Exponential Bet News 26/2/20

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Today's blog covers the JV MK2 Betting System, and how the service has developed since launch.

JV MK2 is a fully automated horse racing system that operates using Cloud Bet Bot (CBB), exactly like Remote Daily Betting which uses the same platform, but instead of placing lay bets like RDB with an optional backing strategy, JV MK2 runs just one system placing back to win bets.

It targets specific racing scenarios and focuses on the most likely winner at 10 minutes pre race, giving members the option to bet at that moment using the exchange, or with BSP when the race goes in play.

If you're a member of RDB and JV MK2 you access both services via the same login with CBB, making everything very easy to manage.

Memberships that include both of these services under a One Subscription are available here: https://www.exponentialbet.co.uk/betting-system-sign-up

Set up for both of these systems is a breeze, and they're designed to run on auto pilot requiring no daily input from members.

Anyone looking to run a betting system across UK horse racing, but without time available to follow the racing or place the bets, this type of betting is ideal.

JV MK2 much like RDB have both been on a brief development journey to reach current versions, and now finally settled operating robust selection methods.

The strike rate for the JV MK2 at time of publishing is 37.99%, with an average odds on the back bet of 3.30 decimal, and if betting a £100 per bet flat stake from the 1/1/20 to the 26/2/20 using BSP odds, a profit of £3792.06 would have been achievable.

Over the past seven days if betting with JV MK2 using BSP you would have returned +9.62 points profit, and that's with a heavy losing day included.

If betting with exchange selected as your chosen option, you would have returned closer to +7 points.