Dutch Betting +37% Profit

Dutch betting at Exponential Bet deserves a positive shout, as it's the unsung hero of the site and the old lady of my betting systems.

Currently boasting an 18 bet win run for the One Dutch with a +37% profit recorded operating at 95% strike rate.

This is the primary Dutching method, which has been adapted from the six selection methods I began publishing in 2017. It's now simplified to one bet with a ratcheted staking plan using 5% of total bank per bet.

The latest edition to the Dutching strategies Value Dutch Betting is off the mark with 3 straight wins, today's Dutch as you can see below coming in with a 20% profit.

dutch betting

Value Dutching will start to pick up pace now, and I expect one or two of these bets a week going forward.

Dutch Singles will restart in September and available to all members, which will be operated using the strategy editor within Fairbot.

I'm confident this new Dutching system will become a fan favourite, and return a very tidy profit year in year out. This is the one most likely to be used as an income generator, whereas the One Dutch and Value Dutch Bet are more for your long term investors.

I delayed Dutch Singles launch for this reason, until the developers at Fairbot introduce the changes required to operate this system fairly