Ratchet Staking & Target Profit


There are many ways to climb a tree, as they sometimes say instead of that horrible cat skinning based comparison.

This is very much the case with staking using Ratchet and Target Profit, either on their own or combined.

I've added extra examples of the Ratchet staking option and Target Profit to the Sure Favs Foundation service, just to demonstrate the different ways you can bet with these staking plans.

You can reduce an already low drawdown such as Sure Favs Foundation by simply opting for the Target Profit with Normal flat staking, but still return a nice profit over time with very little risk and comfortable staking within your limits.

It is possible to set up a betting system fully automated using this with Sure Favs or Bet Focus for example, and have no grey hair moments over the year, while still returning a decent percentage steady profit by anyone's standards.

The banks certainly wouldn't give you anything close with your investment, and this is why I particularly like Target Profit if used right, as you can invest a lot more with the correct strategy set up and operate within incredibly safe boundaries.

To refresh what these two stake options are for anybody who's missed my recent posts.

Target Profit is where your stake is adjusted on the bet to try and return the specified profit amount you've entered within the bot, and this can be across multiple horses or just one.

This is great if you want take a very cautious approach to your back betting, and reduces your overall liabilities. This is only available for backing strategies.

Ratchet Staking is when you set a start balance and a percentage within the bot, then whenever the balance increases to a new profit high, the following day the bot will adjust the stake to match that higher amount. It does not reduce if the balance goes down.

This works well with steady consistent strategies, nothing too risky, and definitely not fixed stake lay betting where the odds dictate the liability on the bet.

If you decide to activate the ratchet option with a low risk strategy gradually making a profit it will give it a gentle boost, if for example opting for the 1% ratchet, but obviously with the higher percentages if selected the caveat is higher drawdown. For example if you're asking it to stake larger percentages when the balance increases over time.

Ratchet staking sees a return to Exponential Bet, because when I set up the original service from launched, the BSP Racing Multiples (sadly no longer offered by Betfair as a feature), we would Ratchet stake and build the balance that way as it had a very high strike rate.