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Making a Profit Betting In Play

In the video below I give examples of how you can use Bet Mover to back horses using the data ahead of the live stream late in the race, but still make a good profit and get decent odds.

The video examples are to watch with some explanations, but I mainly cover the In Play Betting Guide and In Play Automation which will be added for members early July.

Explaining more about how the automation will work and what to expect, with details of how I'm thinking of presenting a guide to bridge the gap for people either thinking of starting, or already using the software looking for some easy to follow strategies explained step by step.

The guide will be primarily video based and walk through what I'm doing and why, with written explanations to accompany this.

The in play automation for the In Play Bet Club members, will be limited access and as I've mentioned previously I'll be sending invites to anyone who's registered an interest when things become available, and then filling the membership keeping any remaining people wanting to join in reserve.

If the idea of me placing bets for you remotely within milliseconds of placing the bet at my end appeals to you, and with full control of your own staking at your end, then send me an email to and I'll make sure you're adding to this invite email when it gets posted.

I'll post the lay betting video tomorrow as I'm pooped tonight, and explain more about the automated aspect while sharing you examples how you can identify horses that look like they will not be up contending for the lead at the business end.

I've done a few bets this evening at Newton Abbot which have all landed showing a profit, and layed at a point where there is enough money for member bets. It's this ability to jump on whenever the racing meets criteria and find in play betting opportunities I really enjoy with the Bet Mover platform.

I will make sure a full description of what's included with the in play automation is added to the site soon, with member rules and what to expect each week. Days when I am betting members will be notified.

Right that's definitely me done for tonight, here's the video not my finest work, but I think if you're interested in the in play software you may find something interesting in there.



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