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Information Overload

To avoid bombarding you with too much information on this rainy grey Sunday, I'll keep it as brief as possible, and instead flesh out the details across a few subject specific blog posts.

First thing first, the results are updated for the services at Exponential Bet. They were posted last night, and cover each strategy.

I've made a few subtle changes to the result presentation, as I am looking to simplify everything to make it better for you, and to push the focus on the best betting options.

There will also be a profit boost update to a few strategies next week, which I will include more details in the next blog post before this is introduced, so you don't miss out.

Today's update covers:

  • All services given their own platform, and why.

  • Affordability checks, five reasons to sign the petition.

I mentioned earlier this week that I would be giving an option to have just one stake, that will bet across a portfolio of strategies from this one stake set up.

This will include adding your total investment, and a calculation to provide you with the recommended stake amount.

I've previously looked at ways to offer advice on how to combine the strategies to best effect, how to create a portfolio and manage this with the automated strategies, but never fully completed anything with it, for the reasons I will explain in this post. I have slimmed down the options over the past year to make things easier to understand, but that is still too much for some members and site visitors.

It can be information overload for most people who visit, as there are too many options for the majority of people, which is resulting in a lot of questions.

I do my best with this, and always get back to anyone who needs direction, but it's my fault it's like this, and if some people are having to ask a lot to get started, I need to look at a way to solve this to provide an easier path.

At the moment my best case is being able to explain everything and help new members get started, or existing members organize their options, but at worst people move on to the next site, or set up incorrectly from the offset, which can be detrimental of course.

It can often be a lot of work with little reward, and I do not feel like I am working smart. I can set things up at Exponential Bet, as in, introduce a new option, or provide more information on a service, and it will be uploaded to a new page.

For any visitors navigating the site this information can be easily missed, and diluted into the already vast amount of content already available at EB.

My solution to this will be to provide a stand alone website that offers the option to bet with one single stake amount. No other options will be available, and this will combine my best strategy options into one portfolio bet. Backing, laying, win or place, and using exchange straight.

The results will show one PNL line, and of course Drawdown, with some key metrics, but this will be the results for the single stake amount.

The subscription options for this will also be simple, with one for a starter plan, allowing up to £2 stakes, and another for any stake amount that renews quarterly.

This for me solves the problem for members who want everything easy, they do not want a lot to read, or to have to work things out. Some people do not want all the different betting options, or to divide stakes across multiple strategies within the software, and keep track of all that.

For some, that's exactly what you want, so you can focus your balance on one service, weight things how you prefer, or just prefer a specific style of betting, and I even have members that use my strategies for the automation, so they can then trade these in play.

There are a lot of different combinations for how to bet with the automated strategies at EB, which has developed over the years, backing, laying, win, place, fixed stake, fixed liability, target profit, MTP, BSP, and Ratchet.

These are all a primary focus of mine to continue to develop, and they will remain at EB to run uninterrupted for members.

For the members who will prefer to have it all managed with just one stake, and one set of results to follow. This will be available on the new domain purchased precisely for this reason.

My ETA for this is to actually have it online and available in the next couple of months, end of January latest ideally. This depends largely on Nigel, but I can't see this being a huge job for a man of his many talents.

What do you think of this idea, having one portfolio bet available, so you can decide to have my selection of the strategies operating using this simple set up method, is this something you would prefer in comparison to the list of strategies, and having to work out your points and stake set up for each? Let me know if it sparks your interest please.

I guess it's a bit like Apple vs Android / Windows. I'm an Android/Windows user as I like to customize, and have full control of the software on my device, but my partner is an Apple user, who just wants to use the device, and not do any maintenance.

I can see the benefit of both, which is why I decided to make this an option. It's something I should have offered years ago, instead of trying to fit a square peg in a round hole looking at how I could host this at EB.

Having both EB and the portfolio option running side by side, this will be excellent from an analysis point of view, and can only benefit both websites.

In Play Bet Club will also be moving to its own website. The reason for this is partly what I explained above, as it is information overload at EB right now. There is too much going on, and it makes accessing the information, and also from my side, presenting what I need to convey, much more complicated than it needs to be.

By splitting the different options I have onto multiple websites, I can make each site immediately obvious what its goals and objectives are, will providing clear and targeted content on each site.

As an example, if you follow anyone on YouTube that covers a hobby you enjoy, or you like a particular author and their style of books, or watch a TV show that appeals to an interest you have, if these creators decided to diversify to include say other non related content to what you specifically tuned in to follow, I think you would lose interest, or find it less enjoyable having to wade through the things you have no regard for, to reach the topics you want to engage with.

It's much like this blog as an immediate example, I am covering In Play Bet Club, the Automated Strategies, and in a moment, Betting & Trading Guides, it's all related to the gambling industry, but it's a lot, and you may just be here for In Play Bet Club.

The content creators with successful channels, or authors, or media producers, have a clear niche, and they stay within their lane. They respect their audiences attention, time, and requirements by doing so.

This is exactly what I am doing by adding more channels for my content across multiple websites, with each site specifically targeting one niche subject.

It's better for you, and for me personally it frees up my work routine. To explain this better. If I have one site as I do now with EB covering many different ideas, it can be overwhelming when I come to update results, or work on strategy development, and then explain this, while including all the other content that is unrelated. It is definitely much more difficult to present, and I am unable to demonstrate everything as I would like for each service.

Having multiple websites just focused on, Exponential Bet offering customized options for its strategies, Automated Strategies a single Portfolio Bet, In Play Betting with automation, do it yourself content, and a subscription service providing in play pointers pre race, and Betting & Trading Guides offered as stand alone off the shelf solutions, will be much easier for me to compartmentalize, and allow me the creative space required to deliver these in the best possible way.

It will remove a lot of the fog I can experience when looking at everything as one view, and provide a clear view for what is required on each platform. It removes how I need to think regarding one service operating alongside another in one space.

It's a bit like working from home, and then sitting in the same room to relax, it can definitely work, but you can go a bit stir crazy. It's better to have a designated space for work and play.

Having different platforms for each of the options presently available at EB, will be like leaving one office, and going to the next. It's more interesting and engaging for me, and it keeps things fresh.

Nigel and myself also have ideas for betting software and money creation that will without doubt appeal to you over the months ahead, some radical new concepts, and having the right channel to target the exact people who are interested in these ideas, will help us move these forward in a much more precise way.

It will tie in with how I am planning to give each member more of a voice across all of the four websites.

In Play Betting will without doubt benefit from having its own home. I will enhance the service for current members, while providing extra content I am presently working on.

I mentioned Bet & Trade Guides above. This is something I am very passionate about adding regularly updated relevant content, all as stand alone products to be able to purchase, or access some of them free of charge.

I'm unhappy with the lack of development in this area at EB, and the current Trade Guide I feel has value, but it's convoluted and well over due an update. I could simplify that one trade technique to a page on a PDF.

While providing deeper content across a video course that tests more of your ability to follow what I am explaining.

There will be a new site set up specifically just for this purpose, under a new domain I have purchased for this exact reason.

I can work on adding new video courses for the more in depth strategies, or as mentioned, PDF's covering simple to implement daily betting tactics that can be deployed through the week around your existing strategies, or life commitments.

This is something that will thrive within its own space on its own platform, whereas on EB it will melt into the rest of the services currently in operation, and for me personally muddy my focus on how I move EB forward including all this new information, with existing services.

As a stand alone platform providing downloadable, or online guides for you to access, and then teach yourself new betting or trading strategies, I can create a platform for me not only to publish what I want to share, but everyone who joins this site will have a voice to feedback ideas and concepts within a constructive environment.

This won't be a forum, as they often become feral, but instead I will take regular polls, and share all useful date responses with members. Which will help you, and me continually develop and add system updates.

All of this will trickle down and across each website, to add relevancy and data to keep everything current, and up to date.

More to follow on all of this of course, but I am very keen to get this site operational, as I am with all of what is covered above, and begin adding new content.

The bet and trade guide website won't be full to the brim to start with, and will take time to populate, but I think getting the ball rolling with the platform in place, and building it in the public space is important for a project such as this.

Okay, I'll leave my updates here for today with this brief overview, and as stated above will continue to keep you in the loop with this as it progresses.

Before I wrap up today, I just wanted to talk about a new law the Government are attempting to pass, that will be in my opinion an invasion into your personal life, and ability to make your own financial decisions.

It will also affect whether you able to continue following any other betting service, including my own. It's a total overstep in my opinion.

This is most of the text from an email I received from the Racing Post, with a link to go ahead and sign the petition if you agree.

I've signed it.

I'll paste the contents of the email below with this link, and leave it here today, but will be back next week, with further information regarding some of the context of what I covered above in today's blog post.

Thanks for your time today, Ryan.

If you are a punter, racing fan, work within the sport or simply care about personal freedom, you should add your name to the petition launched for the government to scrap the implementation of affordability checks.

Affordability checks are objectionable, poorly conceived and should be scrapped, but just in case, here are five important reasons why you should sign the petition:

1. Affordability checks are an attack on our civil liberties

Affordability checks have become such a common feature of gambling for many that it is easy to forget just what an unprecedented attack on our basic freedoms they are.

Never before has a British government attempted to interfere in how individuals spend their own money.

It is hard to think of a more objectionable real-world example of the 'nanny state' than the government insisting on financial checks for those deemed to be spending too much of their own money.

2. Ample evidence exists to demonstrate that the checks are actively driving people away from racing.

Multiple surveys have shown that most people will simply stop betting rather than comply with checks, owners have left the sport or downsized because they can no longer back their horses, and racecourse groups have reported falling revenues from betting. As checks proliferate and punters run out of unrestricted accounts, some will give up on the sport.

3. Affordability checks are causing 'catastrophic' damage to racing

The direct consequence of point two is damage to racing's finances.

Industry leaders recently calculated that the government's affordability checks proposals would cost the sport £250m over five years, and that's on top of what's already been lost to the sport – over £1 billion in lost online betting turnover since 2021, according to Arena Racing Company chief executive Martin Cruddace.

That's diminishing the sport's ability to invest in prize-money, racecourses and promotion. Ultimately, it could cost thousands of jobs in the sport and make British racing even less competitive than it is.

4. There's no evidence affordability checks help prevent problem gambling

All the above might be a price worth paying if affordability checks truly stopped problem gambling, which affects only a small minority of bettors, but is undeniably devastating for those impacted.

Yet there's no evidence that it does. After more than two years of them being widely deployed in Britain, there's not a single academic paper or statistical indicator that suggests they actually work.

Indeed, logic suggests that the sort of person who will be deterred from betting by a check is the person for whom betting is a hobby, while those with an addiction will find a way to keep going – including via the black market.

Problem gambling must be tackled, but affordability checks are not the solution.

5. Every signature matters

The petition might be the last chance to change minds and alter policy, and it's essential that the sport and bettors show politicians the strength of feeling against the proposals.

There are 88,000 people employed in racing and millions who bet on the sport.

A huge response to the petition from these groups will be an unequivocal statement to politicians that a change of direction is necessary.

Click the link below, and sign the petition today.

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