Expo News 6th December

In today's news post:

  • Weekly result update and round up for the Automated Betting Strategies.

  • Important service news.

  • Essential comparison (to help you see the light). :-)

  • In Play Bet Club progress and upcoming guide.

  • A welcome return to manual Dutch Betting coming soon.

Today's news blog is a long one and mainly text, so strap yourself in, grab a coffee or whatever your tipple, and get into it if you dare.

Just a quick one before I begin, the video recordings I promised to cover the services in a detailed overview, and also the video FAQ mentioned a couple of months ago will happen when I'm moved in to my new home in January, and feeling healthier after my op.

They are both very important to me and will add value to the services, helping members with set up and any money management questions. They will always be there as a resource and available 24/7 when I'm unavailable.

You can expect to start seeing these added to the site as a resource around February 2022.

Automated Betting Strategies

The results for all services are now updated to include last weeks betting, the monthly totals for November, the Ratchet figures, and also the start of the new quarter starting in December for Ratchet with Place Betting, as instructed last week to reset and get ready for the three months ahead.

You can view the results for each service via the main menu by selecting Betting Strategies, then from the drop down choose the strategy results you wish to examine to find the detailed overview, month by month, and Ratchet numbers if it applies to the strategy you have selected.

The Week in Brief

Overall last week we made a great profit across the majority of services and options.