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Bet & Trade News 16th November

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

In today's news update:

  • Introducing Bet Focus, Target Profit, & Ratchet Staking.

  • The New FAQ.

  • One Subscription.

  • Running total blog post.

  • Trading at Exponential Bet.

  • In Play Bet & Trade.

  • System Creation Tool.

  • A confession from the author.

Introducing Bet Focus

I created Bet Focus as a strategy that targets specific races and horses offering value, but also operates at a safe level protecting the betting bank.

The goal was to build this service with a new stake option in mind, while offering the scope to risk more for greater reward if that's your preferred plan.

It bets on between two to five horses in each applicable race, and is a backing strategy focused on the top to middle of the market.

The Target Profit element enables the bot to spread your set stake across all selections and try to hit the target amount set. Pretty obvious yeah, but very clever the way it works.

If you select Target Profit this has to be running using Exchange betting only, given the nature of how it calculates the bet. Target Profit is also only a back betting option, as you have fixed liability with lay betting.

You can also set a Ratchet Stake instead of the Normal set amount each day, and this will increase your stake daily as the balance increases according to your percentage stake set up.

When you slide the Ratchet option to on, you will see a box appear called Start Bank, and that allows you to put in the amount you wish to allocate to the strategy.

Then in the stake box you will see a % symbol, so your stake is whatever percentage you set from the start bank.

That's all there is to it, you balance increases and so does your stake.

This works very well with the low drawdown option Target Profit using a lower percentage, and just gives the balance gentle gradual boost.

If you apply it to Straight Betting Exchange or BSP, then your drawdown will be a lot higher as both of these options bet 1 point per selection in each race, as opposed to splitting your stake to achieve a set Target Profit, thus controlling your liability.

I'd also suggest steering clear of Ratchet Staking with fixed stake lay betting, that can give you instant grey hairs, quite literally Steve Martin overnight.

Straight betting with Bet Focus does show a profit, but it comes at a cost of higher drawdown which you will see in the results which are published using BSP odds.

The Target Profit option works very well with Bet Focus given it places multiple bets in each race, but also works well with any other backing strategy you wish to reduce your overall liability per bet with multiple selections. I'll add more in the blog about this asap.

The Ratchet option also works great with other strategies with steady consistent growth and low drawdown, such as Sure Favs, and I will also add more info on this in the blog soon, and on the Sure Favs service page.

Anything low impact on the losses with steady gains is good for Ratcheting safely, although as stated you can be Bill Big Bollocks if you decide.

I have added to the Bet Focus page a few examples of Ratcheting showing 1%, 3%, and 5%, and you will see some big numbers for the points profit, but also the drawdown increase significantly, but as it's a winning strategy so does the points return.

You can adjust the Ratchet percentage to whatever you wish.

Bet Focus has been tested and ran for the past few months live betting, and prior to this I've used data from Researcher.

It's a strategy I will feel confident depositing a larger bank when running the Target Profit option either with Normal or Ratchet set to 1%.

You can find out more or sign up to Bet Focus here:

One Subscription members will have Bet Focus added to their services automatically from this evening (16.11.20), but you can subscribe to the service directly with the usual monthly to yearly options.

Bet Focus will be close to the final piece in the jigsaw of automated betting strategies, as they need to run for a solid twelve months and the portfolio of strategies is about right now.

If I uncover anything new worth sharing in the meantime I'll of course let you know, but I'm planning to leave the current group as they are for a year, which gives us more data and insight to keep improving what we already have.

There is a section in the FAQ covering the Automated Strategies, but if you've any questions not answered there please let me know.

The New FAQ

I'll often get asked the same question again and again from different members, which is understandable, but also very time consuming repeating myself and I'm certain you would feel the same, so I've done my best to cram all the commonly asked questions in to an FAQ.

As I get asked new questions over time I'll keep adding to this, and make sure you have the answers even when I'm not available.

You can find the Frequently Asked Questions page here:

One Subscription

I'm mentioning this subscription plan here because I've added some more information on the Join page, and in the FAQ about it.

This is to explain how the plan works and who it will benefit, but also to reiterate that One Subscription is for anyone looking to run more than one of my services concurrently.

Should you decide to subscribe to more than one strategy you are better off with a One Subscription membership instantly, as it will save you money compared to paying for each one individually.

This is the primary reason I set up this subscription option.

However, this does not mean you have to go all guns blazing and run every strategy you have access to across all settings, absolutely not, the aim of the One Subscription plan is to offer value for money for anyone who sets up to operate more than one Exponential Bet service.

If your strategy is to run everything at once then yes of course this is your choice and the One Subscription membership is the best option for you, but I find that when this happens the process of operating multiple systems at once with varied banks can result in a lot of up and down over time, as one system does great for a period, and another takes a dip etc.

That requires a specific betting mindset to deal with this, and have an even longer term view than just running one or two, which also requires good planning, so all at once can be overkill.

I run all the strategies across all settings as I created them and need to invest in each using multiple accounts in order to track them, and also show confidence in what I am doing.

I need to check everything is working all the time, track any bet enquiries from my own history if asked about a bet from a member, and so on.

If I was just approaching these automated strategies as a potential new member I'd be looking for what strategies suit me.

As in, am I better with a back or lay service, and if I run both am I comfortable that some races they will cancel each other out. What points growth am I looking for, and what drawdown fits in with my money management. If I opt for fixed stake how many points, and what value of each point should I allocate to that strategy combined with some of the safer options that use smaller points balances but at a higher value.

You can ascertain all this and more by tracking the results published as they show strike rates, points growth, drawdown, graph info so you can see how a strategy is performing now and has performed over the previous months to get more of an idea what to expect when you set up your staking.

This is why I'm covering One Subscription in this post, to emphasize a few key points for potential or existing members looking to use this plan option.

I have also covered these points in the FAQ in more detail, and will expand more on the process of running an automated service in the next Running Total blog I publish.

My results are available to members every Monday evening when I upload them to the site.

Running Total Blog Post

I'll keep this section brief as it's self explanatory, but it's a blog post I've been planning to add for a while now.

This will be a video overview of each service showing how they perform over time, looking at the balance ups and downs to reach the current published result amounts.

This I feel is very important in understanding how to prepare to run an automated strategy from the offset, and will help people select what's right for them, while giving a good example of what points balance is required.

I'm pushing to have all boxes ticked by the end of this month, as I'll explain below, and this will be completed in the next couple of weeks available in the blog.

Trading at Exponential Bet

An even shorter summary here than above, as the free Trade Guide will also be available by the end of November.

To access this you will just need to register your email, and you will be sent instructions.

It's a straight forward trade technique that can be applied regularly, and I'll demonstrate examples of it live in use.

We are also developing a lot more for the trading service, which will become an important part of what we offer members in 2021.

In Play Bet & Trade

Nige has been working on the In Play Betting software I mentioned a while ago, and it's very nearly done, well in technical terms it's looking likely to be ready in January.

This allows you to see the live in running data with the horses tracked providing a unique insight to the race in play, and gives an edge ahead of the TV stream.

Within the software you can instantly back or lay horses, while also hedging for a profit, and it's fast obviously as it has to be given the nature of the beast.

It's clever stuff, and every time I see his latest update I get more excited at the potential of spending my days profiting from in running betting and trading using this tool.

I'll be creating training material for this software showing my own bet and trade activity, and then sharing this online with you all to learn from.

System Creation Tool

This is a bit further down the pipeline, but it's something a lot of people want.

It's software to drill through your own specific racing filters to a depth never seen with any other software, and then create your own portfolio of automated betting strategies.

It's not like the editing tools in the well known current market leading applications, it's a hand on package that gives you the facility for trend analysis, but allows you seamlessly to put the strategies into operation, and create a portfolio with trackable results.

I'm really not doing it justice here as its been a long day, but as soon as I have more to share on this you'll be the first to know.

This has been on the table for over a year now, and when the In Play tool is online and available to use, this will be the next job on the BIG list for Nige.

A Confession from the Author

Not so much a confession, but I'm opening up about a situation I found myself in this year.

In April I was taken in to hospital with severe chest pains, they found a blood clot on the lungs and also that I was in Atrial Fibrillation.

They treated the clot, and I was given the all clear with that and the chest pains subsided, but still stuck in Afib permanently.

You will remember from the news what hospitals were like in April, and it was quite an experience.

I've since been back twice for failed attempts to quite literally jump start my heart back into normal rhythm with Cardioversions, but these have both failed to have any effect.

I was put on strong heart meds which I'm still on and they have their own side effects, and also blood thinners, so a bramble bush is quite literally my worst nightmare as I'd bleed to death if cut up, haha... Well if you don't laugh as they say.

The heart meds only work for so long though and I'm 50/50 in and out of Afib each day.

If you don't know much about it, in brief it leaves you exhausted, dizzy, out of breath, nauseous, while feeling like your heart is about to explode in your chest going super fast then slowing right down, and then back up again, and so on.

It's not much fun, and it's something I'm battling with at the moment. We all have our challenges I understand, and I hear from people in all walks of life going through much worse than this, so I consider myself to be lucky in the grand scheme of things. I've live a good life, I've had a lot of fun over the years, and when I get fixed properly I plan on having even more fun while appreciating life that bit more.

If you have noticed a decreased output from me lately compared to pre April 2020, this is why, but I have been doing my best, and to be fair between Nige and myself we've accomplished a lot considering we've worked though the weirdest period in the history of racing due to Covid shut down while I've been on and off.

Anyway, don't get me on the Covid topic as I could feel a rant coming on.

The point of this confession if you like is to let you know why I have possibly taken longer to do things, and why my output slowed down.

Also, to explain why I'm pushing for all jobs cleared off my desk by the end of November. As I need to have a slow December and spend time monitoring the automated strategies, while practising using the In Play software mentioned above.

There is a good chance I'll be taken into hospital again in December for what's called an Ablation, and this could be the first of a few required to fix my heart.

Which means I'll need a change of pace, and why I'm focusing now on expanding other areas of the site, while ensuring I'm on top of the automated strategies, which by their very nature are set up to operate on auto pilot in the background making money anyway.

I'll keep the results updated weekly, and switch my member updates to monthly for the automated services.

While doing something I've wanted to do for a long time, and that's simply to record video content sharing my trading, in play betting activity, and when the system creation tool comes along showing how I use it.

With the automation set up completed I can now spend time with this, and adjust my schedule to make sure I'm not overdoing it.

Like I explained above, I'm not going to add anymore automation for some time as it's a lot more demanding than I care to bore you to death explaining.

A change of pace and new outlook are what's required to get my health back on track, and ensure I keep the site operating to the standard I expect, while developing new content.

The automation has kind of taken over my life for the past couple of years, so with that all now in place this is now a time for change.

December could be a month that I spend in recovery or preparing for my surgery, so now you know why I'll be going a bit quiet while I adjust and plan for a new year for Exponential Bet and myself.

Hang on though, before you go...

Nothing is changing with the site or services, they will still be maintained and I'm on the case replying to emails daily, while results will be kept up to date promptly each week.

I'm just going to take it easier with new jobs that are very demading, and see if that helps my heart hopefully making a positive difference along with the ablation.

Anyway, I didn't mean to take up so much of your time with this so I'll leave it there for now.

In the meantime, the new Bet Focus service with added staking options Target Profit and Ratchet will all be online tomorrow for members, and that service is something I'm thrilled to include into the betting portfolio.

Take a look at the results and you'll see what I mean, as it ticks multiple boxes for people looking for slow and steady to all or nothing.

I'll post again this month when I've either got the Trade Guide or Running Total blog finished, whichever comes first.

Thanks for reading.


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