Bet & Trade News 7th November

In today's news update:

  • The return of Ratchet Staking.

  • Hide your money.

  • Target Profit

  • New automated low drawdown bet strategy.

  • Racing Lays free trial extension.

The Return of Ratchet Staking

As the name implies this staking method has previously been available at Exponential Bet, and is now set to return giving members the option to set a points bank for each strategy, then set a percentage of this bank for each betting option.

The definition of Ratchet Staking is: If betting bank increases then your stake increase. Optionally you can use "ratchet staking" which means that stake can only increase when betting bank increases to new maximum value. Ratchet staking will keep the same value of stake if betting bank decreases.

The example below shows how this will be managed within Cloud Bet Bot, and in this instance uses Bet Advantage, but the same option will apply across all automated betting strategies making this stake feature available to all members.

I have set 1% of a bank of 90 per bet for the High setting. I could have set 0.5 for Med, and 0.25 for Low if I'd decided that was my strategy, 1 across all three, or 1, 2, 3, whatever suits my banking for each strategy option can now be set with the allocated start bank if using Ratchet.

For each option you use when Ratchet is selected you're betting a percentage of your Start Bank per bet.

betting software

In the example above you can see the bot is set to active, but below this you will see the slider to select normal staking or Ratchet.

Normal staking is self explanatory of course, just put in what monetary value you want to bet per option, ie Low, Med, and High in this example, and it will bet this amount each qualifying bet these option/s.

When you select Ratchet however enter a Start Bank which you can see I have set to 90, and the bets are a percentage of that start bank.