Bet & Trade News 16th November

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

In today's news update:

  • Introducing Bet Focus, Target Profit, & Ratchet Staking.

  • The New FAQ.

  • One Subscription.

  • Running total blog post.

  • Trading at Exponential Bet.

  • In Play Bet & Trade.

  • System Creation Tool.

  • A confession from the author.

Introducing Bet Focus

I created Bet Focus as a strategy that targets specific races and horses offering value, but also operates at a safe level protecting the betting bank.

The goal was to build this service with a new stake option in mind, while offering the scope to risk more for greater reward if that's your preferred plan.

It bets on between two to five horses in each applicable race, and is a backing strategy focused on the top to middle of the market.

The Target Profit element enables the bot to spread your set stake across all selections and try to hit the target amount set. Pretty obvious yeah, but very clever the way it works.

If you select Target Profit this has to be running using Exchange betting only, given the nature of how it calculates the bet. Target Profit is also only a back betting option, as you have fixed liability with lay betting.

You can also set a Ratchet Stake instead of the Normal set amount each day, and this will increase your stake daily as the balance increases according to your percentage stake set up.

When you slide the Ratchet option to on, you will see a box appear called Start Bank, and that allows you to put in the amount you wish to allocate to the strategy.

Then in the stake box you will see a % symbol, so your stake is whatever percentage you set from the start bank.

That's all there is to it, you balance increases and so does your stake.

This works very well with the low drawdown option Target Profit using a lower percentage, and just gives the balance gentle gradual boost.

If you apply it to Straight Betting Exchange or BSP, then your drawdown will be a lot higher as both of these options bet 1 point per selection in each race, as opposed to splitting your stake to achieve a set Target Profit, thus controlling your liability.

I'd also suggest