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Pre-Race Trading +102.34%


I put time aside to finish the pre-race trading guide, then the weather changed and I was unable to capture the right footage for the video tutorials. The guide is a priority though, and very near completion.

On a positive note as you can see below, 18 days trading and over 100% balance growth.

The amount I started with could have been £1000, £10,000, or higher, as the liquidity and amounts matched when I traded out were all available at much higher stakes. I simply set myself this challenge of a £100 start bank, just to show what's possible with a smaller more comfortable amount for the majority of people just starting out.

I'm at my desk a lot over the coming week before Christmas, so I'll be doing my utmost to get the pre-race trading guide ready to publish asap. Realistically this should be possible by the end of next week weather permitting.

Start Bank £100.00 Prev Balance £197.67

No. Days Date P&L

18 5th Dec £4.67


New Total £202.34

New 5% per trade amount = £10.12


swing trader

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