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Existing Member Instructions RE: Covid 19

With all UK race meetings cancelled Exponential Bet services are paused until further notice. 

Please do not subscribe to any Exponential Bet service during this period until racing resumes, as we are not be able to provide a service at this moment.  

If you subscribe during this suspended period of racing, we will extend your membership once racing is available again.   

Existing members you have three options to manage your membership while we're offline.

You can request I suspend your plan, you can do nothing and leave it to me to extend when back online, or cancel and receive your extension once available.

Please make sure my emails are not going to your spam folder, we have sent instructions for how to manage your membership and will send more with details of extension periods, so it's important you do not miss these messages.

Your subscriptions will be fully extended once we know when racing is due to restart, when we have a firm date each member will be notified ahead of the racing. 

This means whatever you have paid will be fully covered to allow for this downtime.  

You will receive an email to confirm your membership is suspended, and this will stop further payments being taken. We will also confirm the length of your extension period, and when payments will resume after this. 

However, if you need to cancel your renewals in the meantime we completely understand as it's a difficult time for everyone.

Regardless of whether you cancel or not, your membership will still be fully extended once racing resumes for any paid period, with an email sent to explain this, and you will be invited to rejoin when things return to normality.

I can also suspend your membership now on request, this means no further payments will be taken during this unforeseen downtime.


These will resume once the membership extension has been covered as explained above.  

Please email to request a membership suspension in the subject line.  

I will then confirm it's been set up for you, and PayPal will also email directly to confirm the payments have been been stopped. 

Please do let me know if you have any further questions. 

We hope you and your families are staying safe during this difficult period, that is the most important thing to consider right now, it's a very troubling time for everyone.

Exponential Bet will return better than ever once racing restarts, thank you for your kind support during this unforeseen period.

You can stay up to date with Exponential Bet news by registering on our mailing list at  

Additionally, please follow us on social media for updates, and my regular blog posts here:

Racing news updates can also be found at the BHA website here:

Stay well.


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