Life in Lockdown


What's happened recently in the world of horse racing and betting, and what's life in lockdown like for me at the moment.

We all have our own story to tell about how this is affecting us, as we have never experienced anything comparable in our lives.

Watching this unfold from our homes with the daily barrage of news broadcasts reveals the best and worst of human nature.

covid 19

Before I continue, don't panic, at no point will I ever inflict a solo of me singing Imagine upon you, primarily because I'm not a self absorbed dickhead like some of these celebs taking advantage of a terrible situation to jump in to the limelight.

If you haven't seen this yet you're lucky, as celebs and random D list individuals thought it would be a good idea to sing John Lennon's Imagine, and post this online to raise public spirits. It was all over the news, and it made my gut wrench.

Imagine if you've lost someone due to Covid 19 and you're watching these attention seekers singing 'imagine there's no heaven'. I cannot see how this is helpful, and for the celebs anyone with half a brain can see right through it.

The other idiots out there who are committing vile acts, like coughing in elderly peoples faces while getting it video'd, licking products in stores, or hand rails on trains, this is a whole new level of evil, and I hope they get what they deserve sooner rather than later.

The morons who flocked to public places like it's spring break and a paid holiday, equally stupid, but obviously not as abhorrent.

These are uncertain times, and we are without question all in this together. How it will play out over the longer term is yet to be es