Expo News 1st April

With the days beginning to blend in to one long blur, I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.

Before I have a bit of rant about the current situation and update some race info you may have missed, here is a link for existing members giving clear instructions about how to manage your subscription during this downtime:


I've written to members confirming these instructions previously, and with a link to the 19th March blog post that explains what to do. This link is also on the homepage, all subscription pages, and in my email auto reply message to make sure everybody understands the options available.

If you have missed this instruction please check my emails are not going to your spam folder, as email clients can sometimes block anything bet related automatically, and I need to make sure I can get in touch right now to all members.

I'd like to thank all members who've decided to stick with us and weather this storm, and everybody who has sent goodwill messages. These are gratefully received.

The message back to everyone is that once racing resumes we will be ready to go, and any paid memberships affected during the race suspension period will be extended for everyone to ensure you receive what you have paid for. It's that simple.

This means everyone without exception, so if you've had to cancel this is completely understandable given the current climate of uncertainty, but you will still receive an extension for any paid subscription time affected by the racing being offline.

Regarding the racing itself, the industry is going to be deeply affected by this interruption that is a fact.

However, they are making the right noises about getting started sensibly, using specific locations to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the NHS, for example holding racing only at specific tracks within an acceptable radius in the South of England, then at a specific time switching to the North, and so on.

Also, starting with only flat racing to significantly reduce the potential for injury. Jockeys will also be a consideration I've read somewhere, to only include very experienced jockeys to begin with, and obviously behind closed doors.

They are gearing up in preparation for this on the 1st May if given the go ahead, so even if it's not on this date the fact they are planning like this with a keen eye on the details is encouraging.

We are all affected by this loss of racing, and the impact on the economy is yet to be established, but you can read more about the plans to resume on the BHA website: https://www.