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Quick Update 30th August

After having a nightmare with some apps going haywire that are used on Exponential Bet due to app developers running unchecked upgrades, I spent hours over the weekend and yesterday getting it sorted and everything back to normal. What a headache, but that's IT for you.

All results for each service are now up to date and available via Betting Strategies from the main menu. Simply select the service you wish to examine in more detail, and you will find detailed overviews showing all the progress of betting since each strategy began betting, weekly updates, ratchet figures, and month by month numbers are there for you to inspect.

Next Monday I'll have a proper look at the monthly and ratchet figures for each service within a detailed blog post, given we start a new month and the ratchet cycle resets after tomorrow's betting has finished. It will be good to examine how we got on over the quarter for ratchet and monthly flat betting figures.

Here is my promised reminder to members, at the end of tomorrow's racing any strategy you are operating a ratchet staking plan for, and if you are following my exact timeline for betting with June being the start of your three month ratchet cycle, you must CLEAR BETS.

This is located on each bot screen where you have your Ratchet staking set up, to the right of Bets Placed.

When you have cleared bets the ratchet calculation is then reset back to zero, and you're ready to begin a new three month cycle.

Any profit made over the three months depending what service you have been ratcheting, and we will look at this next week, but you can of course withdraw that profit now and just let the staking go again for another three month period, from Sept to Nov. No need to adjust staking.

If you're following your own three month cycle, do as advised above when you reach the end of your quarterly period.

Apologies for yesterday bombarding you with three emails, again this was to do with the IT probs I was having. I hope you got to read the Sure Favs update, as it just shows what hard work and sticking to a project can produce.

With all the services I've a long term plan, and with Sure Favs Main and High from last October the software I use to assess everything, Researcher, enabled me to adjust unnecessary filters, and the results speak for themselves.

The service now is unhindered by external forces affecting racing, and the robustness of this should see it profit year on year, allowing for inevitable losing periods obviously.

If you need this update resending if you missed it let me know.

As I can see another +100 points banked over the coming twelve months for Sure Favs Main specifically, and I'd like you to be set up to capitalise.

Find out more about Sure Favs and sign up here:

The delay having to deal with the site IT probs over the weekend and yesterday put me back a little with my In Play Bet Club progress.

I'm back on it today though as soon as I publish today's blog, and now reached the point of checking and cleansing the raw data collected from the 1st December to the 25th August.

I'll need to fill in the gaps to bring it up to date completely, but right now I'm focused on going over it all to make sure it's correct pre filtering. Actually finding some interesting data within the data, but I'll cover this when I present it to IPBC members.

Still on course to be live betting next month as planned for In Play Bet Club.

I'll have a more concise update for members and also set up a secure login area as previously mentioned to share the data, this will be once I've caught up after losing a few days to IT shenanigans, and have been over everything thoroughly ready to present it to you, likely to be this time next week.

Just a quick update today as I want to get back to work and have a long shift in order to catch up asap.



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