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Expo News 17th January

In today's news post:

  • Automated Betting Strategy weekly result assessment with month to date and Ratchet figures covered in detail.

  • In Play Bet Club update with latest results and start date information.

Today primarily is all about the results.

You will be able to see how we got on last week, the month so far, and for some of the strategies I have included Ratchet betting assessments.

There is more information on the In Play Bet Club including latest betting numbers recorded.

The results for the automated services are now published and available to view online at Exponential Bet, bringing them all up to date until the end of racing Sunday 16th January 2022.

To examine any result for each service simply select Betting Strategies from the main menu, and use the drop down to navigate to the strategy you wish to look at in more detail.

Today I've added a lot more result information than usual, and will do this monthly going forward, mid month every month feels about the right time to assess things.

Every service has a choice of different betting options and staking available within the software provided, such as straight flat staking, target profit, fixed liability, BSP etc.

I have grouped all bet options together by service, ie Sure Favs, Bet Focus, Place Betting, and Racing Lays, but in the order of the highest performer so far this month for each strategy.

You have the different bet type option results for each strategy recorded below, with the highest monthly performer having a Ratchet examination where applicable.

I thought it would be helpful to show how each paid service is performing overall, and include some of the Ratchet figures for the highest ranked option in the results below.

The weekly results showing the last seven days betting for each strategy is of course shown below, with the full statistical information and graphs to examine.

Each group is ordered from the top down based on the highest monthly performance figures for per service for January 2022.

That's enough explaining as it all should be straightforward, but if you have any questions please let me know.

Automated Betting Strategy Results

Sure Favs Main - 1st January to 16th January 2022

betting system

A consistent run of bets for Sure Favs Main to push the balance to a new profit high, which has happened two weeks on the trot, and got us off to a good start this year.

The Ratchet numbers for Sure Favs Main if betting with BSP over the betting period from the 1st June 2021 to 16th January 2022 are +47.19 points, with Minutes to Post betting (MTP) even higher at +56.98 points profit.

A betting period for Sure Favs operates over a twelve month cycle. Here is the current bet cycle below.

Sure Favs Main 1% Ratchet 1/6/21 to 16/1/22

ratchet betting system

Ratchet betting carries caveats of course, and you can see above the strategy took months to begin hitting a sharp upturn in profits, but it is worth noting and bringing to your attention with an impressive ROI, strike rate, which considering the profit and bet volume it has a perfectly acceptable drawdown using Ratchet.

Since we began publishing results on the 1st June 2020 to the 16th January 2022 with a 1% Ratchet applied the numbers for Sure Favs Main are currently at +143.57 BSP, and for MTP +167.32.

You can find Ratchet numbers for Sure Favs all options about halfway down the service page for this strategy.

Here are the numbers for last weeks betting.

Sure Favs Main - 10th January to 16th January 2022

make money online

You can see the peak with the betting last week then some losses, but overall backing the favourite in the selected eight races we made a good profit.

Sure Favs also has two other betting options, Sure Favs High and Sure Favs Foundation. The latter I record both straight staking and target profit betting.

Here are the monthly, and weekly results so far for each of these strategies.

Sure Favs Foundation Straight Staking - 1st January to 16th January 2022

betfair exchange betting

Sure Favs Foundation Straight Staking - 10th January to 16th January 2022

betting system

Sure Favs High - 1st January to 16th January 2022

automated betting

Sure Favs High - 10th January to 16th January 2022

value betting system

You can sign up or view the results in more detail for Sure Favs here:

Place Lay Multi Straight Staking - 1st January to 16th January 2022

lay betting system

Place Lay Multi may have had a tough couple of days and dropped points last week, but after a solid comeback to form recently with the points gathered already in 2022, it's undeniable the strategy is now steadily on the rise again running at a confident level of consistency.

This is shown to better effect over the longer term data on the service page, where it's visibly obvious the strategy had a couple of stand out periods where it's dipped over a stretch of months, but each time battled back pushing the balance back to a very appealing upward curve of profit.

In fact the upward curves after these dips in form are incredible with a recent three month period banking three figure points growth.

We're now riding this curve again upward after bottoming with the dip, and I expect Place Lay Multi to reach a new record profit high either this month or next.

Place Lay Multi Straight Staking - 10th January to 16th January 2022

place betting betfair exchange

Place Lay Multi Liability Betting - 10th January to 16th January 2022

fixed liability betting

Place Lay Multi got off to a bad start last week and the service had a glimpse of redemption over the seven days, but Saturday and Sunday's bets did not go in our favour to bring us back down from profit, and finish in the minus over the week.

Ratchet betting for place betting services is refreshed every quarter, and the current cycle is running from the 1st December 2021 to 28th February 2022.

Place Lay Multi is in profit across all bet options so far this period with Ratchet at 1%, with straight staking showing the most return on investment.

+19.03 points profit betting MTP with a 1% Ratchet selected from the 1st December 21 to 16th January 22.

Place Lay Multi - 1% Ratchet 1/6/21 to 16/1/22

investing in betting

We will run the current ratchet cycle for all the place betting options until the end of February, then reset the Ratchet calculation and go again for another three months, and so on.

The recorded profits for Place Lay Multi from the 1/12/20 up until 16/1/22 straight staking with a 1% ratchet selected are +766.23 points profit.

This we can without doubt call a success with losing periods factored in, this is a lot of money banked so far, and with the three month cycle protecting it the balance won't hit swings that are too high.

With BSP selected liability betting over the same period the returns to date are +149.54 points BSP, and with the MTP option we have reached +282.56 points profit.

This has been recorded resetting the ratchet every three months over this entire betting period.

The other two strategies included with the Place Betting service are Place Back Multi and Place Lay Single.

Here are the monthly and weekly results for each shown below.

Place Back Multi Straight Staking - 1st January to 16th January 2022

place betting system

From the 15th January Place Back Multi had its trend update applied which I've previously mentioned was in process, and you can see the immediate impact of this in the results above.

Place Back Multi Target Profit Betting - 1st January to 16th January 2022

each way betting

Here are the weekly results.

Place Back Multi Straight Staking - 10th January to 16th January 2022

make money online

The impact of the trend update on the 15th is better demonstrated here in the weekly updated figures for Place Back Multi.

Place Back Multi Target Profit Betting - 10th January to 16th January 2022

betting for a living

Here are the results for the other service included with a Place Betting subscription.

Place Lay Single Straight Staking - 1st January to 16th January 2022

lay betting place market

Place Lay Single was hit by a horrible couple of days betting, in the same way Place Lay Multi was last week.

This unfortunately wiped the profits made so far this month, but the month is not over, and we still have the potential to finish with a decent profit recorded in January for this strategy.

Place Lay Single Liability Betting - 1st January to 16th January 2022

fixed liability

Place Lay Single Straight Staking - 10th January to 16th January 2022

losing a bet

Place Lay Single Liability Betting - 10th January to 16th January 2022

bad weeks betting

The Place Lay Single service had a dip in form last week, and overall this has depleted the months profits so far, but this will happen to every strategy over a duration of betting, and the current selection method will return an appealing long term profit accounting for weeks like this.

You can sign up or view the results in more detail for Place Betting here:

Racing Lays Straight Staking - 1st January to 16th January 2022

lay betting win market system

Racing Lays Liability Betting - 1st January to 16th January 2022

fixed liability investing

The straight staking option for Racing Lays is definitely proving to be the out and out winner when it comes to profit compared to liability, and as it's a win market lay betting strategy aiming at the top end of the market, so in each race the liquidity is really not an issue betting straight (fixed stake flat betting).

I like that we can see from the graph there is a good amount of bets placed with this strategy each week, really a lot of activity.

It gives us more data to work with, and demonstrates within a short period of time how resilient the strategy can bounce back to profit after inevitable losing periods.

This is good to see, and when looking back to the 1st November when the latest trend update was applied to the selection method (for more info on this have a read of my previous news blogs on the subject please) it shows this time and time again.

Within the results below since the update you can see both a drawn out period of bets, which middle the balance along at about evens, or a period of pressure with some losing bets and then a consistently reliable push back to profit.

Every time a new profit high recorded to keep the balance increasing over time.

You can see this with the straight staking option shown below over this timeframe.

Racing Lays Straight Staking - 1st November 2021 to 16th January 2022

make money online betting

I don't publish results for Racing Lays using a 1% Ratchet, but with the latest trend update now applied since November and showing this form displayed above, from the start of the next quarterly cycle for the place betting service on the 1st March I will be adding this, and with a quarterly reset included.

The numbers shown above ran through the ratchet calculations are phenomenal.

I do believe this needs a quarterly reset given the way long term ratcheting can swing particularly with straight staking lay betting, but over a three month cycle this will be a very good way to follow this strategy.

The option to use Ratchet is available within the bot for all services.

Here are the weekly numbers for both Racing Lays betting options.

Racing Lays Straight Staking - 10th January to 16th January 2022

winning back losses

Racing Lays Liability Betting - 10th January to 16th January 2022

break even

A real howler of a start to the week for Racing Lays with a battling performance to end the week recording a profit for both straight and liability options.

You can sign up or view the results in more detail for the Racing Lays options here:

Bet Focus Straight Staking - 1st January to 16th January 2022

value betting system

Straight staking with Bet Focus is all about the big winners at high prices to recoup losses and push the balance the right way over time, and you can see this reflected in the average odds for the months betting so far, which is presently at approx 16 decimal.

The history so far with this strategy shows it can have prolific months followed by some baron spells, but the thing that remains a constant is the total points profit that is still at an impressive +455.61 if betting MTP, and +375.52 points profit if opting for BSP, which is since we began recording results on the 1st June 2020.

It's a strategy you have to budget for with good money management, as at any moment you could have finish a week with three figure profits, or carrying losses for a number of months.

Bet Focus Target Profit Betting - 1st January to 16th January 2022

safe betting system

The Target Profit bet option with Bet Focus is a slow burn with very low drawdown, but as investments go it's returned +44.39 points since the 1/6/20 with just 17.31 points drawdown, so quite a solid option for larger amounts.

This method of betting protects the balance and is a safer option if following the strategy, but without the potential excitement of landing a ridiculously high odds horse and seeing the graph go off the top of the telly.

Ratchet betting with Bet Focus using Target Profit is recorded over three percentage levels, 1%, 3%, and 5%.

My opinion on this after operating the service using Ratchet for now over a year and a half is that anything above 1% is too risky. It has obvious potential rewards with the 5% Ratchet balance since we began on the 1/6/20 showing +966.84 points profit.

This is of course an incredible amount of growth, and done within the win market so quite achievable for virtually all members betting direct to the exchange.

However, it comes with a hefty drawdown in year one alone of 560.39 points, so a huge starting points balance is required, and steady nerves.

With the 1% option it's not really much higher than betting flat with no ratchet just target profit.

I will no longer be recording ratchet for Bet Focus from the 1st June 2022 when we reach the two year mark, for these reasons explained above.

The risk reward is not suited to this strategy I have found after live betting with it for this amount of time.

The Ratchet option will still remain within the bot for members wishing to use this, that will never be changed, but it will not be a recommended bet style on the site with results updated weekly.

I'll have a lot more content added by this time showing the optimum way to set up the bots for each strategy, and explain more within video instructions to get the most from ratchet betting, but with the caveats covered in great detail for all services.

Here are the weekly results for Bet Focus.

Bet Focus Straight Staking - 10th January to 16th January 2022

fixed stake

Bet Focus Target Profit - 10th January to 16th January 2022

target profit

Last week Bet Focus had just one winner and not enough to finish in profit overall. You can see the difference between the two options I explain above, with the safer target profit just dropping a little over a point, with straight staking dipping just over thirteen across the seven days.

It only takes a win or two each week depending on the high odds and bet volumes available for Bet Focus to finish with a very impressive profit, if betting using straight staking, but for target profit a point or so up and this is steady safe growth.

You can sign up or view the results in more detail for Bet Focus here:

If you're looking at operating more than one service at a time the One Subscription option gives the most value for money, and is available here:

I hope you found this in depth look at the automated services useful.

I'll continue these posts likely mid point every month going forward, as that feels like the right time to assess everything as we progress over the year ahead.

In Play Betting Club Update

I'd planned a full day of in play betting today, but Betfair and Bet Mover had issues affecting the live in running racing, so I had to skip it unfortunately.

I have placed bets since I received the new laptop replacement earlier this month, and added these to the results on the In Play Bet Club page available here:

The betting hasn't been much so far, but over this week and next I expect to reach the 12 point target using fixed liability staking.

Since I began recording the results at the end of October last year I've had some time off for a procedure on my heart, some recovery time required, then we had the holiday period with the Christmas and New Year break, plus I lost a week as I was sent a dodgy laptop that needed replacing.

It's just over two and a half months betting with all of the above affecting things, and I'm already very nearly at target profit required to fulfil my membership agreements of 12 points profit.

With that said, over a normal betting period where I'm at the desk a few days minimum each week, I think this expected growth can be cut in half excluding all the extraneous factors affecting opportunities to bet.

However, some periods may in fact take longer than a few months to hit target profit, but the point is if I'm in a routine that doesn't involve Santa Claus, Heart Ops, and has working tech / platforms operating correctly, I would say that 12 point targets should be met on average about every two months.

As mentioned today's technical problems with Betfair and the data stream were disappointing, as I'd put the entire day aside and planned to go through every race. The odds froze on me in one race, and the data didn't refresh and looked wrong in another, so I had to recognise the red flags and pass. It will be Friday now until I can bet again, as I have house move things to sort out.

I am however learning a new skill I will eventually include for the In Play Club members across the flat racing, but only when I have a few months consistent winning bets under my belt. Nigel is testing some new metrics I have available, and it's looking pretty good. More on this to come soon, but I will never introduce anything new to the live member betting without prior notice, and as stated after months of testing.

Really I just wanted to mention it as it's on the cards at some point to include, and it will add more race days, more bets, and more chance of hitting target a lot faster. It's a very useful metric that should eventually come to Bet Mover.

Using the current selection method there are many things that could affect the rate at which I'm able to increase a betting balance for members, but with the interruptions now out the way I am scheduled to bet this week for three days, then next week at least three days plus, with the goal of exceeding the 12 points profit growth over this time.

In addition to this, setting a start date for the members betting to commence, which I would anticipate early next week we can start taking the membership requests and confirmations for tier levels.

Get everyone signed up and added to the bot ahead of betting starting, which Nigel can then make sure is set up correctly.

All the bets I do at the moment are working through the automation from Bet Mover to Cloud Bet Bot perfectly, but I would prefer to take a little time to make sure all 50 members are added and ready with staking set up right for everyone.

This also gives me a chance to answer all the questions before we get started, as I've said before, once I do commence betting for members I will be reporting in the News Posts as normal, and managing the memberships, but I won't be able to spend a lot of time answering daily questions or commenting on the racing, as my time will be stretched, but most importantly my focus needs to be on the betting.

I have added this to the rules on the In Play Bet Club page to be upfront, as I need to be left to it if you want me to reach target profit for you.

We will have some losing days where I don't want emails asking me why or how, and some members will achieve different results reaching profit points at various stages as it's exchange betting in play, so this has to be accepted.

The automated stream of average odds achieved will pump out results soon (which I'll get to in a moment), which I also don't want to be questioned on, and will make sure to pre-empt all of these things in the rules section before we do get started officially.

I'm not being a narky git stating I don't want to be questioned or badgered if you're a member of the In Play Bet Club, it's just I know how much effort is required to do it myself, and I'm happy to do it for you too as I know this will be great for a small group of members, but I won't be able to do it if I'm being torn from pillar to post, it just won't work.

Anyone asking me too much during the day about the bets, or anything to do with the service will be politely reminded of the rules of being a member, and we will go from there with a potential ban on the horizon it if continues.

Again, I'm not being a Victor Meldrew as I want everyone to have an amazing experience and be long term members that re join every profit point.

This is as exciting for me as it is for you, so I'll take the time from the mid to end of next week to get everyone onboard who's registered, get your bots and staking set up, all the questions out the way, then we begin betting.

Which for me I need to be much like my current routine, and if you are a member of the service this is exactly what I think you would want, for me to be in my normal routine and betting mindset. I have the best chance of success this way, with my phone and emails turned off concentrating.

The launch of the In Play Betting Club I want to be the start of something financially positive for everyone involved.

One final thing to add, Nigel is now working on the average odds matched for members who will have bets placed in play, and this will be add for all the automated services.

It will give us a much clearer picture for those opting for direct to the exchange betting, ie MTP or live in play.

When the In Play Club launches we expect to have a working version of this in operation, which will then update the sites results to match.

Every member of the In Play Club will have there own individual results recorded within the bot itself, and when you hit your twelve points profit this will be based on your actual factual recorded results specific to you, not the average results published.

Just to be clear on that important point.

Here are my latest results updated:

In Play Betting Club - 26th October 2021 to 16th January 2022

in play betting system

betting in play

Any questions please refer them to a brick wall, only joking, do get in touch anytime if you want to know more about the In Play Bet Club itself, and I'll always get back to you asap.

You can register to be invited when spaces become available on the in play page itself here:

I'll leave it here today as this is one of my longest news updates.

I will try and be back later this week with another blog, as I have a few points I want to cover regarding the betting industry itself, how my business is situated at this present moment, why this is the case, and where we will be in the coming months in comparison.

The guides I've mentioned that are coming require my office space which I haven't got at the moment until moved, but what I have got is blisteringly quick broadband and an absolute monster of a laptop to work on, so life isn't so bad eh.

A realistic ETA for the first guides I will be adding to the site covering Dutching, Lay Betting, and In Play Betting strategies will materialize between April to June this year, with an update to the free Trade Guide coming I'd expect before this.

Thanks for reading today, and I do hope you find all this useful and interesting, as it takes bloody ages. :-)

Best Regards


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