Remote Dutch Betting, Back With a Vengeance!

A major update will be applied to Remote Dutch Betting on the 31st October.

In this post I'll go through what's new, and how it will benefit members.

Starting with staking, as a two staking plan options will become available to select within the member login area.

This will provide the facility to run the staking plans individually or consecutively, with user defined balances and stake amounts set for each within the dashboard

Staking now gives members the ability to run a Dutch Betting method, and a Straight Betting approach placing flat stakes.

For example if selecting Dutch Betting and a race had four horses, the Dutch would cover the four horses for a maximum stake amount set for this Dutch bet.

However, in the same race if selecting Straight Betting a flat stake would be placed upon each selected horse.

The Dutch Betting style operates a controlled exposure process, which is a formula created to assess the likely hood of a winning bet based upon the filtering criteria programmed in to Race Researcher.

Simply put, if a race is more likely to produce a win from the selected horses the staking adjusts accordingly, if it's less likely, it then also adjusts to return a profit on the selections, but accommodates for this fact keeping overall liability to a minimum.

This automatically calculates the correct amount of money to distribute based on the chance of success, while still capitalizing on the races where chosen horses go on to win in less likely scenarios, but with less risk overall.

A race with a higher percentage chance of winning has more stake distribution, a race with lower chance of success less exposure, but still shows a good enough return on the winning bets to warrant being involved.

This way of betting reduces exposure across a betting day, but over the long term has proven to generate a steady line of profit growth as shown below.