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Portfolio Bet Update Part 2 of 3

In next weeks blog post I will cover all strategies included, along with a more detailed look at projected average profit, and also confirm the subscription options to join Portfolio Bet.

In today's update I want to show two of the strategies Portfolio Bet will operate at launch.

If you would like to register for an invitation to join Portfolio Bet, the easiest way to do this is visit which is still showing under construction.

You will see a button there called Notify Me, and you just need to click this and enter your email address.

Mid next week you will receive an email invitation advising how you can secure your membership.

Before I get to the nitty gritty of what I want to cover today, I just wanted to let you know BSP will be included as a betting option, with results published once Portfolio Bet is live to include BSP.

The benefit of BSP means of course published odds for bets placed will be exactly the same as shown by Betfair.

Another typical benefit is that being fully matched is guaranteed with your bets, as once the bet is accepted by Betfair all of your stake at the BSP odds is what you can expect, whereas with direct to the exchange will of course come with some variance.

However, with Portfolio Bet we will have a strict maximum membership rule to protect the quality of the bets placed for members, with liquidity at the forefront of our decision making.

This also spills over directly into strategy creation within the portfolio, with no place market betting strategies to be added.

We will have strategies that find applicable bets within the place market, but these will place the bets within the win market where there is a lot more money available to be matched.

Having a fair amount of liquidity for all members is a top priority, so having BSP as an option makes this even easier for members who opt for this bet type.

I will publish results that show examples of the strategies in operation betting with BSP and direct to exchange minutes to post (MTP), and you may be surprised to find a much a much closer correlation between the two bet types than with Exponential Bet strategies. Which again may make BSP a more appealing option for some members.

I've been working since my post last week to ensure the software is running exactly as it should managing all the betting strategies correctly, and also drilling through the available betting strategies to finalize the ones that will be operational from day one.

Everything is working exactly as it should be within the software, and I can confirm we have betting options that show impressive profits.

Some of these will be included from launch, while others will be introduced further down the line.

The benefit of Portfolio Bet being fully managed for you, is that any introduction with a new strategy will not require any input on your side.

Only fully tested strategies that add benefit to the overall profit growth without negatively impacting the required points balance, i.e. increasing drawdown, will be added to the portfolio.

Today I want to show you two of the confirmed inclusions. We have a backing strategy, that uses the latest version 2 updated jockey data to find a natural pattern of winning horses, and a lay betting strategy, that selects horses the same way Place Lay Multi does, but bets on the selections in the win market up to a maximum odds range of 8, between 5 and 8 to be precise.

This strategy uses version one jockey data, with the updated jockey data to be added a year down the line after an adequate side by side testing period. This is required given the extra layers of complexity with the selection process for this lay betting strategy.

The results below demonstrate the performance of the two strategies working together in combination using one point per bet. I expect to have four strategies ready and available at Portfolio Bet launch.

The projected combined average profit from the four included at release is circa 300 points profit per annum.

I will break this down in more detail within next weeks blog update.

The screenshot and excel sheet below show the combined betting activity when running two of the included strategies within a portfolio, and betting using the MTP bet type.

Results from the 1/12/2020 to 17/3/24.

betting system

Portfolio Bet Two In Operation March 18th 24
Download XLSX • 1.47MB

Allowing for the clear and obvious drawdown periods as shown above, overall the two combined win market betting strategies demonstrate continual upward balance growth.

The drawdown over virtually three and a half years betting did not exceed -70 points, which considering we set up with a 200 points investment to cover all eventualities each year, this bodes very well for a comfortable bet setting, if running Portfolio Bet as advised.

I will have to leave it here for now, a bit earlier than I wanted today, but I have to finish for the day and pick up my partner, or feel the wrath of being late. :-)

I will post another blog later this week covering Place Lay Multi, as I have been requested so many times now to show an example of the current betting filter in operation over a much longer period of time, so I will do this and publish it within a blog update later in the week.

Next week I will return with the final Portfolio Bet update in this series, and send everyone registered sign up instructions later that week.

If you are interested in joining Portfolio Bet please register as per the instructions near the start of today's post, and we will ensure you receive an invitation.

Thanks for reading.

Best Regards


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