niggle is that it took so long to make the switch to the new JV MK2 set up, but we got there in the end.

If you think of life as a corridor with doors opening and closing opportunities as you travel forward, I saw this as a positive chance to take control of a service I'd wanted to run from the start, and definitely a door opening that I should walk through and drive the service in the right direction.

As I mentioned above it's better to fail forward than never attempt anything, and now with the JV MK2 running the selection filter I have wanted to introduce for months, we're finally in a very good place with this system, and have a better chance of success than ever before.

The goal now is simple, anywhere circa 300 points annual profit would be perfect, and from there I will build on the foundation of the service to introduce improvements looking for higher strike rates, and steadier profit growth.

In my next post I'll discuss automated betting vs manual ahead of introducing our new Trading Service early next month, as this subject has a lot of relevance on the back of discussing RDB and JV MK2 being they are fully automated, and trading is a mixture of both.

Trading will be reintroduced to Exponential Bet using Hedger Pro, and can be set up to run your trades semi automated, but requiring some manual selection following my simple to learn trading strategy.

No other software or subscriptions are required to locate and place the trades other than Hedger Pro, so once you're a member of the Trading Service all future trade strategies will be added at no extra cost, or included in the free to access system library.

I've mentioned this before in previous posts that's it's on the way, and I'm delighted to report it's finally at the stage of being available early March.

All previous members of my Trade Guide will receive this new updated PDF, that includes a video walk through of the trading process, and how to set it up using the new updated Hedger Pro.

If you're a new member to this service you have the option of joining to receive the PDF on its own with future updates included, or have it added with a yearly subscription to Hedger Pro at a reduced price.

As mentioned we now have One Subscription options available again, and the six monthly or yearly membership does come with the Trade PDF included, and all subscription options including monthly upward have Hedger Pro access.

That's me for another day signing off.

Thanks for reading.


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