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Expo News 8th April


I hope you're doing well.

With no news as yet from the BHA or any other racing resource confirming that racing will resume on the 1st May, it is still a possibility, but in my opinion unlikely. We shall have to wait and see.

However, with more classic meetings postponed, and talk of Ascot running being behind closed doors if given the go ahead, these are very strange and difficult times for everyone in the racing industry.

How racing will return is also uncertain, but from what I have read from the yards themselves the spirits are high, with staff remaining realistic about the effect of this on the industry as a whole, but it's great to read that in the main they are upbeat and focused on being prepared for a return.

I know this doesn't apply to all yards and some of the less established operations may not survive, which is deeply unfortunate, and I can only hope that over the long term these yards and related businesses will find a way back.

The BHA website has the latest news from the industry which you can read here:

When I created Exponential Bet strategies I never had a global pandemic in mind, which is pretty obvious, but I know for certain whatever lay ahead for UK racing the strategies will adjust and move with the times.

Both Remote Daily Betting and JV MK2 Betting Systems are trend based selection methods, which give them longevity, and the ability to adapt to whatever racing becomes after we return.

The scheduled Trading Service that was due to release in March will be introduced shortly after racing restarts, once I've assessed the lay of the land to decide if I need to include any new instructions.

In my opinion when the markets open again on the exchange for UK Racing, all the money being punted on the remote football leagues, and other international racing still taking place that usually has low liquidity, will flood back in and it could be a perfect time for us all to make the most of it.

I'm also looking to adapt my trading service to include international racing with an update shortly after the first release, as this would have been useful in hindsight to have available right now.

I'm sure that after this downtime with a large proportion of members betting or trading on the US and AUS racing, having strategies that operate within these markets will be something we will all find useful, and be a welcome addition to the service.

This is just a brief update today as I'd hoped to have some restart news, but I'll wrap up with an insightful video from the racing community I found on You Tube last week, sharing thoughts from some key figures such as Oisin Murphy & Sophie Doyle.

Plus another funny one you may enjoy to lighten the mood, Robert Allan commentating on the Coronavirus Stakes, this one made me grin.

I've also received requests from a members to share my home office trading set up, and to give you a mini tour of where I work.

If you would also like to share yours with other members I'm positive people will find it interesting, so please do send any photo's or videos you have, and I'll include them in the next blog update, along with my own work station set-up.

Here are the videos I mentioned below, stay well. I'll be back next week or earlier if we have any breaking news of a racing restart date. Ryan

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